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Feeling as if 2/06/19 couldnt come soon enough. Any advice for final week so that it is not as miserable as it is now ?

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  • This is my second attempt and I have cleared prelims the last time. Although i have been doing well in mock tests and i feel that i have a good shot at clearing prelims, I am facing a sort of mental block where i am unable to revise anything. Hell i just want the prelims to be this Sunday so that i can get it over with. Anyone else in the same boat ? Looking at current affairs or past paper feels like pure torture now...

  • @forappsbyotch699 ๐Ÿ™

  • @forappsbyotch699 same here! It is some form of anxiety I am guessing!

    Can't do too much about it. I just try to keep my targets short and simple. Revise some portions and solve PYQs (full paper- 2018 onwards reverse order) with the aim to test out my question solving strategy!

    I would suggest don't fight it or fret over it, just keep specific small goals for the day and try acheiving those!

  • @Abh_Chk is right. it's normal and happens with most of serious aspirants. Don't take it serious.
    Make small goals and achieve it. Sit down and make
    a achievable plan and Don't change it so rapidaly.
    We_will_crack prelims
    Follow #TLAM Think less act more...

  • @forappsbyotch699 accept the reality , that you can't change what is going to happen on 2nd June don't crave ( to read new or more ) or averse ( from revising or taking consistent small steps ), be equanimous ( relax , you will get what is destinied for you anyway) .

    PS : strategy wise above comment are helpful

  • Just only a week.Dont worry it will also pass just like the one whole year may be it was a good year for somebody may be bad but it has boiled down to one Week Probably the week where your Just need one More revision to to put up the final layer of preparation.

    So i hope Everyone does well Including me ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    And Even I fail i will give a fresh and Try to hit back more Harder

    Best of Luck ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • what i am doing is that i am not worried about 2nd june. Trying to keep my confidence level high by solving previous upsc papers and focusing on tricks, revising what i have read. Not worried about result.....doing my karma..

  • I can relate to it. Went through last year. could sleep for only 3 hours the night before prelims. Would have cursed myself for an year had it affected my performance.

    Most of our prep is already done. The last few days is just about staying sane.

  • @Phagocyte Yeah just gotta somehow stay sane. And probably judging by last year prelims paper, maybe max. 35Q will come from what we have prepared and rest is going to be dependent on our talent in elimination and logical guessing. So yeah you are right.... Staying cool and calm is way too important during prelims.

  • @Itachi Great !! Are you doing papers post 2013 or from 1990s ?
    And btw great quote... From the movie Grey right ? Nice movie and really nice quote.

  • @forappsbyotch699 yeah the quote is from movie Grey.
    I am solving post 2013. I have finished already and now i am analyzing again and again to get more familiar with the pattern. Even discussing with seniors who have given 1-2 interviews..

  • Haven't been studying at all since the last two days feel burned out, lost , deluded ! Did not clear prelims last time!
    Let's see what happens on the D DAY !

  • @Never_back_down

    Hey! Going to the exam with a deflated confidence is the worst you can do to yourself! I did that last year- went in hard from July 2017 but was fully burnt out by March 2018. Not having confidence in the last month only hurt my chances more.

    I changed things up quite a bit this year, and am seeing some positive changes (at the very least, I am not burnt out and I am feeling a curious mix of nervousness and soft confidence!).

    If you look around, there will be a lot of people saying "revise this revise that/ study 12 hours/ solve x- number of tests". However, all that may not apply to you because you may have followed a completely different test series, completely different study plan, and so on!


    1. Place some trust on your preparation! You have done "something" for the last one year!

    2. If a break is what you need to recover, take it! If you are burnt out, there is no point pushing harder!

    3. Instead recuperate by doing stuff that relaxes you and gives you confidence- could be glancing through solved tests and PYQs or could be playing a game of cricket!

    4. Don't go by popular notions, just follow your own plan!

  • @Never_back_down said in Feeling as if 2/06/19 couldnt come soon enough. Any advice for final week so that it is not as miserable as it is now ?:

    Haven't been studying at all since the last two days feel burned out, lost , deluded ! Did not clear prelims last time!
    Let's see what happens on the D DAY !

    Same here haven't studying for last 3 days...only tp and election news.... planing my mind to skip this attempt... feeling preparation is not up to the mark

  • @Abh_Chk brother wts the use of solving pyq at this moment... instead y we don't revised the subject

  • @Abh_Chk thanks for the very kind words ! What I agree with the most is "go with your plan"!

  • @Raillife whatever works is what I meant! Solve PYQ or revise or just relax- whatever you feel is the need right now!

    For me PYQ solving only means one thing at the moment, testing out my strategy to solve the paper- which kinda questions to leave, which to attempt, when to start darkening the bubbles, etc! That I would need to figure out on my own I feel.

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