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Coaching or Not for 2020 ?

Topic created · 3 Posts · 269 Views
  • Been in confusion from past few days that whether to take full-time GS coaching or not ?
    Preparing from last 1 year along with pvt sector job.. covered few basic books and mrunal videos ... but still not confident about prep .... reason might be not attempting test series ... so due to this sometimes i feel taking it but money and time factor comes... !!
    How does coaching helps in managing stuff better ? Any advantage over their class notes? Not much focus on answer writing and pre test series also starts late. How to judge if I should go for coaching or not?

    PS: Dont promote any particular coaching, I know which one to join if in case I join one.

  • @babu_bisleri if you are auditory learner.. toh go for coaching... if you can do self study for more than 6 hours everyday + okay with youtube help.. then don't waste time in coaching..
    If you don't want to sit in classroom then opt for online coaching, but select faculty carefully then!

  • @Urvashi, Thanks for the reply.
    I can definitely put in more than 8-10hrs a day, no doubt about that ... but actually what i am missing is direction and how to manage things up, no one in my close vicinity ever prepared for the same. Sometimes I feel confident about not taking one and believe could be done w/o coaching but at the same time ... while surfing Internet .. a load of info is there and gets confused about what to follow and what not !
    How to be a better judge of this situation !!

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