Insights utility?

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  • Is it necessary to do insights test series?I am getting 90 to 105 in vision full length but 60-75 in's very demoralising.. moreover there is little time left..pls guide..

  • The scores depends on the difficulty level. Do not focus on the scores much this time, just ensure that whichever test series you are doing, do it religiously. If you are doing Vision IAS Test Series, continue with that and revise as many times as possible.

    Happy learning ๐Ÿ™‚

  • if your primary source for current affairs was Insights (monthly or its module) then I will suggest to just read it like chuck of information.

    otherwise just keep revising the vision tests and past papers

    keep in mind- the purpose for test taking is to develop the approach, even if you take 365 tests now it is not guaranteed that the approach will work in actual exam.

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