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How many Mock papers to solve before Prelims

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  • With 40 days to go, I am a little confused as to how many mocks I should be aiming to solve. (Have done 12 sectional tests so far)
    A lot of people who get through seem to suggest upwards of 40-50 (a paper per day).
    To solve and study a paper takes 2+2 hours minimum.
    Is it a good idea to invest 4 hours daily?
    Or should I focus more on my static plus current affairs prep and solve 15-20 mocks before d-day along with previous year’s papers in the last week?
    Also does it help to solve papers if we dont get to revise them before the exam?

  • @KS split it
    if you are practicing mock for just practice, then do 50 questions just after waking up and next 50 before you go to sleep.
    sometime we don't start just by thinking it will take 4-5 hours.

    Here even if you attempt 50Q/day (Mon to Sat) then in 6 weeks, it will be 18 Mocks.
    And if attempt two full mocks on Sunday then it will be 12 Mocks.
    i.e., Total 30, you can do if started today

  • @KS I'd say rather be uncconventional. Every candidate has his/her own strategy.

    1. As you have already solved 12 sectional tests, now just focus on revision.
    2. For the next 20 to 25 days intensely focus on revising what you have studied.
    3. Then attempt full length tests of core subjects like, polity, economy, geography and modern Indian history.
    4. Then again revise intensely for remaining days.
    5. So take 4 quality full length tests rather than 40 stressful tests.

    Good luck champ.

  • I too would suggest you take fewer tests. But do take tests for current affairs section, schemes and environment. And I think there would be 1-2 based on combination of these topics. That would be a decent number of tests you would have practiced. But do start early. And revise those tests.