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forumias comprehensive guidance program (CGP) review

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  • Do anyone join forum ias cgp in the past or have friends,relatives , acquaintances who were part of it,as I m looking forward to join CGP 2020 staring from 15th May ..pls guide !!

  • @mks708089830
    when I was at ORN, I used to attend free sessions at Forum (and some of my friends from psir coaching were in mgp and sfg)

    these are my observations, so ignore if does not fulfill the demand of your question

    • last year CGP was priced at 99K this year it is 140K.

    what changed?
    this year the number of classes will be more.

    this year you have the option of attending classes, only for around 70K (the best move by Forum, at this price range near competitor is only Shubhra Ranjan GS classes)

    now coming to guidance part (about choosing CGP)

    1. If you have FAITH in Forum and no financial burden, join the complete program.

    2. if you are concerned about the programs quality included in package then, pay step by step then (will be little bit costlier)

    a) join classes if your Foundation is weak or since you started preparation 2/3 prelims has passed. (otherwise your Notes and content building materials will suffice the content for answer writing)

    b) will recommend joining MGP Batch A

    c) for Essay test series and essay classes you can join with MGP now or After Prelims - the Essay Foundation.

    d) Prelims Test Series - you can join SFG in Dec, Jan or Feb (earlier the better) and there is different prelims test series for SFG takers.

    e) Current Affairs classes - for prelims you can join 2 months before the exam and for Mains it is after.

    f) Personality Test Prep - not included in CGP but cost is 1100 per session/panel.

    These are the components, like them all (Classes, MGP, SFG, CA class) then join the full package otherwise choose something from here other things from somewhere else.

    Note1- the quality of all programs are at par but success is not guaranteed, so don't blame any coaching or teacher and chose whosoever give quality services at minimal price.

    Note2- For outstation aspirants, classes, MGP, Pre-TS and CA classes can be done Online.
    only SFG is offline feature. (for daily test in online mode @ pizzza made a website)

    Note3- don't know about the quality of Optional subjects delivered at Forum.

  • @kierkegaard Hey
    Dmed you. Please check.

  • Last year CGP started in September pricing about 99000.
    And last year in may they had FFP - Focused foundation programme. I feel they have changed the name of FFP to CGP.
    And i think Minal AIR 35 was in September CGP batch.
    This does not mean that FFP is not a good course. Teachers will be same or even better in both the courses. I am just giving clarification. Even i was going to join CGP last September bcoz i didn't do any basic coaching but had read ncerts and basic books, but my optional was not prepared hence did not join. May be this year if all goes well and Forum keeps the course in September then may be i will join it.

    Ask others as well.

  • @kierkegaard thank you for detail insights , joining foundation part is out of scope for me as I already given to two prelims well versed with the syllabus so probably would go for mgp 2020 + essay after mains 2019, surely for batch A ( I guess it is highly recommended 😅) & for sgf in dec.

  • @Itachi said in forumias comprehensive guidance program (CGP) review:

    Last year CGP started in September pricing about 99000.
    And last year in may they had FFP - Focused foundation programme. I feel they have changed the name of FFP to CGP.

    in 2017 MGP (Batch A) name was CGP
    (the brochure contained detailed plan with small booklist)
    (in 2018 CGP the Resource list/Reading list was more elaborate and MGP plans had not booklist mentioned but this year they have listed it again)

    And i think Minal AIR 35 was in September CGP batch.

    does not matter, even their close friends (and sometimes the aspirant himself/herself) does not know which coaching they are taking till they watch (or deliver) topper's talks.

    This does not mean that FFP is not a good course. Teachers will be same or even better in both the courses.

    see Note1- the quality of all programs are at par but success is not guaranteed, so don't blame any coaching or teacher and chose whosoever give quality services at minimal price.
    i.e., don't curse Shubhra R, if you misses interview due to optional marks, similarly don't praise excessively that due to psir/maám/optioanl-strength, I slashed the Essay paper and all GS papers was cakewalk.

    There are multiple variables in UPSC journey, many people themselves does not know what worked for them. (aka Roommate syndrome)

  • Hello All,

    This is the clarification from ForumIAS Academy folks

    Why CGP - naming convention ?
    There was a lot of confusion created because of two naming conventions, and we decided to have just one naming convention, our first one, Comprehensive Guidance Programs.We have added the words Foundation to it, for further clarity. Also, while from the very first Batch we had 11 people ( from both Online and Offline mode ) out of 100 odd students in the final list, the program had several people who wanted concepts from basics, but were signing up for old CGP, because they thought they knew things. The Old Model of CGP was useful for candidates who could do a lot of self study, would complete the reading list and come to the class. Also, it would primarily have classes for Mains, and not for Prelims. But later, a lot of people who had written Prelims before and not cleared it, requested for Prelims specific classes too. Apart from a small minority, most people needed classes for nearly every topic on the syllabus. Hence we decided to one single program from the ground up.

