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Should I change my optional to physics?

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  • I have appeared for 3 mains with pub ad as optional with scores of 180 250 and 214 respectively.

    Now I am thinking of switching to physics .

    I was good at physics during my JEE prep yr..scored 90 is in IITJEE..

    Have a lot of interest in physics

    And can give one year for physics preparation..

    Downside- don't have the luxury to go to Delhi to attend coaching..

    Experienced aspirants who have attempted from physics are requested to please guide me on this decision.

    Thank you

  • @mahi2501 Based on my experience of writing multiple mains with physics (last time I scored 270) I can say the following:


    1. Physics has a huge and difficult syllabus to complete fully via self study in an exam oriented manner, without any coaching. I can say this because I did exactly the same. 3 months or 1 year sounds good in topper interviews, but it may turn out not to be enough to successfully master Physics via self study specially when you are constantly stuck in pre-mains cycle. Exceptions are always there.

    2. Syllabus problem is compounded by the fact that for Electronics portion of the syllabus, even DIAS coaching skips it and more often than not everyone skips it. So this mostly means one can't attempt more than 220-230 in Paper 2 in exam, provided everything else is perfect.

    3. Completing syllabus is not the end of it, because you run a risk of forgetting all that's worthy for scoring in the exam, unless you make extremely short notes as well, to be able to revise in a day or even in an hour between the two exams. If you can't revise, forgetting may cost you anywhere from 30 to 100s of marks.

    4. Based on the highest reported marks in Physics, it seems it is treated differently by UPSC as compared to Maths. Maths high score always surpasses 360 and even upto 375. Whereas, Physics, which is equally demanding, never saw it's highest score cross 330 in last 3-4 years, as per my knowledge. When you have an optional like Physics, you compromise heavily on GS due to time shortage, and would hate this 40 marks differential treatment by UPSC.

    5. Compared to 12th class Physics, Bsc. Physics, has a considerable portion that would need to be memorised and mere understanding won't help in exam (specially the mathematics part of derivations, because in Physics derivations we rarely move intuitively from one step to another, instead we remember the approximations and ansatz to apply at different steps to reach the end result). Memorising and practice should be of such level that you can do the same derivation in 4 pages, 2 pages or 1 page, as per the space provided for the question.


    1. Certainty of scoring a bare minimum decent level of marks provided you perfectly handle all the above stated problems. Possibility of sure 300+ marks is a big boost given the uncertainty in GS.
  • @nirvikalpa

    Thanks a lot for the detailed reply.

    I have a year to prepare.have taken break this year .and I am planning to enrol to DIAS online lectures .

    I will give one month to physics and then decide accordingly.

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