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How do I accept the idea of taking orders from younger people?

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  • Question submitted in inbox by Anonymous User

    hello how are you,

    I want to discuss something with you, I am an IFOS aspirant only.
    since past three years I am trying for this service but high cut off in prelims proved to be a big obstacle.

    I got a call for ifos mains 2018 and my mains papers went well, I was expecting an interview call but my name was not in the list (UPSC this time called only 224 instead of 330 , I think I missed due to this).

    It will take me some time to accept this reality,

    I have seen your posts... so I need some advice from you.

    I have my state forest exam coming up in june (post is of ACF and equivalent to SDM) but due to recent result I am not feeling very much motivated to prepare for that.

    The thoughts that are constantly coming in my mind that if get selected then I will be taking orders from someone junior to me and I will become frustrated because of this.........

    Presently I am doing my phd in wildlife sciences and teaching in a coaching (salary is good there)

    due to age limit ( i am 31 yrs.) my attempts are over for ifos, one side I am tying to motivate myself that if I get into ACF,I can stay close to forest and do the job that I always wanted and I can get to stay in my home cadre but whenever I pick my books the above mentioned thought stops me to proceed...

  • Dear Anon,

    To begin with, I would like to appreciate the fact that you completed the race. You endured the battle and fought till the end. Results don't matter because what you consider as failure will turn itself into success a few years later. That is how life works. I am not saying it, but Newton says it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you have failed, you will definitely succeed very soon. It has to happen and it's just a matter of time, patience and work ethics.
    I had written a post sometime ago for anyone who was in a similar situation. You may go through it.

    Coming back to the issue in your post.
    It's a classic case of a dilemma that exists on a mental level but does not exist in the real or physical world. I totally understand your point of view and it's natural to have such thoughts when we are going through a rough phase.

    There are two basics ways to sustain yourself.

    1. Be an employer
    2. Be an employee

    In the first case, if you are being an employer then you dont take orders from anyone in your office but you definitely take orders from the government and people in the govt can be both younger or older than you. You will always encounter both type of people no matter where you work.

    If you are seeking for a job, then you are looking forward to be an employee. And if you are an employee, you have to take orders because that is what you are signing up for.

    Let's address the question in two parts,

    1. Why should taking orders be considered bad?
      The orders are for your official work, It's not an order on personal level. So, when you take orders you are just fulfilling the objectives of your organisation. Why should that be a bad thing? Think about it.

    2. Why is it bad to take orders from young people?
      Let's take the example of Sachin Tendulkar, He was only 16 when he played for the country. Take the example of Virat, he was only 19 when he won the U-19 world cup for the country. Nobody knew who was Charles Darwin until he was about 50 years old. The founder of KFC dint even know that he would become such a big name until he was about 65. The point is that people succeed at different ages. Everyone's life is different. So if there are young people who are in a higher hierarchy than you, it is really not a problem. It's just that they did something good very early in their lives. I mean there's so much to learn even from a 2 yr old toddler.
      One of the keys to a fruitful life is to keep ourselves open to learning. We have to learn from everyone and anyone we come across, because it's free and not many things come for free in life.

    I can humbly suggest that you can see people as just humans rather seeing them as younger or older humans. Everyone is just a piece of energy doing their own thing in their lives, some shine early, some shine later but ultimately they are all the same.

    Life is such that no matter who you become, you will be taking orders from people who are younger to you and also, you will be giving orders to people who are older than you. Life is dynamic and we come across different situations at different points. Why should age matter to us.

    Imagine if people working at facebook felt the same about Mark Zuckerberg, what would happen? He's just about 35 and you know who he is.

    These are just illusions in our mind that are caused to our own insecurities and like i said, these thoughts are natural during a bad phase. Try to logically reason out and you will understand that this is not a problem at all.

    Ideally the question that should be on your mind is,
    If i am doing PhD, If i am good at research, If i am good at teaching, If i am earning a good salary, do i need the job of an ACF? What are the reasons and why would it be? This is the question that you need to answer to yourself. Once you find an answer, dont look back and just pursue your dreams.

    All the best.

  • The reality is that you are 31 years old and younger people have joined. I don't think it's about them though. It's about how you feel about yourself.

    The facts are that you will end up with a job that is close to what you are interested in. You were already doing well in your present line of work. You have done your best at UPSC which isn't easy at all, especially forest where prelims cutoff is way higher. It sucks that it didn't work out as planned but that is the case for 99.9% aspirants despite all the inspirational stories.

    The biggest benefit is getting your home cadre. In the long run this translates to a better personal life and cultural match. At a younger age, this may not seem like a big deal but getting to see your parents, kids, wife actually make a difference in your mental peace.

    You can still do various other things in your life. What you learned during UPSC will never go to waste. It's really up to you.

    This new job would be a shift to a newer field. Someone opted for it earlier. You were already doing something else. Why make it an ego issue? You aren't lesser or better than them. It is just a feeling dear.

    Work on the story you tell yourself. Ultimately, that decides your level of satisfaction and long term happiness.

  • Hello friend,
    I'd like to add a few points. Don't ever think that you are taking orders from a 'person'. Rather, you are taking orders from a 'position'. Also, treat them with utmost respect. With time, you will earn respect too. Believe me when I say that it is equally difficult for the person to give orders to people who are elder than them.

  • Do you have a choice? If yes then go for it, either change your profession(go to private sector, where in a long run seniority doesnot matter that much,, become entrepreneur) orelse get used to taking orders.. life is ruthless.

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