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Interview Transcripts 2019 : Compilation - Updated Daily

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  • following collection of raw transcriptions have been taken from telegram group : <<link removed>> , by @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh ( this contains present as well as some older transcripts ) , pdf compliation board wise will be also posted later if possible
    , also please keep this thread purely for interview prep and no other doubts , unnecessary comments will be deleted

    Vikram Nadhe(BSc Agri)
    Date 28/1/2019
    Board:P K Joshi Sir
    Last to go in afternoon session.

    Where have you been preparing?
    Your interest is teaching why don't you pursue it?
    What is the difference between NCC and NSS?
    What is the head of NCC called?
    Who is his equivalent in Army?
    Have you visited any Protected area?(I told Koyana WLS and Keoladeo NP)
    Tell me the difference between two?
    Tell me contribution of Jyotiba phule?
    Tell me some books written by him?

    Difference between NP WLS and Biosphere reserve?
    What are the types of biodiversity?
    What are endemic species?
    Tell some examples?
    Where does volcanism occurs?
    Places in India?
    What is hotspot?
    What is Forest management?
    How administration in Forest areas takes place?
    What is compost?
    How is it prepared?

    Tell me some future techniques in agriculture?
    Which plants have you planted?(my extra coricular activity had tree plantation)
    From where have you collected those plant?
    What is van mahotsava?
    What is JFM
    What is Minor Forest Produce and examples of it?
    What is watershed management?(my NSS activity they might had asked)
    There is one place named after Rajguru in Pune do you know that?
    What is Forest productivity?
    How to increase it?
    (The abruptly shifted towards chairman)
    Chairman:Thank you Vikram.

    Durgesh karkhele
    Soni sir panel
    29 jan 2019
    {Bsc agriculture
    Optionals: Botany and agriculture }
    You did agriculture , Bsc agri?
    What is purpose of your life ,why u are living?
    When u come to delhi ? (From maharashtra)
    Why preparing at delhi?
    Why not at home ?
    Is it worthwhile to study in delhi?
    What benefit delhi giver to u?
    Why farmer distress at vidarbha?
    Issues with cotton?
    What is DNA?
    What is RNA?
    Difference between two?
    Difference between bryophyte and pteridophyte?
    Tel me theory of evolution other than Darwin?
    What lamarck tells about jiraf?
    Tell me abt what u did in niriver cleanin ?(extra curricular)
    Tell abt gvt initiative?
    Abot namae gange?
    Success of it?
    Your suggestions for improvement?
    What is bottom up approach?
    What species u save from road kill?
    Measures to prevent it?
    Which is largest bird? (Watching national geography)
    Tell specific about ostrich?
    Who hatch eggs male or female?
    Who care young one ?
    Despite spines in acasia how jiraf eat it ie modification?
    How acasia modify to prevent eating by jiraf?
    Is horticulture and forestry in conflict?
    Which disease transmitted from domestic animal to wild?
    How to prevent it?
    Durgesh it was like education class we share lots of knowledge.
    Best luck for your future
    Have nice day

    Abhijeet Jagtap
    Chairman: Dr Manoj Soni Sir

    1. Have have joined any educational institution after 2010.
    2. What u have learned in life in these years. ?
    3. What are the incidences of happiness in your life?
    4. Have u Visited any national park? Uniqueness of it.
    5. Why u have appeared in CAPF exam?
    6. Will you join C.O. post.?


    1. Have you visited any sanctuary near Pune? Flora in it...
    2. Mangroves in detail. With species.
    3. Imp role played by Sanjay Gandhi national park.


    1. What is remote sensing.? And details involved in it.
    2. What is cloud computing?


    1. What is geographical division of Maharashtra?
    2. Forest in marathwada area
    3. Sugarcane.. why UP is behind. ?
    4. Cooperative sector...
    5. Hobby related question.
      Thank you.

    Omkar M Pawar
    Optionals-Agri engg. and forestry
    29th Jan 2018
    IFS interview transcript
    PK Joshi Panel
    Around 30 min


    1. You have done BE form DY Patil College..Is it a private or a government college? what are you doing since graduation?
    2. Tell me something about Pune

    Member 1
    1.what is joint forest management?
    2. Despite of being successful preservation of forest over 100years suddenly why it is required to have community involvement?
    3.which are the forest acts governing the forest areas?
    4.asked about engineering can it be used in forestry? are a sport player. do you know of which wood cricket bat is made up of?
    6.tell the scientific name of that tree
    7.where is it found?
    8.can you tell the regeneration method of salix aliba?(used for cricket bat)
    9.what are the types of nurseries
    10.How it is created? and factors considered
    11.what is Ujjwala scheme? it is contributing in forest conservation?

    Member 2
    1.tell me about agricultural process engineering
    2.what is rice husk?tell me it's uses
    3.what is rice bran? agriculture waste can be processed using engineering methods?
    5.what are conventional energy and non conventional energy sources?
    4.give some examples of that?
    5.why we need alternate sources?
    6.difference between bio technoloy and chemical technology
    7.what are biodiversity hotspots?
    8.How many biodiversity hotspots are there in India,tell the names tribals are administered?
    10.what Is PESA?
    11.fifth and sixth schedule, difference between them..
    12.states where Sixth schedule is applicable?

    Member 3
    1.what is biodiversity?
    2.what are the types of biodiversity?
    3.what are the conservation methods?explain
    4. what are the vegetative propagation methods?
    5.what is climate change?
    6.what is wetland?
    7.effect of climate change on wetlands
    8.Ramsar convention?
    9.number of ramsar sites in India? two sites.
    11.largest fresh water lake in India?
    12.what is desertification?
    what are the reasons for that?

    1.what is forest cover of India?
    2.despite of increase in pressure and population why is forest cover increasing? tribals contribute in Forest conservation?
    4.what are the reasons for forest fires? sub questions about fire line

    Thank You Omkar,Your Interview Is Over.

    Arnav Limaye
    Pune, Maharashtra
    B.E. Comp, worked as a software developer
    Optionals : mathematics and forestry
    Board : Bassi sir

    Chairperson (C): Hello Arnav
    Aren't you feeling cold? Let me switch on room heater for you.

    1. Ok. So you've worked as a software developer. What was your company's product?
    2. On which platform your company worked?
    3. So what's the difference between c++ and c sharp(as c sharp was the platform used by my company)
    4. Ok. So tell me things which you know about forests apart from whatever you've read in the books.
    5. What is fern. Tell me something about ferns.
    6. Where do they grow?
    7. What are orchids?
    8. What are epiphytes?
    9. You said that orchid is epiphyte. So they don't have roots, and their seperate existence as a plant so how do they propogate?
    10. Have you seen any orchid?
    11. Where in Konkan? What is Devrai?
    12. Haven't you seen them in man made structures such as nurseries?

    Member 1

    1. Ok. So you've worked as a volunteer for drought relief. What type of work you did? And in which region?
    2. Why there is drought in India?
    3. Can't we use drought resilient varieties in India?
    4. There are many countries which have less rainfall than us, they manage water better. What can we do to improve our management.

    Member 2

    1. So Arnav, there is a concern about dwindling numbers of birds and it is said that insecticides and pesticides are one of the important causes for it. How do you think they hamper the bird population? (I mentioned bioaccumulation and biomagnification)
    2. There's minamata disease in Japan. Which metal is behind it?
    3. So what is bioaccumulation and biomagnification?
    4. What is living fossil?(I had used this word to describe ferns in Bassi sir's question)
    5. Have you heard of "some unknown species"?

    Member 3

    1. Can you recite a Sanskrit Shloka trusted with teacher? (Sanskrit topper in board exam hence the question)
    2. Tell me the meaning as well.
    3. You've been leader of personality development through sports. So what's the personality development? And how do you develop personality especially through sports?
    4. Suppose you're playing badminton, now tell me how it'll develop your personality?
    5. You mentioned watershed management in your answer to drought issue. Tell me what's Integrated Watershed management?
    6. What's the difference between Carbon stock, carbon sink and carbon sequestration?
    7. If there's large body of water, will it be a carbon stock or a carbon sink?
    8. Tell me any 2,3 international institutions working for ecology and wildlife.

    Member 4

    1. What's JFM? What's the principle behind it.
    2. What's the use of it for forester and forest dwellers?
    3. Do you know any successful models of jfm in the country?


    1. Tell me something about 'yellow vest'?
    2. Why BREXIT is in news?
    3. Why the BREXIT bill was defeated?
    4. What's the stand of Northern Ireland and Scotland on it?

    Thank you Arnav.
    Thank you.

    Name-Shrikant Khandekar
    Optional-forestry and Agri.Engg.
    Graduation-Agri Engg.
    Board-Smita Nagarajan
    29-Jan(last in the afternoon Session)


    1. Despite getting good rank in Gate why you did not go for Job or Post graduation?
      2.How you can use the knowledge og Agri Engg in forestry?
    2. Generally people and authority are aware about the agri.technologies but still
      tribals are not adopting?why?
    3. Dont you think that shifting from subsistence to commercial agriculture will lead to deforestation?
      5.Have you visited any tribal region?what u find there?
      6.What type of minor forest produce they generally sells?
      6.Where tribals sells there minor forest produce


    1. Is it necessary to extend the farm machinery to tribal areas? And why?
      2.Agriculture in tribal area is the only seasonal activity,then how you will provide them sustained livelihood?
      3.You mentioned about soil and water conservation,recently a report has came out where it states that for forest conservation water is most important prerequisite,can you explain the relationship between water and forest?
      4.Can you name some water conservation structure?
      5.Have you ever visited any large forest area where this conservation structures are prepared?
      6 Is there any improvement in the groundwater level?

    1.What is your vision of India?
    2.India was country of snake charmers, poors.Do you think this image is changed?
    3. Do you know about Human development Index?tell me the parameters.
    4. Is Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are ahead of India in HDI?
    5.How you are saying we are progressing?
    6.On what front India is still lagging?
    7.What is culture?
    8.What is difference between culture and tradition?

    1.What is difference between cycling and mountain biking(cycling hobby).
    2.Have you watched mountain biking?Where it is held?
    3.Tell me some famou cyclist.
    4.What type of crop do you grow in your field?
    5.Tell me about Zero budget natural farming?
    6.Why it is not practised in your region?
    7. Is it possible to introduce ZBNF technology in pomegranate production?
    8.How to produce pomegranate seedlings in field itself?
    9.Tell me difference between Grafting,Pruning,and budding?
    10.For what Solapur is famous?
    11.Why Solapur becomes special for Chadder production why not other cities having similar climatic conditions?

