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Pre/Mains GS Doubts Discussion Thread

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  • How much time do you guys devote for Mock Paper analysis?

  • @tamtar depends.. most familiar take less, most strange take more!

  • @Urvashi Could you please elaborate like 1 hour, 2hours etc.
    How much is it necessary to note down the point/concepts you marked wrong.

    Would it be feasible or productive to reattempt the same test after some day(say a week) to REVISE a test and assess how much have I retained?

  • @tamtar month ago , it was taking 2-3 days for analyzing single mock test paper... now I take 3-4 hours ...actually in this matter my strategy is feasible or not, can't say...

  • @tamtar I don't do the entire post test analysis in one go... I do it in multiple just makes more sense to me.. I analyze 30 questions and then study something else..then 30 questions. It takes over 2 days

  • Are there any additional pages given in the prelims booklet for rough work? If yes, how many pages (sides) are given?

  • Section - economy.
    Please explain GVA at basic price, factor cost and
    Market price.

  • who is the essay topper of cse 2018?

  • Can anyone please explain why the relation between America and Iran is so sour? They don't even have diplomatic relationship for last 3 decades AFAIK.

  • @Kapiushon since US always eye for resources and getting it cheap without public interference can only happen when there is Monarchy (this is called Arab Exceptionalism i.e., democracy is not suited for Islamic nations).

    US-IR relations were good when monarchy was there but after the Islamic Revolution in Iran it became sour, now the only aim of US is to install puppet regime in Iran

  • @kierkegaard so actually what US wants now except nuclear issue. Also Iran is shown as a brutal and extremist country with blatant human rights violation. Is democracy really working there??
    Also for Arab exceptionalism US did help in Libya, sudan Afghanistan, syria etc in Arab spring and removing monarchy. How to explain that.
    Middle East issues are so interlinked and is becoming tough for a non psir students. Any advice for that?

  • @Kapiushon
    US have to sell its own shale gases so stability is middle east is a big no-no for US

    Iran and Qatar wants to be leader the Muslim world (Iran by opposing US and Qatar by opposing Saudi Arabia)
    And to become a leader you need Nuclear weapon (same reason applies for Importance of Pakistan - only muslim nation with nuclear weapon)

    Human Rights violation is a subjective concepts, every other country puts allegation on other without observing HR situations in their country first. For ex, Turkey/KSA/PAK say there is HR violations in J&K.

    the success of Democracy depends on democratic values of people voting and strength of democratic institutions (SC, EC etc in India).
    Removing monarchy is not a solution, it is puppet regime installation.
    For ex, Sri Lanka, a democratic country felled in debt trap of China paycheck diplomacy because the democratic institution which review the credit proposals (and even opposition party) is very weak.

    If you are studying Middle east for prelims then focus on Maps esp Turkey, India access to port in Oman, Connectivity lines/rail/road etc. Other issues are so vague they will ask in prelims.

  • @Kapiushon Focus of US foreign policy is securing their own interest. Their foreign policy is realist, ie more motivated by material interest. When a country haves a dictatorship, it's comparatively easy to manipulate him, because you have to deal with only 1 guy, but it's not the case with democracy. When shah was there in Iran, it was easy for US to acquire the oil resources there. But when popular government came, they nationalised the oil fields and it was detrimental for US interests. So what US did was, they became hostile towards revolutionary govt. And yes, it's true that Iran has the cases of HR violation and it us suffering from underdevelopment. BUT, it's not the reason why USA hates them. USA is using this issue to legitimise their hostility towards iran.

    There are various faultlines in Middle East. So it's actually becomes difficult to manage all the share holders while dealing with any country there. So, USA has preferred monarchy as it becomes easy to deal with a single guy.

    But this has its inherent problems. With monarchy, it's equally easy to lose the favour of monarch. In such cases, monarch either turns hostile or he works independently. USA hates this. So, in Arab spring, in the name of democratization USA tried to install their puppet regimes in middle East. With democracy, you can always change the regime if it turns hostile to your interest.

    Various faultilines in ME, involvement of world power there for resource control and their attempt to justify their act by substantiating various ideas (like HR, democracy, Self Determination, Khilafat, Shia Sunni, Women liberation etc etc) make the middle East affairs complicated.

  • Is section 126 of RPA and silence period applicable in whole of India in phased election?

  • @Jharsuguda It is applicable to respective phase constituency only and not on whole India. But while campaigning in other areas no reference to be made to silence period constituency.

  • @Kapiushon
    This is not from UPSC perspective but this channel has tonnes of amazing stuff about IR in a playlist named Vox Atlas

  • @ManchesterUnited Yeah but you can add it in Hobby section.

    some others are Caspian Report and VisualPolitik

  • @kierkegaard Not just hobby
    If one wants to diversify answers from those of coaching materials a point or two from these videos will come in handy!

  • Anyone having short notes on resources ( geography) prelims type

  • IMG_20190501_142430.JPG

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