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Preparing for UPSC while pursuing M.Tech (CSE) from NIT

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  • Hello friends,

    I need forum community's help regarding whether it possible to prepare for UPSC while pursuing M.Tech(Comp Sci) from Top NIT's.

    My little background:
    I am average student and cleared GATE 2018 with descent rank. Rank good enough to grab a seat in top NIT(NIT Karnataka to be precise).
    But decided to study exclusively for UPSC for one year. So I studied for UPSC from Jun 2018 untill today. So I have fair idea about prep, syllabus, exam pattern, basic knowledge.
    But due to some issues (personal and financial problems) I can't study dedicate whole yr to UPSC.

    BUT I have zeal to be civil servant.
    So need your comments, advices, experience on this question.

    If anyone done with M.tech or anyone knows student who is currently pursuing M.tech from NIT please share their contact details(like LinkedIn, insta, email anything I won't spam them.)

    My Questions:

    1. What is the daily schedule of student?(Like 10-4 classes, saturdays off)
    2. Do students get free time to study for other exams? like UPSC, GRE etc.
    3. How is academic load?( compulsory projects, lots of homework/assignment,)
    4. Do students get vacations of Diwali, Summer, X-mas?
    5. Climate?
    6. Do comment on any other things which fresher should remember while joining NITK.
    7. Do all the students get TA(12400/month stipend)? What is work of TA?
    8. Any hostel? Hostel fees?
  • Anyone knows anybody who can help me?

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