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Pavan Kumar vs Lukmaan vs Orient Ias for Ethics Mains 2019

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  • Please review these 3. I am thinking of joining online classes of one among them.

  • @exman

    Pavan Kumar - very bad

    I dont know about others

  • @Ezio I have done only a cursory reading of lexicon. Given the time constraints, do you suggest to join classes? Or rely only on test series?

  • My ethics
    2017 - 60+ - first attempt
    2018 - 95

    You should know that i am not the best regarding ethics, there are much better people here on forum. Try approaching them.

    For 2018, i joined pavan kumar and left it after 10 days.

    I took MGP at forum, even though the correction is not good (i felt), but if you take corrected answer sheet to mentor, they will tell much better suggestion. (which is more personalized and overall much better quality)

    What worked for me in 2018 (i still have to do a lot better as you can see)

    • Subba Rao Book
    • Asif sir guidance
    • Aayush sir guidance

    Both of them after i took my checked answer script to them, told me some key changes which are very important i think.

    To your question, lexicon cursory reading is like nothing. Maybe join lukman. I saw their xerox notes in market which is good and heard good reviews about lukman.

    Forum is starting new ethics batch i think this year. Consider that also.

  • @Ezio Thanks a lot !!

  • @Ezio Bro,This will be first hit at mains.Will MGP be beneficial for me?I have heard it's better tailored for experienced ones.

  • @MetalAndLove

    I dont know. I went there (forum) as almost a newbie and my marks drastically improved.
    Tailored for experienced maybe. they could be giving higher preference to people scoring higher and old students regarding paper correction etc., But i cant say.

    If you dont go to mentor, then it will become useless.
    Relying only on some anonymous person who corrected your paper at any test series is stupid. Sometimes the suggestions you get from that anonymous person and mentor are poles apart. That over enthusiastic anonymous person (only some) writes every damn thing you are missing from your answer as a suggestion (he will not consider practicality of time constraint and other issues while writing suggestions).

    So you will find more sense in mentor's suggested approach. (you will be able to implement these)

    Take any good test series (vision or forum - all toppers took one of these i guess), write atleast 10-15 tests covering full syllabus. MUST meet mentor after every test in beginning, reduce frequency slowly later.

    Big Cons

    1. They take 10-15 days to check your paper.. can become worse
    2. Waiting times outside mentor room.. No proper mechanism

    mentors - asif sir and aayush sir i went

  • If anyone has 2018 orient ethics videos, PM me

  • @titanium17 I m also looking for that ...we can make the group of 4/5 and take the new one.....bro if u get those videos share it with me also

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