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HELP for Polity Revision , in next 5 days without affecting revision ? How ?

Topic created · 2 Posts · 241 Views
  • Guys kindly help,
    I have read Laxmikanth only twice cover to cover
    And vision polity videos once all 33

    The thing is I was supposed to complete the 3rd revsn properly before May but it didn't happen,

    Now I complete Geo , envt , history , Eco revsn

    But not polity

    Please please suggest where shud I start, ideal approach to chapters and concepts and what are first things first that I just need to do anything in the next 3-4 days

    I know it's late, but I just wanna do it anyhow,

    (Already morning 2 hrs fixed for Full test and Afternoon 2 hrs for it's analysis and 2 hrs current affairs)
    Iske alawa time bacha hai usme ye polity khatam karna hai achhe see , kindly help

    @kierkegaard I found ur strategy useful for both history and Eco (cudnt completely implement for Eco but I will)

    Kindly suggest sumthng for polity too

  • top priority chapters

    2)whole part 1(specially act wala,fr,dpsp,fd)

    3)panchayati municipality & bodies(ias baba ka chart hai 1 bodeis ka)

    apart from that agar 2 baar laxmi padi hai to ug/sg 1 din me pura ho skta hai....only imp chize revise kro and compare krke pado e.g presi-governer
    sc-hc,pm-cm etc

    1st day me part 1 +parliament
    2nd ug+sg
    3rd-4th me panchayat.muni,bodies baaki bacha hua

    10 hour pad rahe hai to
    8 hour laxmi pado
    2 hour ca

    3-4 din me laxmi khatam krke test dedo