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Interview Transcripts 2019 : Compilation - Updated Daily

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  • Murali:
    Ch:- Smitha nagaraj
    Forest Ranger

    1 Where you posted ?
    2 How long you have been working?
    3. 6 years ?
    4. Due for transfer?
    5. Why transfer officers
    Challenges ?
    6. Why convictions low ?

    Member 1
    1.What are the programmes undertaken by govt under national integration for kashmir
    2.Blood donation side effects(DAF)

    Member 2
    1.Fc act 1980
    2. Do you think it's correct to divert area
    3. Sc on recent evictions of tribals
    4. Ayodhya dispute what is the solution?!
    5.What will you chose forest service or administrative service

    Member 3 lady
    2.How will it benefit economy
    3.Triple talaq
    4.What government did
    5.What is ordinance
    6.What will you consider while framing environment policy

    Member 4

    1.Are you satisfied with your job ? would you know that you will get satisfaction in IAS ?
    3.North East forest cover is more but difficult to create infrastructure
    4.What are disadvantages of forest


    1. e commerce - change of policy by govt
      Is it good?
    2. But Consumers will not get much discounts , then how?
    3. How can small sellers compete ?
    4. What type of incentives for small sellers ?

    Overall cordial board

  • Board:Ms M. Sathiyavathy

    L Angshim

    MBBS graduate with Medical Science optional.

    Hobbies: Debating, Acoustic guitar, Piano, singing popular songs, Football etc.

    40 minutes.


    Q1. Is this photo you? Meaning of your name?

    Q2. So you are a good debater? Do you agree "Parents are responsible for poor education of their children? Take a stand and speak.

    Q3. Who else has role in shaping in children education?

    Q4. Talk about need for inculcating value education in children.

    Q5. Why IAS now after medicine? Is India not having shortages of doctor?

    MEMBER 1:

    Q1. Heard of Irom sharmila? Is't desirable for a human rights activist to join politics? Some counter questions follows.

    Q2. Is "Right to kill" justifiable? What are situations where it is justifiable?

    Q3. Then what about Sec 4(a) of AFSPA which empowers armed personal to kill any person on suspicion?

    Q4. Is AFSPA required at all? Discussions follows.

    Q5. How will you strike a balance between need for AFSPA and protecting human rights?

    MEMBER 3:

    Q1.Lets talk about issue of drug abuse in manipur. Why so much of a burden in manipur?If you are Health secretary of your state, how will you solve this drug abuse problem in your state?

    Q2. You were part of tree plantation drive. What are common tree species in manipur? Tribal people needs forest products for their livelihood..Agree? How will maintain balance between environment and livelihood? Is jhumming cultivation always bad?

    Q3. How is situation of Indo-Mayanmar border trade? Tell me the items traded most commonly. Any issues at present? What has govt done in this regard?

    Q4. There is Free Regime Movement(FMR) in indo-myanmar border. Why need for such thing? Is'nt it a double edged sword?(Undesirable effects)

    Q5. How will you ensure free flow of people and trade across indo-myanmar border and at the same time tackle problems of insurgency and drug smuggling?

    MEMBER 4:

    Q1. If you continue as medical professional, which speciality you would prefer? Why? Are you still willing to go for a course in that subject after you are in the service?

    Q2. What is the latest discovery of new organ in human body? Why you doctors were not able to discover before? What is the significance of that discovery?

    Q3. Do you know that India eliminated polio in 2014? Heard of polio cases deaths few years back? What was the reason? Why there are polio cases after polio vaccination?

    Q4. Read today's newspaper? What is the issue which Supreme court was referring to? What is this Ayodhya case all about? Why so difficult to solve? What is way forward?.

    Q5. Why malaria is still such a burden? Most common drug at present? Is't extracted from plants? What is that plant?

    MEMBER 5:

    Q1. Have you visited any historical places in Delhi? Narrate the Historical significances of the places.

    Q2. Tell me who are the Heroes of Mughals in chronological order? Visited Taj Mahal? Why significant?

    Q3. Who is the guy to be credited for Delhi metro system?

    Q4. Why so much of pollution in delhi? Tell us some Innovative solutions for this. Why Carbon monoxide is considered to be hazardous?

    Q5. Know about Kashmir issue? How did it reach today's place? What will you do to solve this issue?

  • compilation pdf will be posted here , or at blog , @root please see to it

  • Bharat Singh:
    Bhosle sir board
    Afternoon session

    Profile : Mechanical Engineer, 1 year Work Exp with Tata Motors

    Ch : 1. few questions related to my name.
    2. Tata Motors is known for its ethics and values. Can you recall any instances related to it during your tenure ?
    3. What is this present Volkswagen scandal ?
    4. Question on my hobby.

    M1- 1. What is Maglev ? How does it work ? Any working project ?
    2. What is budget ?
    3. What is Fiscal Deficit ? How does the govt finance it ?
    4. What is FRBM Act ?

    M2- 1. What are the new technology being incorporated in Automobile sector ?
    2. What is autonomous vehicle ? How does it operate ? Issues associated with it ? How to increase its safety ?
    3. Problem of traffic congestion - how to solve it ?

    M3 (lady)- 1. Briefly explain the present status, negative and positive implications of the following :
    a) India as a member of BRICS
    b) India as an observer state in ASEAN
    c) India as a special invitee to OIC

    M4- what should be the government's approach for converting 80% of on-road vehicles into electric/hybrid ?

    Ch- 1. What is constitutional Notions ?
    2. What is constitutional renaissance ?
    3. Why has reservation failed to get the desired outcome ?
    4. What's your plan after the interview ?

    Your interview is over.

    NOTE : Board was very cordial. No questions asked from my optional and graduation subject.

  • Prashant Sagar:
    Board : Smitha Nagraj
    Date : 11/3/19
    Background : EEE + LLB
    Hobbies : Poetry, Storytelling, Run a book sharing club
    Optional : Anthropology

    Chairperson :

    1. Why do you think poets should come to civil services?
    2. what makes a good poet?
    3. Greatest poet according to you?
    4. Tagore, the nobel made him great?
    5. Controversies regarding Tagore?

    Member 1 :

    1. long Discussion on privacy
    2. Article from which privacy is derived
    3. Aadhar : Are you for or against
    4. Can aadhar be used by Police
    5. Nobel literature this year.

    Member 2 :

    1. Why engineering
    2. don't you think you wasted govt resources?
    3. You wasted your time there too?
    4. Why society behaves like that and go for a particular stream. What promotes this mentality
    5. Blogging. What all do you blog.
    6. Last social issue blogged. ( Tribal judgement)
    7. Do you agree with the judgement.

    Member 3 :

    1. Heard of kosi barrage?
    2. Single most problem of farmers in Bihar
    3. Problem which is beyond farmer control?
    4. Flood or drought? or both in Bihar
    5. To solve above problem why don't we link north and south rivers of bihar? Discussion on it.
    6. Suppose there is a close relative and you as a DM have to reward a tender. And he is the lowest bidder. Will you give the tender to him
    7. What if his proposal has 2 defects but still is saving a lot of money for the govt.?

    Member 4 :

    1. A recent book on anthropology came?
    2. What books have you read on anthropology?
    3. Wasn't M N Shrinivas a sociologists
    4. Difference in 10th and 12th marks?


    1. You talked about #MeTOO. How right is that? Legally? Should we put a time limit on coming out?

    2. You talked about engineering and her mentality. Don't you think so many Biharis come for the interview is a continuation of that herd mentality.

    Thank You.

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