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Topic created · 5 Posts · 488 Views
  • Hello Friends,

    I will be moving to Pune for UPSC prep.
    Can fellow aspirant who are or were residing/preparing from Pune guide me about where to find rooms?
    How to approach dealers?
    What are areas where aspirants live/study?(like ORN/MKN)
    How much can be expect?(Range - cheap to expensive)
    Your experiences if any.

    Review of coaching classes - ShubhraRanjan(PSIR) VisionIAS?

    Please respond I am in dire need of guidance.

  • @tamtar
    @Raillife has been in Pune , maybe u can contact him and get some useful information about living and travelling.

    Mostly Shivani Nagar area and Pune junction , Deccan gymkhana area,

    That's where most classes are
    Vision, unique, chanakya etc

    So find a room there

    Cost will be anywhere near 5-8k in a sharing with around 3 people , depending on room and place

    However haven't lived there, so my range may be off as well

  • @tamtar perfect place to stay in Pune for mpsc/upsc is sadashiv peth all are upsc/mpsc aspirant there

    Classes ka no idea...but read on quora nd contacted another aspirant who took demo classes in vison according to him not good

    Expenses depends on you whether u will take personal room on sharing...max expenses 10k including everything

    I was staying in datawadi on sharing my max budget would go till 7k

    Ps-will be shift to delhi now

  • @tamtar I am also moving for target UPSC dr.sudarshan Lodha
    Plz give any review regarding it

  • @aditya-prasad191442 i think they have telegram group which is doing well....why go for his classes?