    1.Can you tell me the migration trend in Maharashtra?
    2. In case of tribals, usually they prefers to live in forest,then why they are migrating now?
    3.Tell me the name of tribe from maharashtra who are migrating?

    Thank you,your interview is over.
    Time around 25 min.
    Interview Transcripts 2019
    BS Bassi sir
    Morning 3rd to go

    Any job after graduation
    Ifs or other exam also
    Your preference
    Challenges in ifs

    India foreign policy
    Tilt towards US
    Religious place in Sikar
    Khatu shyam mythology

    Country with aquaponics
    Smart city in energy context
    Indian and global example
    Introduced vs invasive
    Nanotechnology in forestry

    Community and Forrest Reserve
    Energy policy of India
    Forest fires good or bad

    Afghanistan policy
    Viz Taliban
    US talking with Taliban , why not we with changing dynamics

    Bassi sir board
    30 Jan afternoon 5th to go
    Hobbies watching football , writing poems
    Mechanical engineering, IIT Delhi

    Chairman :

    1. So you watch football and write poems and are mechanical engineer.. so do you write poems and are mechanical engineer or you are mechanical engineer and write poems
    2. Which is your most appreciated poem(recited a motivational poem of mine but he started laughing😐😐)

    1.what are transgenic plants? What are positive and negative effects of using them
    2. Is golden rice Transgenic?(I told I am not sure but I think it is HYV which he corrected)
    3. How to use nanotechnology in forest ?
    4. Some terms which I never heard


    1. Do you know about India's freedom movement
    2. What were Round table conferences? How many were held?
    3. What is role of Gandhi
    4. Some people say he was responsible for not saving Bhagat Singh . Is that true?
    5. Presidential election and questions on vote of mla and mp


    1. Explained in detailed about herbal plant...atlast asked me how would you differentiate medicinal and aromatic plant?
    2. What is medicinal use of sayna(or similar sounding) grass found in bikaner?
    3. Agroforestry in Bikaner
    4. Sand dunes stabilization
    5. How many countries sent their mission to Mars? What is utility?
    6. What would you prefer between civil services and Forest Service? Are you also appearing for civil services interview?


    1. What is big bang? Age of universe?
    2. Why Brexit in news? What challenges are there? Who will suffer more EU or Britain?
      I answered Britain then he asked how would EU suffer?

    Showing me my photo
    Is this your photo
    Thank you shailesh have a nice day

    Chairman: P K Joshi sir; Morning slot 2nd candidate; Home state: Rajasthan

    1. You have done your schooling from Ajmer. Ajmer is said to be an educational hub. Name some famous educational institutions from Ajmer.
    2. Where is Central University located in Ajmer?
    3. Your optional is geology. What are geological hazards?
    4. Tell us about cyclones. How they are formed? Why we see cyclones only on East coast and not on west coast of India
    5. How cyclones are named?
    6. What are corals? What is coral bleaching?
    7. You have done B tech in Mechanical then why you had taken forestry as an optional?
    8. Green Revolution in India brought many benefits in agriculture. Why we have not seen a Green revolution in Forestry?- I spoke also about GM Rubber tree being developed
    9. Is rubber produced in forest?
    10. Can we grow Rubber plantation in forest?
    11. Why we brought Forest Conservation Act, 1980?
    12. Conservation is also ensured in Indian Forest Act, 1927. Then why a new act?
    13. Eco-tourism: Isn’t it coming in conflict with forest conservation?
    14. How eco-tourism helps in forest conservation. No one goes to forest to see trees, some eco-tourism which is present is only related to wildlife?
    15. What are eco-sensitive zones?
    16. Are you aware of Jaipur Foot.
    17. What was your project on Prosthetic limbs? Did you work with Jaipur foot?
    18. What is people’s participation in forest management?
    19. Is Joint forest management only method of people’s participation
    20. Tell us about good wildlife areas in Rajasthan
    21. You mentioned about Bishnoi community’s role in wildlife conservation. Tell us more about them?
    22. Are you aware of Zero Budget Natural Farming
    23. What is Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana
    24. What is Panchgavya
    25. Your hobby is diary writing. What is difference between Dairy and Environmental Diary
    26. Tell us about major environmental threats India is facing today
    27. What we have done to control air pollution
    28. How we monitor air pollution
    29. What are parameters in Air Quality Index (PM2.5, PM 10,SOx…)
    30. Tell us about Ganga Cleaning Project

    Vengatesh Prabhu:
    presently in danics
    hobby ..quora ,powerlifting
    from moradabad ,
    education ..iit bhu varanasi

    -why u like powerlifting ?

    • when did u started ?
      -enlighten me on venezuela issue ?what actually happening there ?
      -what is currently happening regarding afghanistan ?what future do u see?

    m1..lady mem...
    -what should india do on afghanistan ?
    30th Jan....
    Morning session.
    4th candidate
    25-30 minutes (approx)

    Ch: So you had done your graduation on Bsc Agri... And your optionals are Agriculture and botany.

    What were you doing after your graduation ?
    How botany helps in agriculture?
    Your opinion on Organic agriculture ?
    What is sustainable agriculture ?

    Member 1 : your hobby is long distance running. What are your timings ?
    Hierarchy in Indian forest service ?
    What is tree management ?
    What is seed hedging ?
    What is seed production area in forestry ?
    WHAT IS ATMA scheme ?
    It's abbreviation ?

    Member 2 : what are the stages in hybrid seed production ?
    Difference between GM seed and hybrid seed?
    What is back cross ?
    Why farmer distress ?
    Fasal Bhima Yojana ?
    Rashtriya krishi Vikas Yojana ?

    Member 3:
    One major disease in wheat is creating a big havoc... In North India . What is the disease and why is the problem ?
    Green revolution... Your opinion ?
    Some follow up questions.

    Chairman : ok. Your interview is over....

    Dipa Varude
    Chairman:Tell about vijapur.have you heard about Tuung in vijapur?

    Member1:since you r from Maharashtra tell about Aurangabad!!
    2)Tell about Ajanta and Ellora!!
    since you are practicing yoga and meditation tell what is mindfulness?

    Member 3) why we take you in civil services?what qualities r needed for an IAS?If there is a situation where you have to deal with duty and your personal life how you handle?If you know such situation where personal beliefs conflicts with duty how you handle?

    Member 4) what the qualities a leader should have?tell me what a technical sector leadership should be?if we assign you as administrator of a technical sector what changes you should suggest to reform it.

    Member5) Since you wore a very beautiful saree I like it tell what are the different types of sarees of Maharashtra!!do you know somewhere in history about sarees if you know or its ok!!
    Tell about sarees or textiles sector un Maharashtra. Since you had opted for anthropology as a subject tell about different races in India.
    Chairman:before you leave tell me about Afghanistan what you know.Ok Thank you!!!

    Gaurav tyagi
    Electrical engg
    Bs bassi board
    presently in danics
    hobby ..quora ,powerlifting
    from moradabad ,
    education ..iit bhu varanasi

    -why u like powerlifting ?

    • when did u started ?
      -enlighten me on venezuela issue ?what actually happening there ?
      -what is currently happening regarding afghanistan ?what future do u see?

    m1..lady member...
    -what should india do on afghanistan ?
    -what is your understanding of smart city
    -how to make moradabad a smart city
    -what are the components of smart city
    -what progress moradabad has made as smart city
    -issue for moradabad
    -reasons for so much air pollution
    -how will u mitigate it
    -why have we failed

    -India perform very badly in international sports .
    -what are reasons
    -what to do?as officer
    -as administrator .

    • if 50-60 persons working under u ..they are unproductive what will u do ?
      -what if after all your efforts fails ..than what ?

    -issue of drugs in sports
    -what drugs u use
    -what kind of supplements

    • Russian doping issue ?how can a government allow it?
      -what are sports medicine ..
      -how is psychological support helpful in sports?


    • minor forest produce(mfp) ? How are they important
    • what has government done on them ?
    • name some mfp?
      -tribal sub plan?
      -scheduled area ?
    • 5 and 6 schedule ?
      -name some autonomous regions ?
      -why autonomy given to them ?
    • enlighten me on naxal movement ?
      -schemes on naxal?
    • development plans for naxal?

    What is penstock ?
    What is surgetank ?hydropower plant related
    What is the potential of northeastrn states in hydroelectricity ?
    Enlighten me on brahmaputra river ?
    Some of its tributaries ?
    Some more rivers which originate from same place?
    What is Indus water treaty ?
    Recently something happened related to treaty ?what was it?
    Why do India pakistan always fight ?

    Thank u ..interview over

    Abhijit Waykos
    Sujata Mehta mam

    Introduce yourself
    Is climate change real? Is it happening in your village? Tell me some of ur observations?
    What measures we should take to deal with climate change particularly in agriculture?
    Ans - abt climate resilient crops
    Then do you think moving from sugarcane to millet will be profitable for farmer?

    Abhijit,As administer what u want do?
    Ans-community based empowerment -explain
    What else u will do?
    Ans- education - understand individual need of student- outcome based approach
    M-is it possible to give different treatment
    to each student?
    A- yes explained Delhi model
    M- what u will do for land record?
    A- explained digitalization and other technology
    M - is it possible to understand soil pattern with the help of geo tagging?
    Do u think we have island of excellence in education in terms of iit and iims?do you think there is difference between this institutions and other normal colleges?
    A- explained
    M- south Korea do not have iit still good in technology?why so?
    M- how many countries in the world has federation type polity?

    Why cold waves in USA?
    Do u know abt ocean currents ? Tell me abt that
    What steps we should take for job creation?
    Do u know abt Kartarpur corridor? Why is it in news?

    What is pH of this water showing glass of water?what is relation between pH and temperature?
    What is carbon footprint?
    What is carbon sequestration?

    Many students are not working in their graduation subject? Many of them also coming in civil services? Why so? Don't you think is it failure of our education system?
    Do you think parents are pressuring their children to pursue engineering ?

    If 13 yr child come to u and I want to do engineering what u will suggest him?
    Thank you!

    Steve Trevor
    Date- 12/02/19
    Samita mam’s board

    Not a single ques on haryana aur hobbies

    Mostly from my grad background ie law

    Privacy issue
    prison reforms
    US interest in india
    why eu developed india not even if both are diverse
    Ques on free internet and digital tech
    Could not ans few technical terms but overall went well

    No ques on optional (History) as well.

