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Attendance for daily target coverage or no.of hours devoted per day by sincere aspirants

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  • Hello friends, I want to share an idea.
    Mostly aspirants(self-preparing at home, hostel,isolation...) lose interest in studies. There may be many reasons, but one of the main reasons is lack of competitive spirit due to our isolated study environment.
    So, what I feel is that if we start our day by posting here the topics (like Polity: 3 chapters or 5 chapters.. or Geography: 3 chapters or 4 chapters or any other subjects according to each one of their interests) going to be covered for a day by each aspirant and also at the end of the day too, we have to enter the amount of the mentioned topics covered (like 30% or 50% or 85%,.. or 100% of 'My mentioned topics are completed').
    Or if anyone wants to enter the amount of hours devoted completely for studying, post the no.of hours you studied at the end of each day.
    This will be helpful for serious aspirants like us who wants to study but gets distracted sometimes, bcz by entering here as a daily routine, we could track each and every aspirant's performance in each day and even we try to bring our capacities as those who achieves their daily targets or even try to cross them and also those daily target achievers also tries to either sustain or further boost their targets.
    So, finally this results in competitive environment even when we are isolated but are connected here!!!!
    And this attendance(i.e., entering daily targets and the completion of the daily targets or the no.of hours devoted per day for studies) is for UPSC 2020 aspirants (since only one year is left for 2020 aspirants, their daily targets will be severe, other than very relaxed timetable which occurs mostly for aspirants other than 2020 due to the availability of time) or if needed aspirants apart from 2020 can also enter their daily targets.
    First of all, my post is not a social service, buddies(i.e., only benefitting others and not me). Actually, it can be called as 'My Greed' in succeeding the UPSC exam and also you all too would definitely have that feel to top the UPSC exam and hence let's see everyone's desire (greed in studies) in passing the exam through their daily targets that they post and then compare those with our targets. Actually, it is not going to help only me but other sincere aspirants too. After looking at the posts made by aspirants in many threads, I came to a conclusion that they are also be waiting for a distraction-free environment. So, I thought to make use of this to try to solve one of the important issues faced by aspirants, i.e., Lack of competitive spirit. So, It is not going to affect me in any way if there is no much response, since I will search for other better way so that I can maintain my competitive spirit whereas if there is good response in this thread, then many along with me could feel something better in our daily preparation (Not to offend any buddies....)
    Hope this works.... If this doesn't work to develop competitive spirit for the isolated aspirants like us, then nothing does...So, it is our responsibility to shape our career, our responsibility to live happily in front of those who mocks at our family and finally it is our responsibility to serve our nation as sincere bureaucrats.... Let's start and it's up to u aspirants!!!!!!!

  • My Target[May 2, 2019(Thu)]:
    Half of Economics basics.

  • @Ishwarya4321
    Completed: 70%

  • My target for 3rd May:

    3 lectures of World history
    1 chapter from Laxmikant
    Insights daily CA
    1 PYQ solving from optional

  • My Target (May 3):

      Economy NCERTs: class 6,10
      Today's current affairs
  • my target for 3 may goh cheng leong half
    science and tech insights-full

  • NCERT +JUNE CA+ 1Test and revision

  • Hurray...... 100% completed......
    Devoted: 8 hours ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Early-bird Busy day. Covered only 50%

    Target for 4th May :
    2 lectures of World history
    2 chapters of polity
    Insights daily CA
    1 PYQ of optional

  • @Early-bird which lectures for world history ??

  • My target(May 4):

    Ethics: 4 chapters
    Current affairs

  • May 4- 1test, Revision of 2 test, Geography NCERT

  • only one chapter 5%

  • @pmaheshthilak785 Pratik Nayak sir's lectures,

  • My agenda for the day:

    Economics Notes revision - 50%
    Vision Test & Revision
    Vision May CA

  • @Early-bird covered 50%
    Target for 5th May :

    11th polity 2 books
    Insights CA

  • Alas!! Only 50% completed.

    May 5th Target:
    Covering remaining 50% of May 4th target

  • @mahadev completed only 50% of the scheduled topics!
    Today's agenda remains the same, to complete the backlog.

    All the best to all.

  • Marr rha hu 17 hrs library me

  • @Rambo1995 I don't understand hindi, but 'Library', '17 hrs', 'Me'........... Oh my god!! Heavy competition... Well done friend.... Keep going!!

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