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Prelims Hand Book (Important data to remember before exam)

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  • This all about important data that must be kept in mind or memorized w.r.t Preliminary syllabus.Self-help thread for Prelims- 2019.
    -International organizations -Reports
    -Disputed regions: IR +Geography
    -Economy: Fiscal policies, Monetary policies , RBI-Govt, Exchange, Taxation, etc
    -Agriculture: Production, Distribution, DBT, policies, farming techniques - natural , organic etc
    -Social issues: Employment, Poverty, inclusion, sustainability.

    • Environment: International debates -policies and organizations, Pollution, Swachh Bharat and related.
      -Infrastructure : Projects - Roadways, Waterways , New industrial, naval corridors , Airways , Rural /Urban projects &schemes like smart cities.
      -History: Ancient , medieval,modern and post-independence - In News (Dynamic)

    ------The above topics are related to Dynamic part ------

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