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UPSC 2020 self preparation

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  • I want a serious and focused group of aspirant who just started or will start in 3-4 days for 2020 . We can make daily targets and challenge ourselves. Let me know if any one seriously want to be a part?

  • Hi, I'm in! 🙂 I've read NCERTs once, but I want to start as a fresher. I would prefer we follow a single time table and set daily targets accordingly. We can use forum to discuss our doubts and I'm sure seniors will help us! 🙂 We have about 14 months and I'm sure this is just the right time. 🙂
    But I would like to be a part of this group only if members are limited to maximum 5 people. 🙂

  • Hello, I am one who is going to start seriously but there is a problem according to your term and conditions that I have done my basics( means started earlier)

    If I fit in your criteria then think.

    I am also feeling the lackness of peer..

  • Hi Gunjan!
    Thank you!
    About me: I graduated in 2017, gave 1st attempt just because Parents wanted me to with no prep, as usual, didnt clear!
    Then gave 2018 with utmost dedication. My prep went a low phase between Nov 2017-March 2018, but then gave everything to it inspite of personal issues. Thought I'd got that! But I was wrong! Heck, Im still confused because cut off was 98. I cant even bear to see my pre results because I know I missed by tiny margin!
    Sometimes taking too much risk at wrong places and playing safe at wrong places can cost you a lot!
    But honestly, my prep was less than 10% for this one year. I am working. Currently, I'm working for 2 hours a day and UPSC is easily manageable as my working hours are flexible.
    My prep status so far: Studied Laxmikant, Bipin Chandra, GC Leong, Ramesh Singh, Shankar, but DID NOT REVISE. And NCERT I've done multiple revisions.
    If you are interested, I am in! 🙂 To sum up, 8 months of dedicated prep, then 10 months of break after that!
    My T&C is just limited to a group size of 5 people max!
    I am all set to give my best!

  • Having said that, I wish to start as a complete fresher, going through the basics and relearning!
    I have learnt, unlearnt and now it is time to relearn!

  • @IAmNoOne sure. Can we make a group in telegram

  • @Gunjan_mishra hey not a issue. Let's start from the beginning.

  • @Nisharani & @IAmNoOne

    I am ready.
    In short , I have studies more or less equivalent to @IAmNoOne till now.

    For details about me , I can message you both...

  • Count me in, but please lmk what is the agenda of the grup,

  • Also I have completed my basic reading as much as @Gunjan_mishra I guess , so I am not totally fresher as such , tbh

  • @IASVk hey i am neither creator of group nor i know anything about this platform. How to use? You can message me.

  • @IASVk I have added you in a group chat here. We can make another one in telegram later if other members want to.

  • Hi, I have just started preparing. 2020 Prelims will be my first attempt and I want to clear the exam in the first attempt. And I am willing to join a focused group to prepare and to motivate each other. So add me if I fit the bill. Thank you!

  • @Nisharani hello I'm new here and Im also preparing for upsc 2020.im a second year student; I have started with current affairs Nd doing self study haven't started wit the ncerts yet. Can I be part of this discussion?

  • Hello Friends. I am also in. I have started my preparation a week ago. So far going good. But I am worried about not having a peer for reviewing my answers. My optional is Commerce and Accountancy. I have planned to finish static subjects like Geography, Environment, History, Art, and Culture by the end of June. Let's create a group in Telegram.

  • @Nisharani Please add me as well. Read my post above.

  • @Nisharani even I am looking for some serious peer groups to have targets.. I have just started my preparations... I am working professional with maths optional.. if the group is of less ppl, you can count me in..

  • @Nisharani I m in ..let's chalk out a basic plan ...at least topic wise deadlines

  • @Nisharani
    I Also want to be a part, but i want the people to be completely dedicated as most such groups turn out to be of no use later! I dont want such thing to happen.

  • @Nisharani Hello I just completed NCERT and revising it thoroughly. Do let me know if I can be a part of your group.

  • All People,

    Please avoid posting telegram groups here. It will be deleted and accounts suspended. The benefit of this platform is that all the conversations and Gyan shared is available for anyone to read here. Closed user groups do not offer that benefit.

    We thought that telegram and whatsapp was a better way to bring aspirants together and did not want to invest in a platform, but soon saw that every telegram group becomes a chatting group. No useful purpose and slowly people become wasted.

    A small but meaningful thread here will help you more in preparation that all the bakar in telegram .

    Plus what you write here will be on internet forever and others will also benefit from it.

  • @root Thank you for your advice 🙂

  • @root words of pure wisdom...*

  • @Yours-truly said in UPSC 2020 self preparation:

    @root words of pure wisdom...*

    Thank you. And let us tell you something. Always more people will benefit from a good platform , more than all "academies" combined - including forumias academy..
    We just have to create a conducive environment. No backlinks, no promotions, nothing , just a small self help group, with people across the country with a single gal - cracking UPSC.