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Welcome to ForumIAS Quest 2019

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  • Welcome to ForumIAS Quest!

    Your membership of Quest is subject to the following terms and conditions and dos and donts.

    Types of Discussions Allowed on Quest - Read this

    This is a Study Group Platform for Civil Services Examination. This what you can do, and what you cannot do

    • Ask relevant and proper questions related to Exam Preparation - Prelims Only as of Now!
    • Ask questions on strategy, life hacks, time table, planning, managing time etc, filling up UPSC form with respect to preparation
    • Discuss issues of current importance, or from topics relevant to the UPSC Syllabus for both Prelims and Mains
    • Discuss questions from Test Series , books, or self created questions that you deem important.
    • Use only English language, with proper punctuation, capital and small letters. Avoid use of language that is not acceptable in written english such as "!!!!!!!!!' "????????"

    DO NOT

    • Do not use SMS language on this forum. "very cannot be written as "vry". Use of small letters to begin a sentence is a strict No No!
    • Do not use punctuation marks such as !!!!!! or ????? unless required by rules of grammar. If you are asking a question, end with a questions mark (?)
    • Do not mention name of any coaching, review of any test series, coaching, teacher, product
    • Do not buy or sell or offer to buy or sell anything, except something is is completely free and a giveaway.
    • Do not propose to form groups - telegram, whatsapp, city based, groups, or post links outside of the domain name
    • Do not seek product review that has to do with coaching
    • Do not criticise anything, ( apart from academic criticism of anything ) , including other members
    • Do not message members that you do not know and who have indicated that they are not interested in talking to you.
    • Do not create more than one thread for a question asked. Do not post the same comment in more than one thread.
    • Do not create "awareness generation threads" that highlight certain persons, events, products, institutes, landlords, services etc.
    • Do not propose to share or sell pirated content, content that you do not own the copyright to.

    Note :

    • This website requires you to authenticate yourself using your mobile number. You will be required to login via an OTP.
    • In case you have an International Number, you may request permission to join this community by sending an email to
    • This is a focused group only for preparation for Civil Services, Indian Forest Service. This community does not cater to State PCS Exams
    • In case you are unable to follow the rules, you will be banned from further membership of this group for a period of three days in the first instance, and 7 days for the second instance, and permanently in the third instance

    Your duties and responsibilities

    • Your rights on this community are limited you your contributions. This community thrives on the guidance and content generated by its members. Please contribute.
    • You must respect the fact that a Pan India audience uses this website. Please restrict yourself to English Language only.

    Basic Rules of Grammar to follow

    • Begin every discussion, question, sentence with Capital letters.
    • End every questions with a question mark.
    • For easy readability, put a blank line after every paragraph. Have as many paragraphs as possible
    • The Title of the post should be clear, having at least 5-7 words. "Need help" is not a clear title.
    • "Which is the best way to reach UPSC Office?" is a clear title.

    How to create a good discussion on ForumIAS

    Last updated on February 19.

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