  • Thanks a ton @Zohanmukharjee

  • How can we submit our Interview transcript, @root @Zohanmukharjee

  • @AHatley said in Interview Transcripts 2019 : compilation:
    inbox me

  • My Interview Transcript

    Fourth Candidate to go in
    Optional Philosophy
    Sujata Mam Board

    Very cordial board , allowed very less time for each answer,I am a little verbose so felt as if I was cut down everytime. If she knew what I meant , or if i knew the answer then she would ask another question, not much time given to explain.

    Not many counter questions were asked . No questions which I was fearing like Naming of Cities, or Mob Lynching or any controversial questions

    Chairperson :

    • Tell me something about yourself
    • Why CS?
    • Why IFS as first preference?
    • Tell me why Iran's nuclear program is not supported by India
    • Tell me should India join BRI
    • Why or Why not?
    • Afghanistan Peace Process
    • Good And Bad Taliban - USA and India perspective on Afghanistan
    • Our nvestments in Afghanistan


    • What is the reason for agrarian distress . Told ( Same question asked in Forum mock )
    • Why MSP is increasing and farmer is not getting benefit
    • Problem with government not able to uptake food grains
    • Is UBI a solution to this
    • What will you do as a DM to solve this problme

    Can I ask some questions from your optional?

    • Asked Which is your favourite political thinker ( I said something )
    • What do you think was the ideal of Gandhi?
    • Some questions on Gita ( Not in my syllabus )
    • Why is Political Science called Science ( said that most social sciences try to ...blah blah )
    • Then I said Sir my optional is Philosophy not Pol Sc.
    • The member was a little surprised, then he said ok


    • You wrote about diary writing as hobby, how did you get it?
    • Do you write it online or on computer
    • Are you aware of a famous personality who was caught for corruption because he had written about it in his personal diary ( didnt know )
    • Ills of DW
    • Benefits, ( Told, how it can help in conflict resolution )


    • You are CS Engineer, tell me why you chose Philosophy ( said something, dont remember )
    • Why do you think CS is not a subject in UPSC ( didnt know , UPSC knows )
    • In the long run, what is more important, Roads or Internet ?
    • Why?
    • Okay, in modern times what is more important, roads or Internet
    • Whay are companies offering free service such as Whatsapp and Facbook, How do they make money?
    • What is Net Neutrality? What is official government policy? Your personal view ( Went for sometime, Had prepared it )


    • Long Question, Not able to reacll right now..went on for some 2-3 minutes.
    • Is there anything you would like to discuss with us, or we have left out?
    • Said No, Thank you Ma'am.
    • Stood up Quickly and Chair made some noise, said Sorry Ma'am.. and came out as quickly as I could.
  • N Shekhar
    A.S.Bhonsle Sir Board
    21 Feb A/N session - 1st to go - 30 mins
    B.Tech IITD, Optional - English Literature
    1 year Work Ex
    Home State -Jharkhand

    • No questions from ‘my hobby’ or service preference or home state
    • Very cordial experience with all members


    1. Reads the DAF aloud. So I see you are a courageous man. You did engineering you got this award (in DAF) and You chose English Lit. You have an interesting hobby. Yesterday I had a candidate whose hobby was numismatics. What do you know about it? (It is nowhere related to my hobby or my DAF)
    2. Explain me this award of yours you got in college
    3. Is there something you can not do tell me now. (I said I can’t run fast or jump high and everyone smiled)
    4. Tell me the three key qualities of a public servant.
    5. What do you understand by ethical dilemma? Give me an example
    6. So by that logic you would supporting temple entry for women in Sabrimala?
    7. Why has the entry of women not been possible yet? How will you tackle if you are incharge of administration there?

    Member 1

    1. What is Engineering Physics (My major)? Is there something called Engineering Chemistry?
    2. When was this degree introduced in your college? What do you read in it?
    3. Tell me what is Schrodinger Wave Equation?
    4. How do you determine that an electron is both a wave and a particle?
    5. What is the difference between mass and weight? What is ‘g’ here?
    6. About that unfortunate incident in Pulwama, how would you have tried to avoid it if your were the DM there?
    7. All you said must have been tried by the administration there. Can you think of something new now that intelligence failure has happened?

    Member 2

    1. You worked in Ola for a year. Tell me some advantages and some disadvantages of companies like Ola and Uber for general public.
    2. Who is your favourite poet? Why? Quote some lines from your favourite poem of his.
    3. Skill, Knowledge and Attitude - which is most important as per you for a leader?
    4. Why did you put attitude at 3rd when Chairman sir asked you this question? ( Chairman waived at him to let go at this point)

    Member 3

    1. Tell me the philosophy of Physics? How is it different philosophy of chemistry?
    2. What do you mean by constitutional morality?
    3. What are our constitutional ethos? Explain them.
    4. Is the preamble enough to guide us?

    Member 4 (Lady Member)

    1. Did you study any Indian Author in English as a part of your syllabus?
    2. Tell me about Kanthapura (from the syllabus) and give me a concise summary in three lines.
    3. What are disruptive technologies?
    4. Can you name some negative disruptive technologies?
    5. What is a shared economy? Give me some examples?


    1. Tell me who spoke this line. We will not evaluate you on this just help me understand what does it mean as you are a literature student. (He spoke two quotes, one from Romeo and Juliet and another one I had never heard before)
    2. In South East Asia, some one said recently ‘there should be depoliticisation of politics and democratisation of democracy’. Tell me what do you understand by this statement?

    The then said this interview is over and tell me what are your plans next? He advised me to have lunch and take a long nap.
    Interview Transcripts 2019
    Name - Aman Mittal
    Smitha Nagraj Mam Board
    background - Btech CSE
    optional - PSIR
    job ex- none

    chairwomen -

    1. tell me something about yourself
    2. Aman tell me is there any "aman ki asha" between india and pakistan
    3. why despite india being so strong is not taking action against pakistan( why do we not act despite having leverage)
    4. why china and USA supports pakistan
    5. china consider india as a threat or nuisense
    6. you read , why do you read motivational books? dont you have internal motivation? which areas you need motivation in?

    M1 -

    1. what type of music do you like? who is your favourite singer?
    2. where all have your travelled?
    3. why not pursue a career in btech? why IAS?
    4. what are your cadre preferences?
    5. are you a non- veg?
    6. what are the problems of rural people? name any three

    M2 -

    1. recently a chinese women was arrested in canada.. tell me the issue?
    2. tell me some history of Huwai?
    3. which technology huwai is investing ?
    4. tell me the issue of Siachin and sir's creek?
    5. tell me about the research you did?
    6. is there a problem of plagarism and not new research?


    1. what is 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g? is there any difference in speed of data?
    2. what are artificial neural networks?
    3. how can we use AI in climate change only?
    4. which is more important AI or HI(human intelligence)?
    5. is AI is used in Clean Ganga Mission?
    6. how a desktop is different from smart phone?
    7. what is difference between smartphone and a cell phone?


    1. what is difference between philosophy of microsoft and apple?
    2. what do you think of open source development and its future?
    3. why there is lack of innovation in india?

    Chairwomen -

    1. Is government and administration is correct in molding public opinion through propoganda? ( i did not used the word propoganda in my answer, i said information campaign is necessary to bring positive behavioural change ex- BPBP and Swachh Bharat)
    2. should we incentivise or penalise?

    Thank you. you may go now.

    overall experience was very good. Board was very cordial and lively. They listened very intently. My advice would be don't go inside with any preconceived notions just take the questions as they come.

    Pramod Tiwari
    PK Joshi Sir Board
    Optional- Geography
    B.Tech- ECE
    Hobby- Cricket

    Very general interview, mostly DAF based.

    1. Strengths and Weaknesses of Uttar Pradesh (Home State)
    2. How to tap tourism potential in UP?
    3. What all circuits are there in UP regarding tourism?
    4. How can you use your knowledge of geography in agriculture?
    5. Green Revolution- Why happened? Positives and negatives of it?
    6. White revolution- Why happened?
    7. Which crops are grown in your area?
    8. How to improve irrigation facility?
    9. Why people not adopting drip irrigation?
    10. Cricket is very popular (hobby), how can we make other sports also popular?
    11. What is fundamental duties? Where is it mentioned in constitution?
    12. Why South American countries are called Latin America?
    13. What is happening in Venezuela?
    14. Why other countries are intervening in it?
    15. What is India's stand on Venezuela?
    16. On the one hand government is opening more IITs and NITs (graduation) and on the other hand other engineering colleges are shutting down why?
    17. How can we improve employability of engineers?
    18. Do we need more engineering colleges or diploma institutes?
    19. What can be done to improve skills?
      Chairperson- Thank You. Your interview is over.

    Kumar B:
    P K Joshi sir board, 20th February. AN. EEE, MATHEMATICS optional.

    What were you doing after leaving job?
    you studied electronics and electrical. You worked in IT sector. Don't you want to do these jobs?
    suppose you are invited to a school. The 9th class students have studied arithmetic mean, but by seeing the harmonic table, they don't want to study harmonic mean or geometric mean? How you will convince them?
    a value increased by 22%, then 20%, then 26%. To find average increase in value which mean you will use?
    what is a green building? Is current UPSC building is a green building?

    Member 1
    what is NFSA?
    what is a welfare state?
    don't you think welfare state and rights of persons are contradictory?
    you have done Vipassana meditation. How is it different from other meditations?
    who taught Vipassana?

    Member 2
    what is Vedic mathematics?
    any formula of vedic mathematics that you liked?
    is these formulas helpful in practical application?
    if they are quicker then why they are not taught in school?
    don't you think it will be difficult for students to do mental calculation?
    assam is famous for one wildlife? Where?
    where else one horn rhino is seen?
    their population is increasing or decreasing?
    in rhino vision exactly what strategies are taken to increase their population?

    Member 3
    what is time zone?
    how many time zones in India? In USA?
    have you heard of p c mahalanobis? Who was he?
    what did mahalanobis say about requirement of more timezones in India?
    do you think we need more time zones?
    how one timezone affects productivity of northeast?
    give me one example where the corresponding constitution article is exactly opposite of what value we professed during freedom struggle?

