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Topic created · 73 Posts · 3479 Views
  • Many of us have already wasted a lot of time. It's time to come out of slumber. Let's start the preparation of interview. Share your wisdom.

  • Let's discuss about CDS. A new dept has been created under MoD named as Dept of military affairs (DMA). CDS will act as ex-officio secretary of this department.

  • Issue arising out of this design- (taken from comment on FB)
    Since the Dept of Defence under Defence Secretary is still supreme with the Defence Secretary having complete authority on making defence policy and the responsibility of defence of India, it will be worth seeing how the CDS and Defence Secretary moves together. CDS will always show his domain expertise, it has to be watched if the Defence secretary surrenders or keeps his position intact. It's a fight of two personalities.

  • please share your views.

  • Some possible questions/topics in this year's interview :

    1. Is CAA violative of Article 14/21, Secularism (basic feature, SR Bommai 1994) ? Will it not be better for the GoI not to go for 'persecuted religious minorities' but 'persecuted communities' in those three nations ? (And the follow up questions)

    2. Do you think that history of India needs to be rewritten or revisited ? What are issues in the existing historical texts ? Are they free of bias or have some inclination towards one version over the other ? (In wake of some political callings in this regard)

    3. Anti-Rape Laws and Justice delivery. (In wake of Unnao, Hyderabad & encounter and AP's Disha Act).

    4. Cooperative federalism withering ? ( States openly defying Union's Acts/policies -CAA/NRC)

    5. ISRO and it's significance in achievement of SDGs and other socio-economic and technological objectives.

    6. Economic slowdown - Reasons/concerning areas/govt steps/way ahead. (Will we miss $5trillion dollar mark in years to come ? What about Doubling Farmer's Income )

    7. Was US justified in killing of the General ? How you see India Iran relations in short to medium term ? If Iran goes into War like situation with US, what should be course of action for India ? Can it afford to be neutral ?

    8. Some experts say that there is a link between slowdown of world economy and the possibility of war among major powers. Is this linkage appropriate ? What is your view on economics of War ?

    (More such questions are welcome. Please add on.)

  • @Barry_Allen According to an article in IDR, some of the challenges with CDS are-
    1.Too much power resting in one military official (CDS) can have the potential of a coup.
    2. CDS “is an over kill”, as a single centralised structure is expected to be slow in decision making process.
    3.Lack of coordination between the bureaucracy, parliament and military is a prevalent situation.Bureaucracy-Uniform divide continues to deepen.

    Could you add some more? And what are the positives of CDS ?

  • Please share your ideas on mutiple capitals in a state as recently conceived by the state of Andhra Pradesh?? Both positives and negatives.

  • @Abraham-Maslow Please give your ideas on above topics. What and how would you answer them?

  • @Barry_Allen A classic case of rivalry between respective administrative Heads. As we see in case of IAS vs IPS and likes.

    Here in this, the same tussle is destined to occur. Although by taking few cautious steps, this tussle can be minimised, if not eliminated :

    1. The very basis of CoDS is to streamline and converge the information and strategies of three services at one place and send it to the PMO/Defense Minister, as the case may be , for QUICK AND EFFICIENT DECISION MAKING.
      Hence, in strategic matters and incidents where there is a threat of imminent incursions, CDS should prevail. Defense Secretary should not be allowed to act as a dilatory chamber.

    2. DS is policy expert and CDS is military and strategy expert. While framing any defense policy, CDS views/recommendations must be carefully perused and should find mention in the policy document by office of DS.

    3. Also, there should be an effort to develop camaraderie between two Heads. They must understand that ORGANISATIONAL INTEREST TRUMPS INDIVIDUAL INTEREST. National Security is paramount, any delay by anyone should not compromise it.

    4. If at all issues occur, MoD and even PMO can intervene and resolve the issue at the earliest.

    (More points are welcomed).

  • @Behemoth +ves:

    • DMA will promote jointness in areas such as procurement, training and staffing.
    • effective coordination in managing the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.
    • expedite the procurement to the Indian Armed Forces.
    • The CDS is also seen as being vital to the creation of “theatre commands”, integrating tri-service assets and personnel like in the US military.
  • @Behemoth @Barry_Allen .What do you think of it?

