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New group for upsc 2020 GS

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  • Hey guys, I m creating new group telegram for sincere aspirant , I myself missed twice prelims by slight margin however read the optional part and did decent amount of answer writing

    Looking for :

    a) member who can contribute in active and aligned discussion

    b) serious of their next attempt as excepting final & last in their inner mind

    c) well verse with preparation not as beginner's who haven't read all the basic books and read newspaper for 1 year .

    If your optional is PSIR , informed me that too

  • you can count me in .. i too have given two attempts but missed the cut off .. have done my optional (history) ... currently how are you going about the preparation ??

  • @Napoleon try to complete daily target instead on ki exam hoga ki ni ( overcoming mistakes ) ๐Ÿ˜€

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