    The biggest problem was from candidates who want to join the old CGP, but may not have the enthusiasm /energy /motivation to do self study on topics on their own before coming for the class. This leads to false expectation in class. This is also because CGP has a mandated number of hours, and teachers have to finish things in a short duration - which is sometimes not possible if the candidate is also not working every day. Also, we felt it was abdicating from our responsibility if we do not do things end to end.

    Also, our learning was that people who have not cleared Prelims , generally end up not preparing for Mains. And while they may be two-three years into preparation, they are nowhere near candidates who have spent two years and written Mains. Both in terms of reading list and notes making.

    In fact, we have at least 30-35 students who have written three Mains, but want to join CGP type program, because they were just good at MCQs and have cracked prelims with 110+ marks, but by their own admission, have been writing Mains and not clearing it because they could never start the preparation, because they did not know when to begin. ( UPSC is a little strange exam, and we are often surprised by everyone's unique preparation trajectory ) . They are in a dilemma because they will have studied something at least in two subjects - which everyone reads - Polity and Economy and some of History. Not many people are good with Geography OR Environment so people don't mind doing those classes.

    So candidates who have spent years in the preparation, but not covered much will only have two additional things - Polity & Economy - which will be basic. Apart from that everything is something that they have not read before, unless they have done extensive note making for Mains.

    We are open to fee payments in two instalments for the same reason, to ease things out for candidates on a case to case basis.

    With respect to comparison with other institutes, we think we are doing a better job, because we are taking them through the full life cycle for Prelims,Mains and Interview ( from now on, Interview Guidance will be included in CGP ) . And its not just classes. Adding up MGP and CA Classes ( Prelims & Mains ) , SFG and Prelims Test Series - these all add up to 2/3rd of the cost of the program.

  • @root Thanks for ghe clarification. so will there be another batch after mains for those who have cleared prelims but struggle in mains? something like CGP advanced?

  • @kierkegaard so much confusion
    Y forum has so much of program,y not only 1-2 😁

  • Luckiest are those who didn't took coaching and cleared in 1st attempt immediately after college 😶

  • @root what will be the cost of cgp?
    And does it include mgp,pre test series content building etc?

  • I seriously don't get the programs and structures of these courses by ForumIAS. It gets so confusing at times - CGP/FFP/MGP/FFP.
    Understanding what's their test series and what offiline program requires good amount of effort.

    PS. It's just my opinion, I might be wrong at never putting too much of effort in understanding their programs.

  • @Raillife 1.4 lacs

  • Those who have joined cgp. Can they review how is it going so far? What is the timeline to do things reference to pre mains?

  • @ssaha3540245
    Fee is 1.4 lakh... and other big institution fee is 1.5 lakh jase v&r
    Still wait for some reviews who had joined forum's cgp program

  • attend orientation classes to get an idea. both shubra and forum are good and are putting efforts from what i hear from my friends.

  • @Zohanmukharjee did your friend attend all the lecture or one one/two??

    I am confused whether to attend full classes or just mgp and pre test gs classes of any institute worth of joining?

  • @Raillife same query

  • This post is deleted!
  • are the going to have CGP advanced in September as they did last year..i am thinking of joining September batch.....fees will also be 40k less...last year it was 99k....lets see all depends on prelims 2019

  • @Itachi cgp fee is 1.4 lakhs na

  • @Raillife ha...abhi cgp foundation hai uski 1.4 hai.....i was asking about september batch whether it is going to start or not...

  • @Zohanmukharjee not to argue with you but just expressing my viewpoint. Shubra's prelim test series sucks, it is a waste. Also, their mains copy checking, the feedback system is pathetic. Atleast, forum is better on these fronts. Also, dipin sir's classes are advantage. Can't elaborate more due to paucity of time, but I feel forum is much better.

  • @madeye plz give full review after prelims

  • i agree that the shubra lacks at many points , and that's exactly where forumias academy is good at , but there are things lacking in forumias academy that can't be ignored. i personally would vouch for forumias as acc to me the mentorship forum provides will make a difference , but at same time shubra has made a solid team and are formidable @madeye

  • This post is deleted!
  • how r the reviews ?

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