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Lost Photo Identity Card, How to write UPSC Prelims?

Topic created ยท 8 Posts ยท 1279 Views
  • I had uploaded my Voter-Id card as the required photo identification proof in the application. Unfortunately, yesterday my wallet got stolen and along with it i have lost my voter id card as well.

    I am going to apply for a duplicate voter id card tomorrow itself. But considering the election season and the usual time such processes take, i am sceptical if i'll receive a duplicate before 2nd June.

    Any suggestions on what can i do in such a scenario. Would writing to upsc be of any use? Or can i rely on other identity proofs(passport/aadhar) and take a copy of the FIR of the lost voter id?

    Has anyone been through a similar situation? Any leads would be helpful. Thank you.

  • Do try to get voter id remade. It would be ideal.
    However get a fir done and then write to upsc. Also on exam day carry other photo id proofs. They might ask for an undertaking sort of application(i saw it during mains when one boy bought pan card but in admit card aadhar was mentioned).
    And finally dont worry too much about it and focus on studies.
    Good luck

  • @Civilian FIR done. Email to UPSC done. Application for new Voter Id today. Thank you for the help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Neyawn @root @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @IWRA

    Sir any suggestions in this regard. Would be really helpful if anyone of you can pitch in from your experience. Thank you.

  • @cot_ainok said in Lost Photo Identity Card, How to write UPSC Prelims?:

    @ Neyawn @ root @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @ IWRA

    Sir any suggestions in this regard. Would be really helpful if anyone of you can pitch in from your experience. Thank you.

    Just bring your Aadhar card + FIR copy (+ email copy to upsc ) and chill. All standard ID cards are equivalently valid across India. No authority can deny that. And UPSC is best among them. Itna load nhi legi wo. At best Undertaking type likhwa lengi bss.

    But I don't think even that will be asked. Just show them aadhar card + fir copy. That's it. Focus on study. ATB

  • @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh Thank you, Sir. Your reply was reassuring. I was just concerned bcz this time they had specifically asked us to upload a pdf file of identity proof in the application and admit card asks to bring that identity proof only. Hence, my concern. But i guess not much to fret about at the moment.

    Thanks once again.

  • @cot_ainok Heyy, I'm facing the same issue, can you tell me what happened in your situation? Did you have to sign an undertaking?

  • @gaurishukla24221 I got a new alternate voter id card card made in time before the prelims. So, am not sure how the undertaking process works. But as someone mentioned above, alternate id card + FIR of lost id card + undertaking should work.

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