  • @Behemoth Surely, one by one, will try to answer. Will keep posting questions too as and when it pops up in mind.

  • @Behemoth AP or for the matter any big state will have the problem of capital city not being accessible everyone equally because of unavoidable reasons!
    In our case the northern most district Bidar is 150 odd kms from Hyderabad but 700 kilometres
    (Recently a MLA of some border taluk of AP demanded his constituency to be merged with Karnataka since they had cultural/linguistic similarities plus Bengaluru was more accessible than the new capital)
    In such cases probably having multiple capitals makes sense!

    1. Improved governance
    2. Ease of accessibility of government and administrative machinery to all residents
    3. Infrastructural improvements
    4. Regional disparities would be slowly sidelined.
    5. J and K model can be used as reference


    1. Obviously financial aspects of it
    2. 3 power centres for jud/leg/adm might result in confusion among people
    3. Also chances of these centres getting alienated from each other would be high due to lack of coordination!

    Can only think of these now!

  • @Abraham-Maslow

    1. CAA is not in violation of Article 14/21 as they provide for reasonable justification in the constitution itself. Any Nation state has the right to choose who can enter its territory and who can be given its citizenship. The religious minorities in These 3 countries have been persecuted for decades and they need refuge & a normal life in the subcontinent & there can’t be better place for them than India where they already are.

    Regarding secularism , yes it’s basic feature of the constitution, the state can’t differentiate between citizens in the basis of religion . Here we are talking about illegal immigrants so the applicability of doctrine of secularism does not apply here.

    Regarding persecuted communities like ahmediyas in Pakistan , the gates are always open through CAA but there is necessarily a special case for religious minorities in these countries given their systematic persecution & human rights violations .

  • @Behemoth My two cents.


    • Multiple capitals might help in furthering the idea of inclusive development through decentralisation of importance assigned to capital cities. Capitals are usually the centre of attraction for investment, infra development and alike.

    • to further strengthen the culture of accomodation of diversity

    • to dispel the sense of alienation for certain groups.


    • Huge burden on state exchequer to set up conducive infrastructure

    • Politicisation of development. Power tussles will become more frequent.

  • @ManchesterUnited @AzadHindFauz Nice points. Currently South africa has such concept of three capitals in the form of Pretoria , Capetown and Bloenfontein. Different capitals would also promote the idea of decentralisation of development and would accomodate the needs of district regions. It would also thwart the tendency to demand a new separate state. In my opinion, it should be tried in bigger states where disparities exist.

  • @Abcxyz well thought out.

    Suppose interviewer throws this googly :

    "The Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan and Ordinance XX declare Ahmadis to be non-muslims and further deprive them of religious rights."

    Since they are considered as NON MUSLIMS and other minorities are also fall under the same category of NON MUSLIMS, will it not be prudent to give mention to Ahmadis as a special case ? If any of Ahmadi is illegal immigrant who came before 31st Dec 2014, should he/she not be given citizenship ?

    How one should answer this ?

  • @Abraham-Maslow said in CS INTERVIEW 2019 PREPARATION : COMBAT:

    ISRO and it's significance in achievement of SDGs and other socio-economic and technological objectives.

    • Tele-education using comm sat can help in providing quality education (SDG-4) to a large section even in remote areas.
    • Telemedicine- good health- SDG3
    • ISRO research and excellence in solar cells and Li-ion technology can help promote affordable and clean energy.
    • Resource sats (RISAT-2A, 2B) of ISRO are used for disaster mgmt ops.
      *Land information system (LIS) & Geographic information system (GIS) using CARTOSAT (cartographic application) helps in building sustainable cities.
    • HIgh speed bandwidth Comm satellites provide high speed bandwidth to village resource centre (VRC). It helps in reducing regional inequalities.
    • south asian satellite- partnership for fulfilling SDGs.

    More points are welcome.

