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Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers

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  • plz review-

    A1. “The field of Public Administration is a field of business.” Woodrow Wilson and other classical thinkers
    do not make a
    distinction between public administration and business
    administration. They maintain the view that all
    administration, whether public or business, is one and
    possess the same basic features.

    The specific similarities between public and business administration are -
    (a) The managerial techniques and skills of planning,
    organizing, coordinating, controlling, and so on are
    same in both.
    (b) Both have uniformity in accounting, filing, statistics,
    stocking, and so on.
    (c) Both are organized on the basis of principle of
    hierarch, that is, scalar chain.
    (d) Both are being influenced by the practices and
    standards of each other. J. M. Pfiffner and
    Robert Presthus have described the emergence of
    public corporation as “a half way house between its
    commercial prototype and the traditional
    governmental department.”
    (e) Both have similarities so far as the problems of
    organisation, personnel and finance are concerned.
    (f) The similarity between public administration and
    business administration is demonstrated by the fact
    that there is a mutual exchange and rotation of
    personnel between the two disciplines.

    However, in present times,Public administration differs from business administration
    in the nature of the functions performed by it -
    (a) It is more comprehensive than private administration,
    that is, it covers a wider range of activities.
    (b) Its activities are more urgent and vital for the very
    existence of society.
    (c) Its services, sometimes, tend to be monopolistic, for
    example, defence.

    CSE-2020 pub ad prep grp-

  • @prowess
    Thank you very much for the reply.
    I have started Aribam as for now because this book has almost 70-80% of the Paper 1 topics mentioned in the syllabus but I’m not sure if the content in it is sufficient or not.. So I can continue reading it right?
    And can you tell me one more thing please?How to cover Prasad and Prasad?As it is related to admin thoughts which is unit 2 of paper 1 syllabus so should I first complete unit 1 which is INTRODUCTION or should i start reading it from the beginning only?

  • aribam is a good book to begin with...

    about prasad, i think, u can make a first reading of the whole book from cover to cover just to have an idea about theories and thinkers.
    then in the second reading u can do it alongwith the syllabus.
    for eg. first chapter of syllabus has wilson mentioned in it.
    second chapter has some other thinkers.... do thinkers along with the other topics of syllabus to have a wholesome coverage of the syllabus chapterwise.

    u can frame ur own strategy and read the books whichever way u want.... there is no hard and fast rule as which book to begin or end with 🙂

    u can see the toppers blog and see how they did, below is the link

  • @prowess examples are missing...use simple language

  • @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @IWRA @doodlebean kahan chle gye sb, this thread needs to be revived.

    1. New Public Management has been branded by certain scholars as 'Neo Taylorism'. Is it a justified comparision? What factors have led to the decline of NOM so soon after its birth?

    Ans: New Public administration is a shift from bureaucratic administration to professional management administration. It bring s in what and why from public administration and how from private administration .
    Eg: Disinvestment, Maharatna to PSEs, Corporatization of government agencies.

    NPM with Neo-Taylorism Concepts
    -Performance based incentives.
    -Focus on management autonomy, flexibility.
    -Emphasis on cost reduction, productivity of organization brings in Economy, efficiency concepts of scientific management of Taylor.

    NPM more than Neo-Taylorism
    -It is based on public choice theory(PCT) concept of individual choice ,competition , client oriented .
    -It is focused on results rather process and principles accountability.
    -Emphasis on decentralization.
    We cannot justify it as Neo-Taylorism as it has concepts of PCT .

    Factors that lead to the decline of NPM are:
    New Public service NPS with citizen administration and democratization of public administration. The citizens are collaborated in governance.
    -Market failure in 2008 financial crisis raised questions on market autonomy .
    -State minimalism is not effective to addressing disaster management .

  • Hello Everybody, Is this thread still active? can I post my Answers here? giving Mains with Pub Ad this year.

  • @doodlebean @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @IWRA Guys are you still there? or is there another way to communicate with you guys for feedback on answer writing. I am planning to get 3-5 answers reviewed everyday for 2019 mains. Please enlighten.

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