    Member 4
    you stayed in Odisha, Assam and Bangalore. What is common to all of the three places?
    you went to Canada. Where did you stay?
    what did you like about Canada?
    why Indians are not polite?
    did you visit Niagara falls? Tell me the name of the waterfall in India which is similar or bit smaller than Niagara?
    how you will use artificial intelligence in government? Give specific example.
    how will you use AI in energy conservation?
    what is smart home? Give one example.
    can you retrofit this air conditioner into a smart ac which can integrate with the temperature sensor and accordingly change the level automatically? Tell me what changes need to be done?

    Smitha Nagaraj Mam
    DOI : 20/02/2019 Morning
    Optional : Kannada
    Work: KAS and IRS

    1. What is your job profile ? Some other questions on training
    2. Problem between migrants and natives in Bangalore.. Solution
    3. Vaastu is scientific ? Explain science behind it ( Athrvaveda and Harappa )
    4. Open minded or knowledge oriented ? Why people believe in superstition ?
    5. Issue with crop loan Waiver ? CLWS software of Karnataka ?
      Problem in its implementation ?

    Member 1

    1. Innovative solution for lake (drone survey) and garbage problem (garbage locator) in Bangalore
    2. Mortgage of land by banks and Procedure and rules
    3. Land record modernisation program in Karnataka ?
    4. Next thing coming up wrt Land records in Karnataka

    Member 2

    1. Space food, liquid solutions as food in space
    2. Gold particle @ Nano level
    3. Superconductivity and materials

    Member 3

    1. Favorite authors
    2. Compare U R Ananth Murthy and kuvempu
    3. Why Hyderabad Karnataka is backward ?
    4. Why Bangalore is IT hub ?

    Member 4

    1. How to check Revenue shortage ? Revenue intelligence, Fugitive offenders etc
    2. Blackmoney control innovative solution - BBMP property initiative, passport linking
    3. Saudi pak and Saudi India relationship
    4. What is strategic relationship

    Overall good experience. No question on hobbies

    Name: Priyanka
    Board: Vyas sir
    DOI:20 February AN
    Optional: PSIR
    Graduation: Biomedical engineering
    Duration: 30-35 mins


    1. How biomedical waste can be handled?
    2. What is status of India Russia relation?
    3. What can be the next step in Bramhos?


    1. Opinion on sabarimala
    2. Why Tamil Nadu is always fighting with neighbouring state for river water?
    3. Can we change cropping pattern in Tamil Nadu to over come these problems
    4. How is industrial development in Tamil Nadu compared to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh?
    5. What is problem in Sri Lanka related to Elam issue?


    1. Developmental status of women in Tamil Nadu
    2. Do you witnessed it
    3. Why civil services after engineering
    4. What happened in Kashmir last week
    5. What is needed to be done?
      And some questions I couldn't recollect


    1. What you study in biomedical engineering?
    2. What are career opportunities in it?
    3. What is Brexit and issues related to it happening in UK
    4. From hobby. What and whom do you teach?
    5. How is post disaster management in Chennai flood?


    1. What is Tesla in MRI
    2. What is 360° CT
    3. What standards are followed in medical devices? Does India have separate standards?
    4. Who is regulating radioactive medical devices?
    5. Recent SC judgement on regulation of medical devices


    1. What is exchange rate?
    2. How Indian rupee is performing?

    Interview went well. Chairman is very cordial and smiled throughout. Couldn't answer some questions from graduation. Over all its good

    Subashini Eswar:
    District: Thanjavur
    State: Tamilnadu
    Optional: History
    Board: Bhonsle Sir

    Very cordial

    (No question from hobby/ graduation)

    1. How are you?
      2.Started with my name.
    2. What would be Ur advice for the parents of children scoring low marks?( He was explaining his childhood that he used to score low marks)
    3. What will you do for the women residing in the villages when you travel from Thanjavur to Kumbakonam?
    4. What will you do for their security, children education?
    5. How will you address gender inequality in your district?
    6. Who is Raja Serfoji?( My post office is Raja Serfoji post office)


    1. Inquired about the Maths Biology group in my 12th std!
    2. Some theory of evolution questions
    3. Environment acts and NGT
    4. 5 strong points about me
    5. Negatives

    1.diff b/w science and technology.
    2.scientific temper.
    3. If you are posted in education
    Dept of your state, how will you improve scientific temper?
    4. Have you been to Chennai?
    5. How will you solve the water crisis in Chennai?!( I said about 3R policy and water metering)
    6. How will you increase the source of water to Chennai?

    1. Based my strong and weakness I told, he asked do u have dual personality?( I had to justify my stance)
    2. Is it wise to have expiry date on your currency notes as on debit card?
    3. nuclear doctrine of India
    4. Is it right to disclose our policy even before the war?
    5. shall we ask reparations from Britain for our colonial past?


    1. BREXIT impact on India are your best friend. Substantiate.
      ( Sorry..I forgot further questions)
      I want to make a correction. your name is not in National Anthem it is in our National Song ( which at the first, when he asked I said it's National Song)
      Did u expect us to ask you any questions, which we hadn't asked?
      Then I said about Big temple and some questions I have expected.
      Then he asked about the Astronomical facts on Big temple.
      Thankyou..have a nice day..

    Afternoon Session
    Chair: Bharat Bhusan Vyas
    2nd person in queue
    Interview duration: Not clear.. Around 30 mins

    Place: Coimbatore
    Graduation : Mech Engg
    Optional: Pub Ad
    Hobbies: Fanfiction, Stand Up Comedy


    1. Tell the name by which Coimbatore is known as
    2. Why it is known as such
    3. What promoted the Textile boom in coimbatore
    4. Should Pub ad become Pub Mgmnt...
    5. What is definition of Pub Ad
    6. What is governance
    7. What is smart city mission


    1. Recently DIPP name was changed.. What is the name..
    2. IPR.. What is it..
    3. Which dept looks into it
    4. What is the name of the agreement
    5. Is patent law strong in india
    6. What is needed to improve patents in india


    1. What is the scholarship that you won in school and on what basis
    2. What is Fanfiction
    3. Does it have enough literature in it
    4. Is it good to make fun of people in stand up comedy
    5. How does stand up comedy help


    1. Which is more difficult... Pub Ad or Developmental Administration..
    2. What is needed...
    3. Should we change from pub ad to Devlpmntl admin.
    4. How Devlpmntal admin be brought into agriculture
    5. Should mechanisation be brought into agriculture


    1. What is outcome budgeting

    2. What is gender budgeting

    3. Can u give an example of gender budgeting

    4. People's belief in the political parties... How do they evaluate them.. How can the people trust be gained

    5. Some question about LSG

    Thank you.. Your interview is done

    I may have missed some qns..

    Note... Very cordial board

    Name : Deepak Dev Viswan
    From : Trivandrum
    Graduation : Btech ECE
    Optional : sociology
    Board : Sujatha Mehta
    Session : FN : 3rd to go
    Interview time : 40 to 45 mins ( very cordial )

    Chair :

    1. introduce yourself telling ur educational background and work experience if any .
    2. explain the work exposure in BYJU's. Explain your designation and role which u do daily , weekly , monthly etc.
    3. why do u need politicians heading the sports administration ? Do we need that ? Y not sportspersons. ?
    4. khelo India programme ! Why do we need it ?
      5 ) give a rough figure of expatriates from Kerala .
      6 ) what does ur state govt do to solve the problems of expatriate community ?
      7 ) heard of silent valley ? Explain it . give its features and environmental significance.
      8 ) How your state govt is dealing with agencies which provide illegal visas and fradulent activities?

    Member 1
    1 ) u r coming from a state with high literacy ? How can make use of this in a state with low literacy like Bihar ?
    2 ) what are the challenges in administration if u are appointed in a state where people are very politically conscious but very illiterate ?
    3 ) if u are appointed in a tribal area , what will u do to enhance their trust ?
    4 ) ttribal needs and their problems

    Member 2 :

    1 ) why vizhinjam international port could not be completed in time ?
    2 ) what are the problems in carrying out the work of vizhinjam port ? Is there any labour issue ?
    3 ) do u think there is enough cooperation from govt in completing the project ?
    U4) what is the response of the community living near construction areas.? Do they support the project ?
    5 ) There are lot of women issues in your state. Explain the sabarimala issue in simple note ? Why such a problem ? How to solve the issue .
    6 ) He asked the Rafael issue ? ( sujatha mam interfered and told him not to ask that.. and she switched to next member )
    7 ) Kerala flood

    Member 3 :

    1. What is special area games programme launched 3 years back ?
    2. sports administration .
    3. waste management .
      3 ) what is circular economy?
    4. who are rohingyas ? Should we accept them ? Why or why not ?

    Member 4 :

    1 ) Lot of issues in pak border. How can we solve the issue ?
    2) can we do a ' give and take ' policy ? in pak.
    4 ) do we need to have talks with them ? Give a full hand possible solution. .

    Chair : 1 ) do u want to discuss something else.( I mentioned educational system in india )
    2 ) any changes in education sector ?
    3 ) TSR subramaniam committee and kasturirangan committees ,recommendations ? What's your view on it ?
    4 ) No detentions police and scraping of it ? Why ?
    5 ) pratham and aser report .
    6 ) primary and upper primary education status
    7 ) indian educational service ? And its need .?
    Panel: SATYAVATHI ma'am
    Chair: What is Additional Skill Acquistion Programme(i work with them)
    What is its utility?
    Has it delivered the goods?
    Why the low number of job placements?
    Is it part of Skill India Programme?

    Member 2:
    Since your preference is IFS , what do you think about Indian foreign policies trajectory over the past 2-3 years?
    Will you substantiate your answer?.
    What kind of a foreign policy would you prefer for India( in terms of india's international relations)
    How will we make relations with Pakistan better?
    Do you think the opinion of Pakistani public will make an impact on Pak state policy.

    Member 3:
    First question was from my Btech background.
    What is the impact of US withdrawal from INF on India and China.
    Do you think Americas claims of Russia violating INF conditions is true given American allegations regarding iraq.

    Member 3
    What is the scope of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme.
    How can you expand its scope?.
    Why did u take up an administrative position after completing Btech.
    How does your organization picks the courses you offer to your students.

    Member 4
    What do you know about NSQF?
    How can we improve our skilling programmes?
    How will we put a stop to the corporate- bank nexus , which has led to huge NPA problem?
    How do we reduce the burden of NPA?
    What do you know about India's space programmes in the coming 2-3 years?

    The panel was cordial in general. I think it lasted for around 30 mnts.