  • @Abcxyz Recently ie until 2017 Hindu marriages weren’t legal in pak!
    And those brides according to the law of that land(if one exists there) were unmarried and were subjected to kidnapping,conversions and forecful marriages and the law still has a clause which says if either of the spouses convert it would lead to marriage being annulled.
    This can be added too!

  • @Abraham-Maslow He would still be allowed to avail the benefits but not at the behest of CAA!
    11 years scenario comes into picture!

  • My points on 3 capitals in AP apart from abv mentioned ones:
    -Difficulty for employees- remember they came from hyderabad and settled in amaravati for improving governance, now they shd again mve to vishakapanam.
    -planning and amount already spent on amaravati development
    -no concrete guidelines for farmers who gave their land for capital
    S i agree that decentralisation happens but most feasible way is to continue with amaravati and promote development of other cities in planned manner rather than shifting with no concrete planning
    My personal opinion, i belong to AP

  • @Abraham-Maslow
    For answering this , we have to go back to the history of partition. Though we never supported the two nation theory ,its well documented that Ahmedis in large number voted for Pakistan during partition .So its safe to say that It’s the communities self choosen motherland. But still , as a responsible neighbour & a secular nation , we should take steps to apprise the world of violation of human rights of these communities in Pakistan . At the same as a nation , we also have to take care of our economic & social concerns & at the end we can’t open or gates for each & every community of our neighbours . It might open the pandora box of deliberate persecutions of various communities in Pakistan to push them to India .

  • @ManchesterUnited
    I have a doubt in this point
    Illegal immigrants are not eligible to be given citizenship by naturalisation ( 11 yrs etc)
    Now the CAA held that these 6 minorities will not be considered illegal immigrants & also reduces te period of residence required to 5 years for them.
    So 11 years option is still not available to ahmedis etc .
    Am I right ?

  • @Manchester Ofcourse not as an illegal immigrant but as an asylum seeker!
    Like in the case of Tasleema Nasreen where she is residing in India on a long term visa and that would make her eligible in few years to apply!
    (Just an example,she has a swedish citizenship)

  • @ManchesterUnited
    You know I have observed one thing in US, that for many of their states, their capital cities are relatively unknown and not so popular. I believe their concept is to take any underdeveloped county (district) and make it developed by virtue of being a capital city. I know the governance and political system is very different from us but definitely the idea of taking a very poor district to make a capital is very rationale considering the stress on already overburdened capital cities and at the same time as @AzadHindFauz pointed out it results in decentralization. We must stop viewing Cities as an agent of economic growth. This might work in western world where the country size barring few was small.

  • @visionman I beg to differ bhai. In the age of urbanization, cities alone can unlock the true potential of development and achieve the goal of inclusive growth at the same time. Small towns and villages may not have adequate social and human capital to assist in economic development banked on new age interventions like IT (AI,Big data etc.), Startup ecosystem etc. Also, reviving the manufacturing sector most of which is already based in urban centres only.

  • @visionman I think few state governments tried to do this!
    By attracting investors to hitherto underdeveloped regions,but very few succeeded!
    Americans,Chinese are looking for avenues to invest whereas we are looking for investors!

  • How would 3 capitals lead to decentralisation?
    The three are for different functions(leg,exe,judi).
    Development, yes. Economic activities would increase in the districts.

  • @Caesar okay.. Point stressed was decent of dev, my bad

  • @Behemoth A few more.

    • Making CDS as the point of concurrency of the three services could bring friction among the three chiefs and the CDS especially when all hold the same rank. All are 4 star. This implied subordination comes with the office of the CDS

    • CDS will be drawn from the three services. Harsh V Pant argues that one cannot deny the case of service parochialism wherein CDS prefers the needs of service he belongs to ahead of the needs of other services that might be important.


    • Brings domain expertise

    • Better address of demands of the services + puts an end to inter-service rivalries.

    • Will send a symbolic message to adversaries. A good way of what we call power projection in IR.

    PS- Pasting from my Evernote.

