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Test series

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  • Hello everyone.. i am giving forum ias test series for prelims.. and enrolled stimulator tests.. scoring ~50% marks in forum test series bought from market and scoring ~30% in stimulators should i need to take any other test series also .. like insights and all ??

  • anyone please _/_

  • In my opinion, no one test series is enough... particularly if you are also reading current affairs magazine of them (like doing vision test series with vision ca, same with forum etc.,).. because they tend to ask questions from their material which you will answer with little thinking. The questions from any one test series will be of similar type.
    No matter what, UPSC paper will be a level or two above your comfort zone.
    To be on the safe side.
    Do test series from multiple coaching centers like 2-3 in forum, insights, vision, vajiram etc.,. that should be like 10-15 full tests.. Apart from this, you can do daily quiz compilations if you have time.

  • @Justdoit
    I suggest you should add another Test series so that you will be exposed to variety of question patterns.
    Follow Forum one strictly, give comprehensive tests of Insights and Vision. That will do.
    Any ways, our prep should be in sync with UPSC previous papers.

  • Which test series do follow more and less upsc pattern?