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Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers

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  • @doodlebean @Hakunah_Matata
    Model code of conducts implementation is a classic example of formalism in Prismatic societies...
    Please correct

  • @IWRA
    Good score brother.
    I scored 302 this year.
    Last year got 247
    2016 got 258
    2015 got 217

    I want to know...what notes did you follow all through the year..lukmaan sir notes or pawan kumar style of writing?

  • @nitinbrijwasi24426

    Bhai my score last year was 250...
    Scored 213 this year..

    What worked for you? You scored really well this year... If you have mock copies for both the attempts, it would be good way to get insights on where you improved..

  • Bhai i dnt knoW what worked for me..but this year i have time to prepare for pub ad..i read lukman nnotes+ lot of writing practice.yar i dont have copies ryt now..but if would be able to foi d some i will definitely post them.
    I left 25 marks in paper 1 still got 150 ..something must have been there...but what i know is that reading of specifics specially in paper 1 and linking of paper 2 with paper 1 and using polity knowledge in paper 2 might have worked for me this timebut i am not sure.

  • @nitinbrijwasi24426 please upload them if time permits...wpuld be extremely grateful to you..

    Or gou can mail me..PM kar dia mail id

  • @HAZE

    Madam please write in a bit detail, what is this " speckly " approach that you followed in essay also.

  • The role of IAS/IPS officers in Kerala flood and Fani cyclone handling in Odisha shows how we need civil servants as the guardian of the society.

    These examples can be used in P1/P2 papers.

    Perry's public service motivation (PSM) model explains the motivational factors for going beyond expected role for these officials. ( Pub Ad linkages).

    Frederickson's administrative conjunction theory was also in play as bureaucrats shared their experiences going beyond hierarchies and geographical jurisdictions.

    It was also an example of network governance as civil servants were aptly supported by civil society.

    It was also an example of digital governance as crucial information of evacuation, coordination, help needed etc were shared and tracked through Facebook, Twitter.

    It was also an exercise in pursuation and leadership as the senior IAS/IPS officers have to lead the walk, motivate the team and appeal to people directly convincing them for early evacuation.

    All this also highlight why Warren Bennis's "eclipse of bureaucracy" is not going to be completely implemented in days to come. Why Bureaucracy is going to be relevant.

  • This post is deleted!
  • It seems #Vision2020 for me after checking keys 😂,I thought I've given it well til I've checked various keys now,don't know how to face all : relatives ,colleagues, neighbours - everyone would be laughing when they knew I couldn't clear this exam.And will give free advices (especially for girls ).
    But one thing is clear I'm gonna start my prep again from today,will not leave PubAd nor UPSC till I clear.
    -Aryastark19 😎

    @doodlebean @IWRA

  • time to revive this thread , @doodlebean @IWRA @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh

  • Lets strt . Shld we strt doing chapter wise or solve ques papers. @doodlebean @IWRA @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh

  • @Zohanmukharjee yes... start answer writing

  • @Hermione it's not over till it's over

    That's the spirit.

    From Invictus:

    And yet the menace of the years.

    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

  • @IWRA said in Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers:

    @Hermione it's not over till it's over

    That's the spirit.

    From Invictus:

    And yet the menace of the years.

    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    Thank you,Inspiring lines !
    Plz Spare 2 min to share your strategy how u've managed time while working ? as I'm getting back to my work again now and little bit scared about how I can read the things ,how can I manage time efficiently, as I've failed to clear the first step itself as full time student!

  • @Hermione I had written this earlier

    It may help you

    How did you manage your UPSC preparation with a job?

    1. First of all, you need to have a mindset about your current job. It should be treated as a temporary phenomenon in your life. Assume that it is just a job, it is not something where you want to spend your entire life. Your passion and that burning desire for civil services should be your guiding criteria at your work place. So, treat your job as it is: It is secondary to your preparation. By this I don’t mean that you become too negligent at work. That should not be the case and an aspiring civil servant should never do that. You should have that adequate level of efficiency and professionalism and you should be able to complete all your deliverables within time. Don’t run after appraisals. Even if you get a bad one, it is not the end of your life. A little sacrifice is needed for a noble cause.

    2. I suggest that you keep your UPSC preparation a secret affair. I understand that this is applicable mostly to private sector as in public sector one might have to submit NOC and hence revelation.

    3. Plan your time up to minutes and in some cases up to seconds also (I actually calculated how much time it takes to remove a laced shoes and a slip on shoes once I come back from office. I know it does not make much sense, but those who fight for seconds will look for all possible savings they can and that’s what I did. By changing from laced shoes to slip-on shoes I saved 30-40 seconds)

    4. In initial years of preparation when the focus is on building foundation one will have to work extra hard. I remember waking up at 4 AM and reading for 2-3 hrs before leaving for office by 8 AM. So you have to show extra discipline and hardwork in initial years.

    5. It gets difficult to read in evening sometimes due to office fatigue and stress. So set a manageable target in evening, don’t be too greedy.

    6. Mornings are best for working professionals as chances of getting disturbed in morning is almost zero. So plan your sleep cycle accordingly. It is better to read with a fresh mind in the morning

    7. Don’t wait for hardcopy of newspaper. Start reading pdf copies of newspaper (The Hindu/India express). These are easily available in various telegram groups.

    8. Avoid reading on office computers, avoid discussing UPSC topics with colleagues. Stay committed to your work. You can read some news or some articles on your mobile though but do that during tea breaks or during lunch hours. I used to skip lunches and used to read something in that break. You see, you got to be hungry to qualify UPSC 😛

    9. You have to avoid social gatherings and office parties on purpose. It is just one of the sacrifices you have to make for UPSC.

    10. Avoid confrontation at work place as much as you can. A disturbed mind is not good for preparation. You need to be calm as rock to keep your preparation on track.

    11. Be respectful and kind: everyone you meet is fighting a different battle. Help someone at workplace if you can. I don’t know how it works but positive energy and blessings find a way to help you.

    12. Use telegram extensively as it is faster, saves time and helps in network learning.

    13. Use evernote or other online note making platform for making notes. As a working aspirant it is crucial to have an accessible note making platform in any situation.

    14. Don’t take decisions in haste if you face any setbacks at any stage of exam: pre, mains or interview. Give a week time and get back to preparation again.

    15. Quitting job is not really a solution. Take it as a challenge and assume that you might have to work in even harsher situations and deliver more difficult targets once you become a civil servant. Such a thinking will bring that positive boost to complete you assignments in your current job. It is important to balance UPSC preparation and your professional responsibility.

  • @Bhagat-singh said in Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers:

    Lets strt . Shld we strt doing chapter wise or solve ques papers. @doodlebean @IWRA @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh

    QPs/Test series QPs... anything.

    Key is start the discussion.

  • Which is better test series , Lukmaan or Pavan Kumar ?