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Aspirants feelings vent out

Topic created ยท 19 Posts ยท 1514 Views
  • Upsc CSE or any other exams for which one leave their jobs , social circle & rest unsaid thing, even if after doing this all chances to make it,is very minimal.

    In journey of tedious exam where you have to sit to yourhome or preparation ( Karol bagh / Patel nagar and several others ) for atleast 2 3 year or even more depend on your selection.

    As human being we are being gifted to express our emotions and feelings unlike other creatures neverthless you will get approx none one to whom expect the families , who r good receiver but won't respond in the same way of desire reason is generation gap .

    So guys , this is the platform where you can pour out all your emotions and feelings , whatever silly or big it is
    that can help you in unwinding, increase self awareness
    Ultimately lead to good performance at studies .

    Do it for yourself, write how r you feeling , is it holding you back , vulnerability, insecurity , any good experience or word of wisdom and don't be critical how other will judge you
    (However your I'd is anynonmous ๐Ÿ˜‹)

  • 22 days more! Doesn't care about anything now.Nothing in mind except clearing prelims-2019.
    Good luck.
    P.S: Though id is anonymous for others, but forum students can be tracked by the academy (special offer) ๐Ÿ˜….

  • Guys.. Pata nahi kyun I am damn relax these days.. I don't know what made me feel relaxed now... Let see what happens!

  • @Urvashi said in Aspirants feelings vent out:

    Guys.. Pata nahi kyun I am damn relax these days.. I don't know what made me feel relaxed now... Let see what happens!

    Do you meditate? โ˜บ

  • @AryaStark19 forum academy is new CIA๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @Urvashi good,make sure not anything external change that state !!

  • @Akbar_Birbal Yes I do, but only 3 minutes!

  • @mks708089830 just relaxe and think about the positive outcomes

  • Since last week I'm having a tough week, not able to concentrate. Anxiety is kicking in. Too much at stake for the exam! Not able to figue out where things are going wrong. Energy level seems to have come down heavily since then. Helpless!

    Don't want to spread negativity but that's what I'm feeling at the moment.

    I'm open to any suggestions or help to overcome the above problems.

    Almighty please help us in these tough times!

  • @mahadev this is quite normal,happens with many of us.Remember one thing,that your chance of success increases by the fact how effectively you handle last 1 month of prepration.Be strong.,motivate yourself and give everything"tan,man,dhan" in last remaining days.All the best.

  • @gordon05 Thanks for the encouraging words! Picking up bit by bit and moving towards the goal. All the best & God bless.

  • Being single , unemployed for ages not interested to work in IT , and family pressure to get married ( belongs to LGBT) lovely parents don't want to hurt them .. sometimes I feel like I should have left India after graduation from IIT ...but parents , passion for country stopped me stuck in this UPSC vicious cycle !๐Ÿ˜‘ ๐Ÿ–• life sometimes sucks like anything .

  • @mahadev cause of anxiety is my syllabus is not completed in a manner as i imagined it to be or what if I m not able to clear it that would waste whole year of mine , phir se ek saal aur before next prelims , do i able to make it in sheer cut throat competition, probably others.

    brother, wherever u where studying home / library (in your home town or in Mecca of upsc ) ..time has come to live in absolute silence , unnecessary speaking to fellow mates about severity of mock tests, seats in upsc and every other bullshit aspirant do ( modi isbaar aayega ki ni ๐Ÿ˜†I guess know it by your experience )

    I m not saying don't talk to friends , only do extent that it can be stress buster

    Before upsc pre 2018 I thought , I left my job what I will say to my family & society if not able to make it , kept note of one thin
    Nobody cares what you r doing except one two family and one two friend or loved ones

    Even after all these thoughts "log Kya kehenge " (attachment to self image ) , toh keep remind yourself you r source of light to your own.i meet a lot of toppers there are love to be alone for needed time and restlessness don't make them crazy.

    Clearing in upsc pre or any stage doesn't need tremendous knowledge reading but reading same source multiple time ,revising ,practising related mock and most important holding the nerve till d day , in my experience when I read less in pre 2017 scored more close to cut off compare to 2018 more knowledge , intense practice perhaps bog down by what if shit.

    Crude language - bhai lag rahe ho , jitna ho sakta relax reh karte raho , pagal ho Jane ki jarurat ni h(log jo bolte hai ki ek mahina bacha aag laga do , I been to Patel nagar library Yahi sab strategy pe focus karke kafi ladke exam ke pehle burnout ho gaye , jo in sab chizo me ni padhe unhe clear kiya)pr dhyan ye ki aaj jo tum padhoge woh kl kaam hi dega in case iss br pre Kar bhi Gaye aur tum mains me kch marks latak jate ho ( jo I wish na ho ) , agle saal pre me kaam dega , abhi relax ho kr jitne din bache h uska ek framework taiyar karo , stick to it and duniya Kya Kar rahi uspe ek dum dhyan mat do ,apne dhun me raho Yahi strategy hoti hai toppers yakin ni hota toh unke YouTube n articles ..if definitely guarantee u will clear in this attempt only & jo log clear karte hai they r alike me & you only bhulna mat ye although kch certain traits make them far apart , so implement that personality traits in your life..

    I think this would give rest to your anxiety , if not u share what specifically making you anxious !!

  • @Lalalash I can relate to your feeling , being very extrovert in college & been in boys hostel since class 6 th..process of living in the isolation making me sick that is essential to everyone i bet who goes through upsc preparation although better are those who come out in lesser attempts or at least cleared prelims so cycle duration get reduce .

    Living all alone since 2 year , mind goes keeps sometimes on useless Other issues e.g breakup in last year that shattered my self worth however I acted strong but pain reside , some issue with friends.

    Sometimes thought I better gone to Germany for MS instead living financial dependent on family , feeling anxiety deep inside while studying.

    Positive side : I came across this Maxima of this bell curve few months , gear up for final & last attempt next year , I realized it is our conditioning which is creating all this that can be shaped only if your have faith ( either is faith or fear )
    Tools could be forum groups, telegram ,any physical friend in library (agar upsc wala toh it's better) , toppers talks , psychology,
    Spirituality , health diet , meditation , exercise or yoga all in moderation..most important have faith and positive in yourself and your situation , love & compassion for others

  • @mks708089830 Topper pe blindly believe karna galat higa,aap pata nhi laga Sakte ki yeh sach bol rha hai ya nhi
    Koi bolta hai me 6 ghnte pdta tha
    Koi 12

    And rha sawal pre Ka toh yes its abt reading and revision but isme you need to, deduce your own strategy....e.g koi revision acche se kare but direct qstn kabhi upsc puchti hi nhi thn kase ans sahi ayega??

  • @mks708089830 brother thanks for those encouraging words! Yes, there are multpile reason for the cause of anxiety but limping back to normalcy and concentrating on studies now! Rest all the things which are bothering and hampering my studies can take a back seat.

    I owe you, big time brother! you spent your precious time to understand my concern and then guide me as well. RESPECT & god bless!

    All the best!

  • I'm like...Air these days

  • @Lalalash I get what you are going through as I have a best friend who is going through this. Going through UPSC preparation is one thing and being pressured to marry someone you don't love is another burden. Just remember that your goal is to clear UPSC and you will reach it come what may.All the best!!

  • @karthikvarmavegesna12343413 I think strength comes from adversities ๐Ÿ’ช and thank you . All the best to u too

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