  • @AzadHindFauz Yes this might have worked for past 70 years where in cities itself was not fully developed and there was some potential left which was unlocked thru expanding city zones(example-Suburban Mumbai, NCR, Hitec City(Hyderabad). But now those areas have even reached saturation point. By 2025 I feel almost all metropolitan cities in India would not be able to handle further. Its too much to ask for further development from overburdened cities and are literally crumbling with traffic, water shortage, frequent fires, poor waste management and poor living conditions of migrants.
    PS- Any suggestions to further the development of cities while considering these issues in mind.

  • @AzadHindFauz One more point, several committees including the Kargil Review committee also stressed on a CDS

    Other +ves:

    • would help promote jointness, which is the need of the hour, 3 services can't work in silos

    • Recent focus has been on restructuring of the military, creation of Integrated Battle Groups(IBGs) would help in effective utilisatiom of resources(CDS would play a key role in creation of IBG)

    • CDS, being a member of Def Acquisition Council, would help in assimilating the needs of different forces

    • The 3 service chiefs have retained their autonomous functioning and would independently advise the RM


    • Administratively, the CDS has a rank & pay higher than Def Secy, who is the admin head of DoD & Min

    • The DMA should not become another hurdle in acquisitions

  • @visionman For the development of cities, we must focus on planned urbanisation of Tier 2 cities, addressing the internal migration problem through jobs creation and to avoid their concentration in select centres, undertaking more schemes like Smart Cities Mission, but sector-specific in nature like water stress, waste disposal, pollution etc.

  • @AzadHindFauz Nice points.

  • Going to note down some important discussed points here.

  • Guys, can something be done to improve the segregation of posts to save important ones from getting lost in the oblivion? Much like bookmarks, page-save feature etc.?

    @Neyawn @root

  • Why women of certain age group are not allowed in Sabarimala temple?

    1. Simple answer- Because of menstruation which is not considered sacred.
    2. Specific answer - Hinduism is based on the notion of purity and pollution. Eg East direction, gold, milk, white colour etc are considered as pure while south direction, non-veg, black etc are considered as polluted. Similarly the blood coming out of body is considered as polluted. Hence menstruation is perceived as pollution.
  • @Behemoth Swamy Aiyappa being Naishtka Bramhachari is the reason for sabarimala!
    Hindu women avoid temples while being in periodic cycle but in sabarimala all those who are physically capable of being in cycle aren’t allowed!

  • @Behemoth Could we also include these or would they be too specific-

    • Does minority judgement hold much thought in the act of advancing justice by the judiciary in our country?

    • Should the judiciary be allowed to explore the possibility of rational nexus in the matters of faith and religion?

  • @ManchesterUnited The notion of purity and pollution is very much the foundation of our ritual practices. Although other reasons also exist.

  • @Abraham-Maslow said in CS INTERVIEW 2019 PREPARATION : COMBAT:

    Anti-Rape Laws and Justice delivery. (In wake of Unnao, Hyderabad & encounter and AP's Disha Act).

    Demand for capital punishment in all rape related cases

    • there is no study which shows that awarding capital punishment decreases rape incidents.
    • if death penalty is awarded in all cases then the guilty may be inclined to kill the victim as punishment for both the crimes is same.

    Present status of anti-rape laws

    • capital punishment is awarded in rarest of the rare cases and rape with girl child (<12 years).
    • the criminal law amendment act, of 2013 and 2019 has already provided stricter punishment in rape related crimes.

    justice delivery

    • the cause of the delay in awarding the punishment is the lengthy process.
      Crime→FIR (Suspect)→Investigation→Charge Sheet (Accused)→Court trial→Conviction (Guilty)→Award of punishment (Lower courts)→HC then SC→Review petition→curative petition→mercy plea→final punishment.
    • AP's DISHA act- investigation to complete within 7 days and court trial within 14 days. But the delay can occur in other stages as well.
    • to expedite the justice delivery, vacancies of judges need to be fulfilled.


    • fake encounters to provide swift justice undermine the RoL and PNJ.
    • Justice should be rehabilitative and not retributive.
    • police resort to extra-judicial killing as an exercise of image makeover.