    Name : Anoop Bijily
    From : Tvm
    Graduation : Btech ECE
    Work experience : 5yrs of experience in UST GLOBAL and TCS
    Board : Bhonsle Sir
    Session : Forenoon 3rd to go
    Duration : 11:15 to 12..almost 45 mins

    Made me comfortable.. explained that this is gonna be a discussion and not an interview....

    Spoke about my graduation, work experience and hobbies from my Daf.

    1. 4×400 relay(Daf)..
    2. AI, 5g and the new technological cold war. Where does India stand.
    3. Scenario based qn n leadership(My role in Tcs was as a tech lead).
    4. Abt my name.. who is Bijily?

    He asked few more qns, cant remember now

    M1 :

    1. Did u read todays newspaper? ( Said yes, so he asked any impt news)
    2. I told abt Indo saudi relations... so he asked to explain.
    3. Asked and Anil Ambanis case.
    4. Who is metro man of india?
    5. Is he still active? His contributions
    6. What is AMRUT?
    7. Smart city? Its success
    8. Asked abt 5g technology.


    1. Il&fs crisis.
    2. Bank fraud.
    3. Tcs corporate governance issue.
    4. Fdi in multi brand retail? Issues associated with it?
    5. New e commerce bill.. why it is needed?
    6. What is collegium? Its issues
    7. Status of njac. Can it be implemnted


    1. What are d impt personal moral values?
    2. What are d values needed for a country?
    3. Should india bomb pakistans nuclear fscilities?
    4. Should we do exercises lyk? Suryakiran.. its advantages? Isnt an aero drill lyk d one done in jaipur better?
    5. What is the crisis in yemen?


    1. Kochi pollution issues( i was working der).
    2. Issues of not segregating at d source?
    3. What can be done to improve nd increase segregating at source?
    4. Why do v need PSUS?
    5. Should v privatise railways and air india?
    6. Why air india is still not privatised?
    7. Issues of privatisation?
    8. What is moore's law(graduation ece).


    1. 5 success and failures of your lyf.
    2. Gave me 30 seconds, a pen and a paper to find solution for indo pak issue by leveraging our relation with china.
    3. Denuclearizing pakistan..what is ur suggestion.

    What's your plan after this interview? Your interview is over, have a nice day...bye.
    Thank you.

    Name - Teja Deepak
    Date of interview - 21-03-2019
    Session - afternoon
    Second candidate to enter
    Board - Ajit Shankarrao Bhonsle


    1. (Explains the rules) paper, pen and water are for you. Next 30-40 minutes we shall assess your suitability to civil services. Etc.
    2. (Go throughs DAF) you are from South, academically bright, from a prestigious IIT. And you look smart and smiling.
    3. What have been doing since graduation
    4. In hypothetical situation, if you had an opportunity to ensure that bifurcation of the state doesn't happen, what would you do ?
    5. What is so special about Amaravati?
    6. How was land acquired for the capital ?
    7. Do you think such a model should be replicated in other states ?


    1. What is the difference between Science and engineering
    2. What all manufacturing industries are there in AP.
    3. What else is the potential
    4. Name three poets of Telugu
    5. Who is your favorite and why
    6. Do you watch movies?
    7. Which is the last one u Saw
    8. Explain the story.


    1. You like travelling. Which is the last place you've visited?
    2. What is unique about pondicherry
    3. What is Auroville?
    4. Do you this autocracy is better than democracy for governance.
    5. China's economy is much bigger than India's don't u think India should also go for autocracy
    6. But human right violations also happen in India?
    7. Don't you think judiciary is stepping out of it's mandate and making other institutions weak?


    1. Is media fair/responsible in India?
    2. We are talking about social media regulation but not media regulstion. Why?
    3. Why Cyber security is important?
    4. Do we have any specific laws on Cyber security?


    1. What are the impacts of Industrial revolution?
    2. How do u think industrial revolution has changed over years
    3. Do you swim?
    4. Which priciple applies while swimming
    5. Explain it
    6. Is weight scalar or vector ?
    7. Acceleration? Mass? Speed?

    Chairman (again)

    1. So you are good in physics ? Tell me about uncertainty principle
    2. If given a chance what changes u would like to do in the Constitution.
    3. Why strengthen Anti defection provisions in the Constitution.
    4. (told as my optional is anthropology, would give more protection to tribals ) what specific rights
    5. Why did the govt make these changes.
    6. So you from anthropology. Which is the famous book of Darwin
    7. Explain his theory of evolution

    M2 (suddenly)
    starts speaking in French.. Asks me do u speak French
    I replied in English... Asks me reply in French


    1. What are you plans for the afternoon? ( Said I'm craving for hyd biryani)
    2. He went on to Suggest few famous eateries in the city !
    3. Thank you. I replied merci merci beaucoup. They all smile

    Board Sujata Mehta
    19/02/2019 AN, first to go
    Background IIT KGP dual degree
    Working Bosch: Data scientist

    Do you watch movies?
    What movies on Financial Crisis ( masters in Financial Engineering)
    Do you think depiction of quants is right?
    Do you think Finance field is not contributing to society enough?
    Why is your patent in Japan?
    Is this how Bosch operates in India?
    What is this hobby? ( Trading strategies)
    Do you get paid for it?

    Parliamentary democracy or presidential for rapid development?
    Opinion on prohibition?
    Is E-commerce good for country?
    Evergreening of patents?
    Obstacles for India's Transition to knowledge economy
    How will it happen if young minds are not interested in R&D? They are going to abroad or civil services?
    Opinion on freebies? ( In a condescending tone..making people lazy)
    India -USA relationship on all fronts
    What about growing inequality?
    Socialist model or Free-market?
    Anything else you want to discuss?
    Thank you, your interview is over.

    Board is super cordial compared to mocks. No lighter moments though. 32 mins said the attender at gate.

    Kajal Jawla
    Interview date:20 Feb
    Sathyavathy Ma’am board
    Qualification: B.Tech in ECE (2006-10)
    Optional: Zoology
    Working in technology risk consulting for 8.5 years
    Hobby: Cooking and reading about blockchain
    C : Read our my name and pronounced incorrectly
    Me: Politely corrected her
    C : You are from Uttarakhand?
    Me: No Ma’am, born in Uttarakhand but from Uttar Pradesh
    C : Read aloud my qualification, experience and hobbies to other members
    Me: Kept nodding and smiling
    C : Why do you want to be an IAS
    Me: Answered but ma’am wasn’t satisfied
    C : You are earning very well, why IAS?
    Me: Anecdote from personal life but ma’am still looked unsatisfied
    C : Why civils? You are in a good place in your life
    Me: Answered with a personal anecdote. She seemed pleased
    C : Why do you like cooking
    Me: Told what got me cooking and why I like cooking
    C : Where all can blockchain be used
    Me: Answered
    C : Can Aadhar data be secured using blockchain?
    Me: Answered with technical details
    C : Is there any possibility of data loss in Blockchain?
    Me: Explained possible scenarios
    C : Is there any way to hack someone’s password for Bitcoin wallet? There was a news a week back about a man dying along with his password
    Me: Tried to answer
    C : Is there a possibility of losing data (All members talked among themselves about the poor chap who died)
    Me: Sorry ma’am, I need to research more on this possibility
    M4: How will we get to know the output of your research?
    All laughed. I smiled.

    M1: tell me your opinion on three things: Reservation, skill training and compulsory military training
    Me: Answered
    M1: So you think it should be done?
    Me: Yes sir, it is needed. Then talked about reservation
    M1: What should be the limit?50%?
    Me: I said 50% ensures equality and elaborated. Was cut short
    M1: Military training?
    Me: Answered

    M2: Name some national parks in Uttarakhand
    Me: Answered
    M2: Sampling methods for tiger populations count
    Me: Explained
    M2: Two very well known birds that are threatened?
    Me: Answered
    M2: Why Vulture populations dwindling?
    Me: Answered
    M2: Methods to restore avian populations
    Me: Tried to answer. When prodded for more, apologised and said I don’t know
    M2: Why India so far behind in Textiles production
    Me: Answered
    M2: what are your service preferences
    Me: listed till no. 6
    M2: Let’s assume IFS as first. What is Brexit?
    Me: Answered
    M2: Will Theresa May Govt fall on this
    Me: No Sir because..cut short

    M3 (a lady member): Invasive species
    Me: Answered
    M3: Why women not educated and employed. challenges?
    Me: <Activist woke up> Told some real life challenges seen first hand
    M3: What can be done?
    Me: Still harped on some issues and options
    M3: but even educated people are against women venturing out sometimes
    Me: Talked more

    M4: Sexual harassment opinion?
    Me: spoke of issues
    M4: Need for self defence training
    Me: spoke in favour
    M4: What about me too
    Me: Spoke favour and against
    M4: what about men who are being harassed. They need a National Commission for men
    Me: Spoke against the need for such a commission
    M4: final question. has Ganga been cleaned
    Me: Both sides of the story and did not take a final decision on this
    Everyone smiled
    Sathyavathy Ma’am told me the interview was over
    I thanked them, time wished them and came out

  • @Zohanmukharjee It will be better if you post each as a separate transcript. Its easy to read. May take a bit of effort though.

  • Rahul Kumar Dubey
    22-02-2019 2nd to go
    Jharkhand, Hobby cricket
    4 year experience in Goldman and Adobe. Computer science

    Bassi Sir board : around 30 minutes

    why did you leave Job?

    Can you use technology to replace the personality test we are conducting?

    Suppose you are the chairman, design a machine and tell me the capability and features of machine for replacing personality test.

    Why did you stop telling about the features of machine. You could have kept talking for 25 minutes and go. What prompted you to stop?

    We don't want to judge you and you don't have any option of being angry. Do you get angry?

    Member 1

    What is artificial intelligence?
    What are different varieties of AI?
    How is robotics different from AI?
    Maximum number of sixes by which player in cricket?
    Tell me the work culture difference between Adobe and Goldman Sachs?
    How is it different from Government sector if you have any experience?

    Member 2:
    Is China irresponsible power?
    How to curtail China?
    Should Agriculture income be taxed?
    What are the benefits of taxing agriculture?
    Should currency have the expiry date?
    What are the issues with currency having expiry date?

    Member 3:
    What was the role of Goldman Sachs in 2008 crisis?
    What led to 2008 crisis?
    Tell me one term which comes to your mind related to 2008 crisis?
    Are we heading toward another 2008 crisis?
    Is Google violating net neutrality?
    What is net neutrality?

