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2020 preparation after a mess up

Topic created · 8 Posts · 1373 Views
  • Since a few days have gone by after prelims and I have silently seen all the posts about 'this should be correct or that should be correct because one source states it'.

    I have realised that I just didn't want to accept that it happened. Some of it was UPSC but some of the blame is mine. I could have done better, I have realised some loopholes in preparation which is retrospect seem obvious, that they were recipe for blunder.

    It was my first attempt but it wasn't a blank one. I won't reduce it to ' I was just testing the waters'. I accept that I tried and made mistakes but I swear not to make them again and I hope to give my best for the next time. Even if Prelims wouldn't have opened my eyes, I know mains would have knocked the daylights out of me.

    If anyone is on the same place as me and would want to begin again. I would appreciate any insight,suggestions or errors.

    May The Force Be With You.

  • Same here. Knew possible blunders, still did them and faced heat. Focus on conceptual understanding and regular practice is is need of the hour.

  • This was my first attempt and got a good deal of learning from it.

    1. You just can't rely on CA, no matter how much you prepare for it. In the end, the saviour has to be static. I had a fair idea before prelims of this fact but didn't have enough time.
    2. 2-3 revisions are not enough to by heart everything, especially in subjects like History, environment and art and culture. You need to have at least 7-8 revisons of limited books.
    3. It's futile aiming and preparing for bouncers and all the 100 questions. Prepare static so well that you can solved at least 70-80% of the questions from static.
    4. CA can be so random and tricky that you can't rely on it no matter how many sources you have referred.
    5. Newspapers are indispensable. PT 365 and all are just supplementary. PT 365 of science and environment are helpful.
    6. Limited sources and revise at least 7-8 times. No, 2-3 revisions won't do.

    In case of CSAT, rely on quant and reasoning. English was so tricky that you can't sail through relying on it.

  • I am also in the same boat. After that mess I need to revamp my booklist and strategy...can't decide what to read for ancient history......

    1. TN Ncert or 2) RS Sharma or 3) New ncert class 6 and class 12

    Please help.

  • Same situation. So what is the plan?

  • @ssaha3540245 i feel reading newspaper thoroughly and being highly inquisitive, for eg there was a news article mentioning water man of India in yesterday's the Hindu, so if we Google it we came across the NGO run by him and its best work done in rajasthan, then following the rstv a panelist mentioned about hiwra bazaar.. Googling it gave us how its leadership has made it the highest gdp village in India (also it helps in mains as it is a good example of decentralisation leading to development). I feel doing such kind of work throughout the year is important. Being curious is the key.
    And in this we can help each other by a weekly discussion i guess because everyone will be curious in his own way and at the weekend if we can share our weekly work we all stand benefitted

  • @Jhelum i feel rather than revamping the booklist what we need to change is our approach towards the paper . For eg in case of polity we cant move from laxmi to dd basu and think that it would solve the problem , i feel we need to see the articles that are in the news from bare act.
    for your query i feel we need to at the bare minimum do the ncerts well . The tn ncert is very succint and since we have time on our hand i feel we should go either for rs sharma or the new ncerts. but these books might not suffice too if we are not curious in our approach , like if we come across tansen and google him we would be better placed to answer the question . Its my takeaway from this prelims. .

  • i had also given prelims was not the prelims for me just to test test waters. i have also relied heavily on current portion and got them corrected but not enough for clearing prelims. so i am overhauling my approach..
    1- start preparing optional mains and answer writing now.
    2- solve as many test series as many you can get. prepare their notes on one place.
    3-start making your notes for ca from newspaper combined with monthly magazines.
    4-last keep your confidence up "i am going to ace this exam".

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