    • solution lies in preventing such crimes. more police trips to high crime areas can help. Also implementing Justice J S Verma committee report suggestions.
    • However, the problem lies with understaffing of police officials. a large no. of vacancies are pending. Police officials are also overburdened with as high as 16 hours job per day. Fulfilling these Vacancies and bringing the much needed police reforms can also help in gaining public confidence in police and fear in the minds of criminals.
  • @AzadHindFauz Not sure about that, bro.

  • @Barry_Allen Very well written.

    Apart from the suggestions you mentioned, few futuristic ones (slightly on the philosophical side ) :

    1. What is Rape from moral point of view ? It is basically a degradation of character. Disregard to the modesty of women. The indoctrinated minds which believes that women are an object to be used.

    How this develops ?
    From families, friends, elders, colleagues, political leaders and likes. It's a long process of corruption of mind.

    How to deal ?
    The strict laws and rules will deter the grown ups. But that will not prevent developing this attitude.
    The best population to be targeted are : CHILDREN.

    We should start with them. Let they be introduced with altogether different perspectives to develop a positive world view. To start with, schools and parents should take the responsibility together.

    Various ways :

    1. Don't tell boys : Don't cry like girls. Let them vent their emotions.
      Don't tell girls : You should choose Barbie doll, car's are boys play.

    2. Teach both to do their work on their own. Be it washing clothes, cleaning their room or preparing some dish. Teach equally.

    3. If you disallow girl from moving out after a particular time, disallow boys too. Ideal case would be to allow BOTH, with of course some caution applicable to both.

    4. Keep tab on what your son is doing, especially on the internet.

    5. Teach boys to respect girls. But not with the phrases like 'Good boys don't hurt girls', 'Boys duty is to protect girls'. No, but by saying, 'Girls are to be respected because they deserve respect. Every HUMAN deserves.

    6. Zero tolerance to women-related abuses. Every single abuse is centered around Sex. A long years of usage and exposure to these abuses fills the mind of the boys of girls being a sex object.
      If your son fails in exam, give him a toffee.
      If your son( these days, girls too use) use anti-women abuses, give him/her : Age appropriate stricter punishment.

    7. Sex education in a child friendly manner. The teachers for this purpose shall be suitably trained. It would be better if experts from outside be allowed to train on a lateral entry format. The regular teachers are themselves uncomfortable on topic like these.
      Apart from teachers, the parents should also start establishing communication with their sons/daughters when they are about to hit puberty. It is that time, when the child needs answers to so many questions. As objective and plain answers as possible should be told to them.

    There are many small but crucial steps which can be taken to reverse the psyche of the males which has been in existence. This will take atleast a couple of decades to show some significant result. But we need to start it sooner.

    Since laws are not efficient in changing the mindset, they can only deter. The psyche would be as it is. One loophole in a law or one day of misgovernance, would result into such acts like it has been.

    Sooner we start working on our children's psyche, the earlier we would witness substantial decline in crimes like Rape.

  • @Behemoth Good suggestion in the last. Uttar Pradesh should be the next state to go ahead with this. A state with 19.98 crore population (Census 2011) is the top contender for either trifurcation of state itself or before that, this three capitals model may be given a try.

    Since it is observed that there is radial growth around the capital, this may serve the regional aspirations to some extent as well, apart from increasing access to public services and institutions.

  • Thanks for elaborate write-ups @Barry_Allen and @Abraham-Maslow

  • @AzadHindFauz Thanks mate. Although being succinct is the key, but clarity lies in the details. For stage like interview, detail will allow us to grasp the issue better, making us able to put it succinctly there.

  • Given the crisis of internal migration in India, do you think that District Planning Committee can play a significant role in addressing this?

  • @Behemoth District Planning Committees have largely been plagued by shortage of funds. But, in my opinion, it is the proper institution to implement evidence-based plans to tackle the developmental deficit in districts. However, their functioning is contingent on two other issues-

    • Shortage of funds and inadequate devolution of power from the state governments.

    • Developmental plans drafted by the committees are based on the feedback and plans laid out by municipalities and panchayats in the district. So, we would need to strengthen the grassroots institutions too.

    There should be involvement of DPCs in executing schemes like aspirational district program.

  • How do you see the recent Karnataka and AP orders of reserving most C and D level plus 50 percent of private jobs to native people?

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