    Member 4:

    Tell me the disadvantages of AI?
    What are the usage of AI in defense?
    Which countries are using Robotics and AI in defense?
    What is issue between tamilnadu and Karnataka?
    Had the cauvery water dispute been solved?
    What is H1B visa issue? What are the impacts on India?
    What is H1N1?

    Chairman: Is this your photo?
    Thank you Rahul. Your interview is over.

  • Chirag Jain
    Interview Date: 20/02/2019 AN, 3rd to go
    Sujata Mehta board
    Geography optional, from Rajasthan
    Mechanical engineer, Worked in Tata Motors

    Chairwomen :
    1.would you like to introduce yourself? ( just qualification and job experience)
    2. So you worked in Tata motors, Tell me why did Tata Nano failed?
    3. What should be the strategy to market a car??
    4. What is your opinion on celebrity endorsement?
    5. What about endorsing harmful products like cold drinks?
    6. Should they be held responsible if anything wrong happens with the product?
    7. Recently there was a news that some celebrities are paid for endorsing political party, what is your view on it?

    Member1 :

    1. Do you read books other than academic ( don't know why he asked, it was not my hobby)
    2. Do you read magazines?
    3. Should be move towards parliament form of government to presidential form of government?
    4. What are internal security issues in India?
    5. Do you think Pakistan is the biggest external security concern?

    Member2 :

    1. Is agriculture distress real in India or fabricated by political parties?
      2.What are issues in agriculture?
    2. Though there is increase in food production in India, why agriculture growth not happening?
    3. What is MSP policy
    4. Is loan waiver a solution?
      6.How technology can help agriculture?
      7.Should be allow GM crop?
    5. Why protest against it?
    6. What is precision farming?
      10.How is it practiced?

    Member3 :

    1. What is social forestry?
    2. How is it done?
    3. Where all it can be done?
    4. Why J&K militancy?
    5. what options are available to move army convoy?

    Member4 :

    1. Now a days private doctors are writing unnecessary test to the patients as a DM, how will you regulate it?
    2. What is telemedicine?
    3. can it be a solution to the rural healthcare in India?
    4. Do you know any success of it in India?
    5. In India our bureaucracy is very hierarchical, what are the issues because of it?
    6. How to improve it?
    7. Government has lots of departments and ministries which works in silos. How to improve such a situation?


    1. Did you have understanding of Indian polity before preparing for civil services?
    2. Did you have humanities subjects in engineering?( told about open electives)
    3. Do you see a Gap ? How to improve it?
    4. There are lot of domestic violence cases in India, As an SP of district how will you tackle such issue?
    5. Suppose a girl in being molested at road how will you react to it?
    6. Why such cases happens?( told about lack of values and patriarchal mindset)
    7. How to improve such situation?( told value education)
    8. But in India schools are not able to provide basic education and learning outcomes are so low what can be done in such a condition?
    9. Do you want us to discuss anything?( said about world day of social justice)
    10. Tell me about it?

    Thank you..your interview is over.
    ( went for 30 mins. Board was very cordial though no lighter moment)

  • Rav Choudhary:
    State haryana
    Date 20 feb
    Mechatronics engg
    Board - P k joshi
    Evng (5th to go)


    What is this mechatronics engg ?? (Daf)
    Dont you think we can appoint robotic district collectors ??
    What is social engineering ?
    What is global warming ? Effects at your village level ??

    Suppose you are guest at a school , how you will encourage young children against global warming ? 5 points

    Khap panchayats issue ? Cross questions(daf)

    Issue related to the status of women in haryana ?

    Issues in judiciary & suggest measures for them ? Cross questions
    Police reforms issue , solutions for it ?
    Parkash singh cmt recommendations ??
    And cross questions

    Police ratio in india (actual) , proposed and what is in world

    Difference between commissioner policing and DGP policing

    Suppose person a is carrying 50 kg rdx
    Person b is carrying 100 kg rdx

    Rdx off person A blasted, while the 100 kg of person b haven't blasted
    Who is more wrong here ?


    How you will use your teaching experince into administration ?

    Reason behind the low adoption of solar energy ?

    Problems related to hyrdo energy ?

    Zero based budgeting ?


    Your interview is over you can go

    Over all nice and cordial board

  • Board - Smita Nagaraj
    Praveen Jangawad
    Civil engg
    Public administration
    1st attempt

    12.00 to 12. 30
    4th one to go

    Chair person
    Which is the most fascinating branch of civil engg and why? concrete technology
    Urban planning problem bengaluru in specific
    Traffic problem how do you solve it

    2nd member
    Asked on my education
    Then handball position and how do you play it
    Then novels then films
    World war 2 genre
    Schrindlers list - boy in white paizama
    In 2nd
    World war 2 movies
    Schrindlers list
    Boy in white payasam
    Who is fuhrer
    Why jews were killed

    3rd member
    Ghana gandharva gawayi
    Dharwad who are famous hindustani singers
    And asked me about carnatic singers
    Turkman ottoman empire
    Mughal empire why did it decline
    Favourite country european team

    3rd member
    Maharashtra present status
    What can be solution
    Mahajan report
    Film on pele football related

    4th member

    1. Indus river water treaty
      2 Asked both side of tributaries
    2. What is this
    3. When did this happen and whats the stand now
      5.Tried to link between rural/ ie village admini and pub ad

    Board was cordial and comforting and felt great.
    All the best.

  • D.O.I: 20/02/2019
    Background : PSIR ,Born at Tarapur Native in Satara ,Civil Engineer.
    Panel : Sujata Mehta Madam
    1.Introduce yourself with your educational and professional background.
    2.How was it growing up in Tarapur ? Were there any concerns regarding harmful effects of staying near a nuclear power plant.
    3.There are various protests going on against nuclear power plants ?What do you think about it.
    4.What is your opinion regarding safety of nuclear power plants in India considering the nuclear disasters in the past ?
    5.What is Ayushman Bharat Program ? What is the scope of PPP Model in Ayushman Bharat ?

    1.What is your opinion regarding building statues of leaders ?
    2.Opinion on SC's verdict on Dance Bars ?
    3.Why is sugar industry under stress ?

    1.Do we need to provide exceptions in RTI Act ?
    2.What are those eight exceptions ?
    3.What is the role of NGOs in the Nation building ?
    4.Should we allow foreign NGOs ?
    5.How are foreign NGOs regulated ?

    1.How we can make our Education sector more innovative ?
    2.How exactly Atal Tinkering Lab works ?
    3.What tools China is using to raise it's footprint in the world ?
    4.Tell me one weakness of China?
    1.What do you know about Central Administrative Tribunal ?
    2.Do you think there is corruption in India ?
    3.Enlist names of few PSUs?

    CH :
    1.What do you think about Simultaneous Elections ?
    2.Do you want us to ask on any topic from your DAF ?
    Thank you .

  • Aprajita:
    Board: Sujata Mehta ma'am
    Hobbies: jogging, meditation
    Working in AFHQ CS
    Last one to go in the afternoon session


    1. Where do you work in army HQ?

    2 you might be dealing with very sensitive data?. What area do you deal?

    3.You might be remembering the incident where army jawan committed suicide... Bcs of abuse he faced in sahayak system... You work in army headquarters... What have you seen?

    1. Should army officers be allowed to use social media in the light of recent incidents of honeytrapping etc...

    2. Can biometric data be stolen.?

    3. How do you think it can be protected from being stolen?


    1. In Himachal, very less crime... If you get ips... How will you keep yourself busy?

    2. Didn't you think of any startup or algorithms during college? If any of your friends running a start up?

    3. Why pvt companies complain that engineers are not employable?

    4. Should colleges be built in remote locations?

    Q1. Uses of genetic engineering?

    Q2. Not able to remember other questions??

    Q1. If you are a chief secretary, which area will you fund? Education, agriculture and defence?
    Follow up questions...


    Q1. You are working in army HQ. Have you seen any kind of conflict especially with respect to postings etc?

    Q2. Do you know what are statutory complaints?

    Q3. What is SPIC MACAY? ( DAF Based)

    Q4. Is there a need of such programs in the present era of social media where everything is available online?

    Q1. Have you followed Padma awards?

    Q2. Do you want me to discuss which we have not covered
    Interview Transcripts 2019
    Sachin Dubey:
    Satyavati Madam

    Ch.Madam-( read my educational background and hobbies aloud)
    You graduated in 2014, what were you doing since then? Haven't you join IRS?
    Where is your farm?(in reference to my hobby) What you grow? How many cows? Milk? Is it profitable? What is the reason for agrarian distress in maharashtra? You are an educated person and understand this then why don't you inform and motivate farmers about allied activities? Is loan waiver lasting solution?

    Member2- analyze Farmer suicide using Emile Durkheim's theory of suicide...why is so anomy in India? Contribution of M N Shrinivas to anomy? Contribution of Jyotiba Phule? Why is caste persistent? What is role of social revolt? Have you read the book 'social revolts in post independent India? Can technology provide solution for caste annihilation?

    Member3- for how many days you are in income tax Department? What is the reason for public perception of Income tax department being corrupt? What are the solutions? You are talking about e-assessment, faceless scrutiny, then what to do with huge human resource? With increasing use of AI, how will it affect employment? Name few areas where jobs can be created?

    Member3- You told about cows, do you know any slaughter house in your locality? What is the process there and what do they do? Which breeds of cow you have? Why is the name 'Phule Triveni'?(cow breed) what you do with milk and what should be done ideally? There is a village near nagpur, whose whole economy depends on cow dung and urine. Do you know about it? Visit that once you return.

    Member4- what probationers are doing in NADT for entertainment? What you do on weekends? Are you married? What you did on Valentine's day? Do you know what is valentine day? When was it? can go..

    Interview ended with laughter among themselves... I understood with first question by member3, that he knows about ahmednagar and maharashtra so I became bit cautious..

    Overall just a normal intriguing or difficult questions..

