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Starting Economics revision today, tips from those who have recently finished revising it ???

Topic created · 8 Posts · 726 Views
  • Starting with Eco today ,

    Need your valuable guidance for :

    What should be my ideal approach (prelims specific)
    Static and for Current
    Things to look out for

    Things to defntly include in my note

    Things I just Shudnt do or Avoid wasting time on

    Shud u watch Mrunal all New videos or Not (was thinking of watching few from lec 18 onwards ) ???

    And best way to categorise my notes for better revision next time . . .

    (Previously done just 2 readings Sriram Eco and once watched OLD Mrunal videos)

    Thanks in advance
    (Thanks for earlier suggestions as well which motivated me to ask this qtn as well )

  • @Neyawn @Heathcliff @chandler_bing @kierkegaard @MrNobody @Urvashi @AryaStark19 @White_Dust @SurmaBhopali @shoegazer @Dead-Man

    Kindly suggest something,
    The day has passed , and strategy still not in place

    Did Eco current affairs Aug to Jan from OnlyIAS videos
    And noted important reports/committees in news in the past year (from study IQ Eco Roundup)
    Currently just going thru' PYQs from Disha

    Would like to have some invaluable suggestions from u guys, who are done with multiple revisions of Eco so far,
    What works, what doesn't, (I also need to make some short notes for ECO for better revsn in next round)

    Thanks !

  • I am not good at economics so not in a position to advise you here.
    I have only basic understanding of banking and mostly I just focus on revising test series and current affairs.

  • It depends on your earlier prep. Must dos are NCERT Macroeconomics, Current Affairs magazine (selectively) which needs to be complemented with Mrunal Sir's videos, as time is less. Only refer certain topics like say WTO, money supply, etc. which you find in the material and do not have clarity or knowledge about.

  • since this subject is not like Polity and Modern History where revising single book will result in 10-on-15 score. my strategy for econ is different -

    1. you need clarity of concepts or say terms - for this I follow active recall technique. For ex, open the index of sriram booklet and define each term to yourself, frame different type of questions you attempted in previous tests from the topic, if the concept is hazy then only read that section again. (there is glossary of terms at ncert end too)
    2. last year econ survey summary from vision ias
    3. budget speech
    4. current affairs compilations of economics and Govt Schemes

    strategy is simple if question will come from above sources then I will attempt otherwise will leave it for economics optional students

  • Il tell you my strategy for economics

    • 12th ncert
    • Vision IAS current affairs
    • schemes from vision ias booklet
    • solve sectional test series to find additional topics and find areas where you are conceptually weak

    i skipped 11th ncert since its pretty general and im thorough with it. but you should go through it once i feel.
    even i was thinking about watching mrunal videos. but i think he has explained everything from scratch which might be a waste of time at this stage.

    from previous years questions its clear that questions are concept based and terms based.

  • anybody did mrunal video uncademy wale ?

  • @IASVk Actually my optional is economics. So I can't suggest you from the viewpoint of someone who is reading without eco background. However, I have seen Shriram's eco book, if you have read it there s no point of doing something new now. Just revise and read current affairs and take tests. See economy specific CA tests like GS Score.