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Choosing centre for mains

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  • Does choosing centre for mains other than Delhi make any difference? I have heard that copies from Delhi have stricter evaluation as they are all of very good standard thus making standing out a little difficult. Plz clarify..

  • @aishwarya-ece-111008851 I have the same query. According to some people since there are a lot of civil services coaching in Delhi, students writing from here almost have similar answers. And it is easier to stand out in mains answers from elsewhere as the competition is less. Is it so? Please let me know if someone has any information regarding this.

  • If you think like this then it will become your excuse! I advise either --> not to give thought to this and try to create good study guides for yourself or --> chose center out of DELHI which should not cause you inconvenience.. and go for it as sometimes this kind of disbelief also help us!! So the conclusion is:: DECIDE and go with that!! Rather than confusing yourself!!

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