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Hot Topics for Prelims 2019 - List & Contribute

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  • Governor, 239 aa, gandhi, rajkumar shukla, gsat , mission raksha gyan shakti, t 18 train, dhanush artillery gun.

  • @IASVk Thanks buddy, it's quite useful.

  • Does anyone has link to nationalist literature during Indian National Movement?

  • For those unable to view still


    MFN - Pak
    GSP - Usa
    Golan heights
    Notre Dome
    10th BRICS summit
    10th India-ASEAN summit
    Rwanda, Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia - Eastern side of Africa was in news
    CAATSA and other defence agreements with US
    Quad and Quadrilateral Grouping
    RCEP and ASEAN
    Cross-Border International Payment System (CIPS)

  • Economics

    Sectn 7 Rbi; board of Directors
    Dollar swap
    NPA , IBC; Project Sahakt; Bank Recap;
    PMKisan vs ryuthu bandhu vs KALIA
    Global Slwdn
    GST Composition
    Angel tax
    Fugitive Eco Offender
    Currency Swap agreement
    PM Shram Yogi Maandhan
    Prompt Corrective Action PCA
    Sustainable Blue Economy Conference
    ENSURE Portal
    Municipal Bond
    National Council For Vocational Education and Trainnig
    CRISIDEX Index
    Solar Charkha Mission
    Samadhan- Delayed Payment Sambandh -Public procurement Sampark-Job Connector
    MSME Outreach Program
    NBFC - ILFS issue


    Rosby Waves
    NZ , Kartarpur
    Venezuela, Libya
    Caspian Sea
    Asthana->NurSultan; Central Asia - Mapping
    New guinea
    Indonesia Tsunami
    EL Nino
    swarn earthquakes(palghar,MH)
    Anti -HIV antibodies
    Andaman And Nicobar Islands due to Sentilenese tribe case
    Chagos Islands
    Marshall Islands
    Sudan and surrounding countries
    Golan Heights - Syria/Israel dispute
    Rat Hole Mining
    SAHEL region -drugs, climate change
    kerch strait,kuril islands, irbil, idlib, hodeida
    lake urmia
    Polar Vortex

  • Evironment

    Nagaland N.P.s
    2018 Tiger Census
    Katowice Packg
    Bandipur NP
    Bandhavgarh neelakurinji
    Garbage Patch +Ocean Clean Up (NGO)
    Nipah virus, Zika virus
    WCCB(Wildlife crime control bureau)
    Global wildlife program
    Green Skill Mission
    ACROSS Scheme
    Hindu Khush Himalayas Assesment Report
    Composite Water Management Index
    Blue Flag Certificate
    Sharm El Sheikh Declaration
    Canine Distemper Virus + AsiaticLion Conservation Project
    Kamlang Tiger Reserve
    IPCC Report
    Crying Snake species discovered
    Geo-heritage Site


    Election Refrm
    Repn Ppl Act
    Citizenship (nrc)
    President Rule Governer Rule in J nd K
    No confidence motion, privilege motion
    GST council, Clemency power of Governor , Double Jeopardy
    Article 35A, 370
    National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and NCLAT is in news freuently.
    SVEEP - Systematic Voters Electoral Education Program
    Enforcement Directorate is in news always
    election code of conduct and officials

  • SciTech+Def

    Biofuel policy'18
    Aditya L1
    Mcr gene
    100th sattelite
    5G Rollout in South Korea
    Green Crackers - in light of Supreme Court judgement / Can also study about PESO
    Cloud Seeding
    Chang'e 4 - Tidal locking of Moon
    Bio ATF Fuel
    "trains speed"""


    BRU commnty
    Kumbh Mela
    Etikopaka bomalu
    Beidinkhlm & Nongkrem
    Sangam Literature
    Denotified tribes
    kamsale dance
    Particularly vulnerable tribes
    Rathwas, pithora

  • History

    Pmukherjee, Nanji deshmukh, Bhupen Hazarika
    100 Years of Montague-Chelmsford Reforms / GoI 1919
    Rowlatt act
    Sardar Patel
    Veer Savarkar
    Azad Hind Fauj
    100 Years of WW1 (2018) - Monuments honouring Indian soldiers unveiled in France - Role of Indian Soldiers in WW1
    Princess Suriratna (Queen Heo Hwang-ok in Korean) Born in Ayodhya, travelled to Gimbae, Korea in CE42
    Haifa Battle-Hyd,Mysore,Jaipur soldiers

  • @IASVk thanks buddy☺

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  • Big thanks to all those who contributed

    Quite a few qtns did come from these hot topics

    I was hoping we can make one for Mains too

    Ashima Mam's suggestions on collective note making are as follows

    One for - Judgements of SC / (few HC too)
    One for - Bills in news (only very hot ones, with pros and cons)
    One for - All keywords of Ethics and few defntns or corollaries of each one

    One for - Diagrams or charts that can be used in any paper or wtn.

    @AryaStark @Urvashi
    @gordon05 @satishmishra19017557 @Rambo1995

    And everyone else who contributed earlier,
    Any suggestions ?