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Geography Optional Preparation thread

Topic created · 5 Posts · 788 Views
  • Congrats to those who made it to list, especially those with Geography optional. Now that the result is out, let's buckle up for 2019. And selected candidates from geo optional, please share your strategy and things that worked for you.

  • Collection of all important Geographical & Geological Terms and Topics with Explanation.

    Link → A to Z Physical Geography Dictionary and Glossary

  • Any group(telegram) to prepare geography optional for 2019 CSE

  • How's the performance of geography in 2018??
    In last few days (seeing newspaper ad's)..saw high number of selection from optionals like maths,pubad,anthro etc..
    But not encountered with single ad with geography all well with geography ...any info abt number of selection and ranks from geography...???

  • I am not a selected person. But I am not failed due to geography. It's the GS 1-3 that's letting me down every time.

    I am getting consistent marks in every paper. (Consistently high and consistency low)

    In some of the subjects, I am scoring like toppers. Like essay, ethics and geography paper 1
    And at the same time, I am consistently scoring below average like GS 1 2 and 3.
    In geography paper 2, in all three attempts, I got market average marks. And this goes same- when I was poorly prepared and wrote GS in it (2016); when I was prepared good and wrote some geography (2017); and when I was extremely well prepared (2018).


    PS: I can help in the papers where I am scoring well. And also in geography paper 2.

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