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Types of New Topics Allowed on ForumIAS Quest - Read this

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  • Currently, four types of threads are allowed on this Community


    These are direct question that begin with a what/why/how/when/which etc and end with a question mark (?)
    You can ask question related to any information that you seek, except seeking reviews.
    Your first goal should be to ask as direct a question as possible.

    These can be Focussed Discussions around a certain Issue such as

    • "Question Bank for Prelims 2019" , "Interview in the first Week - Dos and Donts", "Creamy Layer Criteria for children of PSUs"
    • If you are unable to frame your topic into a question, you can frame it as a Discussion. Discussion begin with a Capital Letter and do not end with question mark.

    Want to help other people by sharing your experience or want to provide someone how to use evernote? The best way to proceed is to write a Tutorial.

    Here are a few pointers

    • Begin your title with the words [Tutorial]
    • Give a brief background as to what problem your tutorial plans to solve / what is the common problem being faced by people
    • Provide a detailed write up on how that problem can be solved, with screenshots, pictures etc.
    • Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 1000 - 2500 are provided for each tutorial that is well researched and insightful. For a tutorial to be helpful, it must be at least 1500 words and as elaborate as possible.
    • e.g. [Tutorial] How to use Evernote to organise your UPSC Notes ?
      [Tutorial] How to begin UPSC Prelims Preparation ?
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