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Pre/Mains GS Doubts Discussion Thread

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  • @Ishwarya4321 highest gst slab is just 28%. But many states charges much more than that. For some state revenue from alcohol accounts for more than quarter of revenue. That was why there was huge issue when bihar banned alcohol as it will further widen state fiscal deficit.
    I dont think the reason was what sir said.

  • @Kapiushon Thanks buddy

  • How should one go for answer writing? I have no clue never written an answer. Totally novice. Planning to join vision ias mains test series. What should I do to extract the best out of it?

  • @ssaha3540245 Study the topics given in test series, I mean to prepare the content from sources they mention in the time limit then write the test.. do this for every test when you join them!

  • @Urvashi one more doubt,everyone say to limit your resources most ppl say just to refer laxmikanth for polity. But for any test series there are a bunch of references so I have to study all of them or just laxmikanth?
    Seniors also please reply.

  • Also for other subjects as well there are a hell lot of references in test series

  • @ssaha3540245
    Laxmi is enough for pre.. but mains ke kuch topic usme nahi hai.. vo dusri books me mil jayenge.. make sure sare topic mil jaye.. toh topic ka ek hi source hona chaiye.. Like ROPA you will not find in laxmi.. toh unka value add material dekhna padega.. sab topic ko ek jagah se hi karo ye nahi hota limit source ka matlab, uska matlab ek topic ke liye ek hi source ko padho jaha vo sahi se mil jaye..
    DD basu me kuch topics bahut ache diye hue hai..
    Or separation of power bhi laxmi me nahi mil pata ache se..
    Toh you need to go through all of them.. or fir topic ko pakad lo.. or wahi se revise karo ya notes bana lo.. and CA supplement zaroor karna hai.. iske liye unka monthly best rahega

  • @Urvashi thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Why govt arbitrarily increased MSP post-LPG?
    I read it was to reduce gap b/w domestic and int'l prices.
    But was it not good for export competitiveness and to discourage imports?

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