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Geology Optional qualified and 2019

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  • Is anyone selected in CSE 2018?
    Let us make a group for 2019.

  • @Geo Preparing Geology for 2020 exam. Have covered 5 out of 12 till now. But solving recent year questions of Economic Geology almost made me give up. They go so deep. I was under the impression that only stratigraphy and palaeontology would be hard but this was too much.

    Have you appeared with Geology before?

    Would it be possible to appear while skipping a few subjects?

  • @thenamelessone I was appearing with geography for last three attempts. And it's not working for me. This year I am taking a break. And opting geology for 2020.

  • @Geo I would just like to warn you that the syllabus is very vast, deep and pretty different from geography if studying for the first time. Once it is covered 75% questions that come are straightforward but it is taking a lot of time for me and I was solving PYQ of IAS & IFoS and the difficulty varies greatly between years. Some year very simple, some year very complex.

  • @thenamelessone I know about syllabus. But I am having some hope that I will score good once prepared.

    You have any idea about average marking in this subject?

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