  • 22nd Afternoon
    BB Vyas board
    Service : IRS - C&IT,
    Tripura home state,
    Graduation: electrical and electronics engg,
    pub ad optional


    1. Is this you?
    2. 3 critical challenges or unfinished business of gst
    3. Npa since 2016?
      History since 2006?
      How much npa?
    4. Uae vs India
    • relation, facts, crown prince, how will both benefit from each other?
    1. 7 job producing sectors


    1. Vit alumni
    2. Engibeers doing so good outside, wht are you here?
    3. Bill course of passing in Parl? Can pres return it? What happens when RS returns it? Can pres return when joint parliament session passes it?
      Money bill


    1. You mentioned cyber security as one of 7 sectors in job creation. Enlighten us on this

    2. You are from Tripura where recent Givt changed. Do u agree Givt shouldn't change for such a long period?

    3. Did communist Givt impact dev?

    4. But tripura is lagging?

    5. Compare dev of Tripura to other NE states?

    6. Why Givt didn't change fir such a long period? Why opposition was weak?


    1. Compare vellore to Agartala? Which one u love more? Differences?

    Difference between gst and vat
    Like from maharashtra to tamil nadu, products being sold

    1. Sabari mala stand
    2. Brexit ? U prefer referendum again or no deal?
      Why no deal not good?
      Companies leaving UK? Name one? Recent?


    1. You mentioned Tourism as one of job sector
      What will u do to develop it in Tripura?
    2. Happiness index why low? Pak doing better.. should we move to Pak?
    3. What will u do to increase it in Tripura?
    4. Primary activity of Tripura? What do they cultivate? How will you promote private industries? Do u have direct trade with bangladesh?

    Ch: thanking u, we are closing your interview

  • Akash kumar shukla
    Mining Engineering
    Optional - History
    Home state - Chhattisgarh
    Date - 22/02/2019
    Afternoon slot , 5th to go
    Bharat Bhushan Vyas board

    PS - very cordial board

    Chairman -

    1. Why Chhattisgarh called as bowl of rice?
    2. Productivity of rice ? Any local variety ?
    3. What is price and msp of rice ? Y msp ?
    4. What are pre harvesting processes ?
    5. Mining project in asteroid ?
    6. Do u heard of Benu asteroid ?

    Member 1 -

    1. What is your opinion on reservation ? Why it is give and on what basis ?
    2. What is creamy and non creamy layer ?
    3. Should creamy layer apply to SC/ST ?
    4. What is Abujhmad ( region in CG ) ?
    5. Reasons behind spread of Naxalism in Chhattisgarh ?

    Member 2 -

    1. What is forest right act ? Explain ? Its current status of implementation in CG ?
    2. Recent SC judgement on minor forest produce ?
    3. What is mahanadi river dispute between CG and odisha ? Which state should get more water ? Will tribunal give right judgement in future or not ?
    4. What India should do after Pulwama ?
    5. Should India play cricket with Pakistan ?

    Member 3 -

    1. Rat hole mining ? Implications ? How to stop it ?
    2. How china became economic power being a communist country ?
    3. Achievements of Chhattisgarh after getting Statehood ? How it helped CG ?

    Member 4 -

    1. What is cutting pattern before blasting ?
    2. Explosive used in mining ?
    3. Does RDX used as explosive in mining ?

    Chairman -

    1. What is exchange rate ?
    2. Current dollar rate against INR ?
    3. What is headline inflation ?
    4. What is current retail inflation ?

    Yes , gentleman your interview is over Thank you !

  • Air Marshal A.S.Bhonsle Sir Board
    Date of Interview : 20 Feb Morning (2nd to go)
    Hobby :

    • Cooking for relaxing,

    • Strategy based video games
      Background :

    • IIT Guwahati,

    • Civil Engineering,

    • 4 years experience as Software engineer,

    • Andhra Pradesh
      Optional : Sociology
      Duration : 30-35 mins

    • Didn't say to take the seat. I waited for 5-6 secs after wishing them good morning and asked for the seat.


    • Welcomed me to UPSC process.
    • Is this you first interview?
    • Read DAF aloud.
    • Asked me to relax ( I was pretty nervous)
    • Cooking is a chaotic process, how does it make you feel relaxed?
    • What is the influence of your mother on you? (Mother is a teacher)
    • I generally see that if mother is a teacher children turn out be good. Do you agree? Give me a general answer for the reasons not personal experiences?
    • How does empathy towards women get created?
    • Are you comfortable with questions on North East? (Said Yes , no questions followed)
    • How did the transition from civil engineering to Software happen? Was it easy?


    • According to you what is communication? How should it occur?
    • Communication is a two way street. Do you agree?
    • In today's world communication between people is not happening properly. What is the problem? What can be done?
    • What is data analytics?
    • Have you heard about the recent FDI norms (Confirmed if she was talking about e-commerce). Tell me something about it


    • What is the difference between Strategy and Tactics
    • What is the importance of Simulacra and Simulation?
    • What is IPR? What is the status of IPR laws in India?
    • What is Forest Rights act. What are the different rights under it?
    • What is Biodiversity. What is Biodiversity Act 2005?


    • What is meant by Guirella tactics?
    • How many states are there in North East? Are there any UTs currently?
    • Have you heard of Vemana and Potana?
    • What is the relationship between September 5 and September 15?
    • Why are the North Eastern States opposing Citizenship amendment bill, 2019?
    • What are the problems between Andhra and Telangana currently?
    • Have you heard about Mary Kom?


    • Who is Chaitanya mahaprabhu?
    • What is your long term vision and strategy for India?
    • I asked about long term strategy and you talk only about 2 sectors. Are those only part of your strategy?
    • Do you think Judicial activism is leading to destruction of other institutions?


    • You stayed in Guwahati for 4 years how was the experience?
    • What was the famous temple in Guwahati. What is it famous for? Have you been there? Have you heard of any local folklore about it?
    • Are you ok if you get service in Assam. What was your cadre preference for Assam?
    • Ahoms are very prideful people. Have you heard any historical significance attached to them?
    • Under which ruler did Battle of Saraighat take place?
    • Have you heard about any of their contribution to Indian independence?
    • If you get a job in civil engineering will you take it?
    • Out of the 2 jobs you have done which was the better one?
    • What are your plans for the afternoon. Are you going to relax?
    • Thank you your interview is over. All the best

    Initially I guided the interview and felt like a good interaction. Once they understood that, they didn't take any bait. So it led to less interactive experience as they tried to ask as many different topics as possible.

    The board was extremely professional and never gave any visible response to any of my replies which made things a bit difficult for me as I was not able to gauge their mood.

  • Board : Smita Nagaraj Madame
    B. Tech in EEE
    Optional : Political Science and International Relations (PSIR)


    1. Nowdays, young people like you move out of their homes at an early age. What impact does it have on the family as a whole ?

    Some cross questions.


    He asked basic questions regarding my DAF with curiosity and interest. No grilling or cross questions.


    1. What attracted you towards Political Science and International Relations?
    2. What is the relation between State sovereignty and Human Rights?
    3. Is it right for international community to intervene ? What is the procedure for that?
    4. What was the last time when UNSC intervened and what were the consequences of that intervention?
    5. Now, considering the reports of Human Rights violations in Kashmir, if China and Pakistan try to convince UNSC to intervene militarily in Kashmir, What will be India's stand ?
    6. Why shouldn't India allow such intervention ?


    1. What is Machine Learning?
    2. How is it different from Artificial Intelligence?
    3. Do you see future wars going in this direction?
    4. What is Pentagon? What is it relevance?
    5. Is Pentagon more powerful than President?


    1. Why is Imran Khan called a puppet Prime Minister?
    2. What will be the consequences of declaring someone as a Global Terrorist?
    3. Phenomenon of Paid News?


    1. Looking at West Asian crisis, Do you think an economically unstable Pakistan is in India's interest?

    Your Interview is over.

  • Shefali Chandolia:
    Vyas Sir Board
    Biotechnology from IIT Delhi
    Optional: Sociology
    Hobby: reading, stage play


    1. Views on use of nanoparticles in cosmetics
    2. What is ECB? What are masala bonds? Benefit of masala bond?
    3. Where is our foreign minister visiting today? (OIC)
    4. Name members of OIC
    5. What is its importance


    1. What are the reasons for low status of women in India?
    2. What will you do a DM to address this problem?


    1. What are the problems happening in NE?
    2. Why is it happening?
    3. What is the solution?
    4. What can be the solution for the international problem of migration?
    5. Who is Habib Tanveer


    1. What is Withholding of tax and national pledge in context of ECB?
    2. Can Indian government raise money from outside and bring to India in foreign currency?
    3. What is corporate governance?
    4. Who decides these rules


    1. Difference between civil law and criminal law
    2. Difference between bill and act
    3. Name 5-6 books u have read.
    4. Explain the reaction of ozone depletion
    5. World efforts on ozone protection
    6. Sources of HFC CFC
  • B.Tech EEE
    Games - Chess
    State - U.P

    Bhonsale Sir Board

    Meaning of your name.
    What is GDP, How this number is relevant to a poor.
    Aim of administration.
    Ethics in administration.

    Member 1
    What values should be in an administrator.
    Does honesty only relates to not being corrupt.
    How will you ensure honesty and proper implementation of tasks amongst your subordinates.

    Member 2
    What is Sicilian defence.
    Something related to knowledge and its utilisation. (Not abke to recall the complete question).
    Procedure of deployment of CRPF and BSF in LWE areas.

    Member 3
    Particular disease problems in eastern UP and how to solve the problem.
    Why UP backward.
    How to utilise small businesses in UPs growth.

    Member 4
    As an engineer, give an innovative solution to detect IEDs implanted in naxal areas.

    What will you do next.

    Thank you
    Interview Transcripts 2019
    VK TalwarMar 1, 2019 8:56:19 PM 455
    BS Bassi

    Define process costing
    Tell me about the banking structure in India
    Tell me about the oil price fluctuations

    Tell me about the history of kannada.
    Which dynasty constituted towards Kannada literature the most.
    Name the rulers of that dynasty
    What other things have they done, Significant?
    Tell me about Indian economy. How is it performing in the last 4 years
    How do you do skilling?
    The jobs in India are not well paying. What do you have to say on that?

    What is government doing for solar energy.
    Is there any scheme for research in solar energy?
    What about airports bekng made solar powered ?

    What has Karnataka done to protect it's coastal areas.
    What are the water sports played in Karnataka.
    Will Pak act against terrorism ?

    What is strategy and what's tactics.
    What is it in the context of Pakistan conflict.
    Can you give us an industrial example?
    What is govt RBI conflict.

    Tell me about pattadakallu. Tell me everything about it.
    Which river flows close to it?
    What is special about pattadakallu.
    Why they used to coronate kings here?

    Thank you. Your interview is over.

