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Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers

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  • The question is a 10marker . I would like to know what could be added to the below answer. Thank You.
    The journey of administrative law has moved much beyond A.V.Dicey. Comment.

    A.V.Dicey focused on administrative law as a set of laws made by administration and subjected to administrative courts. The basic principle of the administrative law is the government possess special rights, privileges and liabilities in their relation with the citizen.

    The system free from ordinary court jurisdiction opposed rule of law. The administrative law evolved in the modern state. As the actions are varied form quasi –legislative to judicial to administrative actions. The law deals with powers, liabilities and duties to bring efficiency in regulating the actions and protect the individual rights.

    The Rule of law of Dicey provides conditions to achieve the democratic and constitutional goals. The administrative law tries to achieve it with providing flexibility, experimentation to the administration. The Administrative law evolved with the administrative actions .However, it works complementary and mutually inclusive to Dicey Rule of law.