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I think I'm losing all my friends. Is it normal?

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  • @Pk19 probelm no.1 - distracted by work

    It is not the work that distract it is our nature entails us do it again & again , ego is always have readymade excuse {even if person works in pmo , McKenzie , google find out to time planning weekend smartly can do wonders} ,although ofc time slot is fully packed & u genuinely don't find time to study , leave the job, study full time if passionate only for this otherwise leave preparation look out other prospect in jobs or related thing mba , own startup { don't live in dilemma that only upsc clearing gives meaning to your life , be aware about yourself what u really want }

    Probelm no.2 : preparing alone

    why u need anyone in physical to guide you already things r out there on digital platform , let give you my example since couple of months I was trying to study from home but doesn't help , so joined library to study so that I get environment where everybody is studying where u can't just to bed to sleep or starting watching YouTube for prolong time , but brother tell you one thing I don't talk to anyone day since I joined or wouldn't talk in near future because I know talking lead to friendship to lead constant engaging cause of focus deviation & I have no time to spare , preparing for next year for 3rd last attempt ,last attempt ( in mind , so give Whatever it takes ) more thing discipline way above than motivation never forget that

    So we only need friendship deviate oneself from study and relax,
    come back to study that u can do through other also in breaks meditate, watch & read something which act as guiding path to get better version of yourself , instrospect , join any test series , take self mentorship .

    To manage your schedule check the group created by ishwarya
    daily routine or you can msg me .

    Even after that you need someone and several others are here to talk and help you anytime.

  • @jina_the_conqueror Aao kbhi haveli (ORN) me!

  • This post is deleted!
  • @jina_the_conqueror Some great realisations in the anxiety of test

    1. No friend can heal you, no matter how soulmate you are. They can never understand the anxiety frustration you are going through. I do video chat on every weekend for an hour to last 2 remaining friends. And probably going to loose contact with one due to different situations, different place, different mindset now over 2 years.

    2. Both got Phd after IIT in top colleges of world and I am in same room from last two years. Sometime regret on myself what better I could have done.

    3. Even parents can't control their frustration sometime. They can not understand everything you are going through. But you are dependent on them, unke tukdo pe pal rhe ho. I cried 2 h after I told my mother that I am feeling anxious and she scolded me(She herself is sick, so can understand). Basically you are alone. I have to fight alone, every man/woman is alone in this journey.

    4. Most people will be like they want to, rigid, rude, negatively competitive, closed, so finding good peer is difficult here.

    5. Many of my batch mates got into service in first, second attempt, who were less performer than me in college. Gives a question mark on your abilities and what you are doing is still right? I failed in Prelims straightaway.

    6. Nobody calls me on normal day, how I feel. But on result day everybody will search for you in every corner and calls you.

    I am alone, happy, frust, sad every emotion what can be simultaneously. But what I guess is this is what it is. You have to be strong and really disciplined. Only you are the last and strongest support to yourself. You can trust only yourself and UPSC past papers. They are the only reliable option in this world of truth and lie, business and marketing.

    But once this high time passes we forget these learning and repeat same mistake again and again. I hope that I remember this time.

  • @Komorobi well said,i think many of us are in same boat and controlling emotions is the best thing we can do right now.

  • @Pk19 I also faced that challenge. Online test series have its own challenges. I can advice you to stick to the schedule (not too heavy though ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Join any test series (online if it works for you), and stay focused with its schedule.

    PS: I am assuming "upsc test series centres" means centers of coaching institutes.

  • @Komorobi nobody calls on a normal day!. Such similar lives

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