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CGP 2021 Review

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  • Re: forumias comprehensive guidance program (CGP) review

    I have given Pre 19 right after college and could not clear. Could not make much progress from June 19 to Jan 20 - job, family etc.

    Here is my current prep status -

    1. Polity - Puri sir notes + laxmikant.
    2. Economy - Mrunal Handouts.
    3. Geography - 4 NCERTs.
    4. Environment - Shankar (cursory).
    5. History - Spectrum.

    Other topics of Mains - either not done or very basic reading.
    Optional - Socio - done coaching but not read any book, notes or answer writing.
    Current Affairs - reading newspaper for 1 year, nothing else.
    Answer writing - nothing.

    I probably need a foundation program for comprehensive prep. Forum has a great reputation, just wanted to know if CGP is worth joining?

    I cannot do self-study and will be resigning to pursue UPSC fulltime for 2021 attempt.

    So, please review CGP and any other suggestion given my prep status.

    Thank you.

  • I would suggest module wise coaching from different institutes and MGP program from ForumIAS or a similar program from somewhere else.

    Also, you can check NextIAS scholarship test for discounts on next year's coaching.

  • Any CGP 2020 student please PM. I have few queries regarding the course. Won't take much of your time.

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