  • Optional – Management
    Home State – MP
    DOI – 5th March 2019
    Education – B.Tech, MBA
    Hobbies – Singing, Fitness
    Board – M Sathiyavathy Madam
    Duration : 30 – 32 mins

    • Chairman was attentive throughout, checked her watch towards the end
    • All members were smiling and acknowledging answers

    CM: Showing my passport photograph – Is this you ?
    CM - Reading out DAF to other members – he has done this .. then this .. belongs to this place. After all of this why do you wish to join civil services ?
    CM – But isn’t the bureaucracy a failure in our country. IN 75 years, we still have almost 30% people poor in the country. What do you think?
    CM – Okay. But what about health and education – we are very poor in those sectors.
    CM – So what do you think about lateral entry in civil services ?
    CM – So what should we do then ?
    CM – You have worked in CRISIL. How was the work there ?
    CM – Okay which verticals ?
    CM – Great. But you didn’t tell me how was the work – did you like it ?

    M1 – So , Govt has done many reforms in its term – what are some of the big reforms that the Govt has done in the last 5 years in terms of Indian economy, what issues are still pending and what is the way forward ? Take your time and answer.
    M1 – Are you forgetting a big reform related to the twin balance sheet problem that you mentioned ? Something related to the banks ?
    M1 – No something else ?
    M1 – What about the IBC Code ?
    M1 – Okay good. You were in a rock band. What do you do ?
    M3 – Oh you are a poet also ? Do you write poetry ?
    M1 – Can you recount a couplet from whatever you have written ?

    M2 – So you have done computer science engineering. Recently Government launched the Electronics policy – what are its key positives ?
    M2 - What are the other provisions regarding (forgot what he asked)
    M2 – Okay, no worries. But if you had to suggest improvements to the electronics industry as a whole. What would you suggest ?
    M2 – What can the government do for that ?
    M2 – Okay. So these NRIs, they are not investing in the country – they have so much wealth that they accumulate – but why are they not investing ?

    M3 – may I know your service preferences ?
    M3 – I want to understand why all of you people are putting IAS at the top and IFS lower ? Humare time pe toh everyone wanted to join IFS. What is the reason ?
    M3 – Okay. Lets say you get the Postal Service – will you join ?
    M3 – You will join? Sure ?
    M3 – (not wanting to hear the reason) Okay tell the reason
    M3 –Accha lets talk about this India Pakistan, Pulwama, WC Abhinandan. How do you see Imran Khan’s stature in the world right now? Has it improved in terms of his face value ?
    M3 – but theyre saying he should get a Nobel Peace Prize. What do you think ?
    M3 – So Kashmir. What is the issue how can we solve the problem?

    M4 – (thick accent difficult to comprehend)
    M4 – Why is agriculture struggling in the country ?
    M4 – What about inequality. You must have heard about the inequality index in the world where we have highest number of wealthy people in the world.
    M4 – Don’t you think that’s also an issue ?
    M4 – Should agriculture be given industry status ?
    M4 – But are you aware that Govt accorded industry status to Agriculture once in the past ?
    M4 – Okay. You spoke about agricultural distress earlier. Why is agriculture distressed ?
    M4 – (said something which I don’t remember)
    CM – Okay. Thank you.

  • Murali:
    Ch:- Smitha nagaraj
    Forest Ranger

    1 Where you posted ?
    2 How long you have been working?
    3. 6 years ?
    4. Due for transfer?
    5. Why transfer officers
    Challenges ?
    6. Why convictions low ?

    Member 1
    1.What are the programmes undertaken by govt under national integration for kashmir
    2.Blood donation side effects(DAF)

    Member 2
    1.Fc act 1980
    2. Do you think it's correct to divert area
    3. Sc on recent evictions of tribals
    4. Ayodhya dispute what is the solution?!
    5.What will you chose forest service or administrative service

    Member 3 lady
    2.How will it benefit economy
    3.Triple talaq
    4.What government did
    5.What is ordinance
    6.What will you consider while framing environment policy

    Member 4

    1.Are you satisfied with your job ? would you know that you will get satisfaction in IAS ?
    3.North East forest cover is more but difficult to create infrastructure
    4.What are disadvantages of forest


    1. e commerce - change of policy by govt
      Is it good?
    2. But Consumers will not get much discounts , then how?
    3. How can small sellers compete ?
    4. What type of incentives for small sellers ?

    Overall cordial board

  • Board:Ms M. Sathiyavathy

    L Angshim

    MBBS graduate with Medical Science optional.

    Hobbies: Debating, Acoustic guitar, Piano, singing popular songs, Football etc.

    40 minutes.


    Q1. Is this photo you? Meaning of your name?

    Q2. So you are a good debater? Do you agree "Parents are responsible for poor education of their children? Take a stand and speak.

    Q3. Who else has role in shaping in children education?

    Q4. Talk about need for inculcating value education in children.

    Q5. Why IAS now after medicine? Is India not having shortages of doctor?

    MEMBER 1:

    Q1. Heard of Irom sharmila? Is't desirable for a human rights activist to join politics? Some counter questions follows.

    Q2. Is "Right to kill" justifiable? What are situations where it is justifiable?

    Q3. Then what about Sec 4(a) of AFSPA which empowers armed personal to kill any person on suspicion?

    Q4. Is AFSPA required at all? Discussions follows.

    Q5. How will you strike a balance between need for AFSPA and protecting human rights?

    MEMBER 3:

    Q1.Lets talk about issue of drug abuse in manipur. Why so much of a burden in manipur?If you are Health secretary of your state, how will you solve this drug abuse problem in your state?

    Q2. You were part of tree plantation drive. What are common tree species in manipur? Tribal people needs forest products for their livelihood..Agree? How will maintain balance between environment and livelihood? Is jhumming cultivation always bad?

    Q3. How is situation of Indo-Mayanmar border trade? Tell me the items traded most commonly. Any issues at present? What has govt done in this regard?

    Q4. There is Free Regime Movement(FMR) in indo-myanmar border. Why need for such thing? Is'nt it a double edged sword?(Undesirable effects)

    Q5. How will you ensure free flow of people and trade across indo-myanmar border and at the same time tackle problems of insurgency and drug smuggling?

    MEMBER 4:

    Q1. If you continue as medical professional, which speciality you would prefer? Why? Are you still willing to go for a course in that subject after you are in the service?

    Q2. What is the latest discovery of new organ in human body? Why you doctors were not able to discover before? What is the significance of that discovery?

    Q3. Do you know that India eliminated polio in 2014? Heard of polio cases deaths few years back? What was the reason? Why there are polio cases after polio vaccination?

    Q4. Read today's newspaper? What is the issue which Supreme court was referring to? What is this Ayodhya case all about? Why so difficult to solve? What is way forward?.

    Q5. Why malaria is still such a burden? Most common drug at present? Is't extracted from plants? What is that plant?

    MEMBER 5:

    Q1. Have you visited any historical places in Delhi? Narrate the Historical significances of the places.

    Q2. Tell me who are the Heroes of Mughals in chronological order? Visited Taj Mahal? Why significant?

    Q3. Who is the guy to be credited for Delhi metro system?

    Q4. Why so much of pollution in delhi? Tell us some Innovative solutions for this. Why Carbon monoxide is considered to be hazardous?

    Q5. Know about Kashmir issue? How did it reach today's place? What will you do to solve this issue?

  • compilation pdf will be posted here , or at blog , @root please see to it

  • Bharat Singh:
    Bhosle sir board
    Afternoon session

    Profile : Mechanical Engineer, 1 year Work Exp with Tata Motors

    Ch : 1. few questions related to my name.
    2. Tata Motors is known for its ethics and values. Can you recall any instances related to it during your tenure ?
    3. What is this present Volkswagen scandal ?
    4. Question on my hobby.

    M1- 1. What is Maglev ? How does it work ? Any working project ?
    2. What is budget ?
    3. What is Fiscal Deficit ? How does the govt finance it ?
    4. What is FRBM Act ?

    M2- 1. What are the new technology being incorporated in Automobile sector ?
    2. What is autonomous vehicle ? How does it operate ? Issues associated with it ? How to increase its safety ?
    3. Problem of traffic congestion - how to solve it ?

    M3 (lady)- 1. Briefly explain the present status, negative and positive implications of the following :
    a) India as a member of BRICS
    b) India as an observer state in ASEAN
    c) India as a special invitee to OIC

    M4- what should be the government's approach for converting 80% of on-road vehicles into electric/hybrid ?

    Ch- 1. What is constitutional Notions ?
    2. What is constitutional renaissance ?
    3. Why has reservation failed to get the desired outcome ?
    4. What's your plan after the interview ?

    Your interview is over.

    NOTE : Board was very cordial. No questions asked from my optional and graduation subject.

  • Prashant Sagar:
    Board : Smitha Nagraj
    Date : 11/3/19
    Background : EEE + LLB
    Hobbies : Poetry, Storytelling, Run a book sharing club
    Optional : Anthropology

    Chairperson :

    1. Why do you think poets should come to civil services?
    2. what makes a good poet?
    3. Greatest poet according to you?
    4. Tagore, the nobel made him great?
    5. Controversies regarding Tagore?

    Member 1 :

    1. long Discussion on privacy
    2. Article from which privacy is derived
    3. Aadhar : Are you for or against
    4. Can aadhar be used by Police
    5. Nobel literature this year.

    Member 2 :

    1. Why engineering
    2. don't you think you wasted govt resources?
    3. You wasted your time there too?
    4. Why society behaves like that and go for a particular stream. What promotes this mentality
    5. Blogging. What all do you blog.
    6. Last social issue blogged. ( Tribal judgement)
    7. Do you agree with the judgement.

    Member 3 :

    1. Heard of kosi barrage?
    2. Single most problem of farmers in Bihar
    3. Problem which is beyond farmer control?
    4. Flood or drought? or both in Bihar
    5. To solve above problem why don't we link north and south rivers of bihar? Discussion on it.
    6. Suppose there is a close relative and you as a DM have to reward a tender. And he is the lowest bidder. Will you give the tender to him
    7. What if his proposal has 2 defects but still is saving a lot of money for the govt.?

    Member 4 :

    1. A recent book on anthropology came?
    2. What books have you read on anthropology?
    3. Wasn't M N Shrinivas a sociologists
    4. Difference in 10th and 12th marks?


    1. You talked about #MeTOO. How right is that? Legally? Should we put a time limit on coming out?

    2. You talked about engineering and her mentality. Don't you think so many Biharis come for the interview is a continuation of that herd mentality.

    Thank You.

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