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how to proceed with current affairs for prelims 2020

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  • now that 2018 and 2019 are over what to do about the CA, have lost habit to read newspaper and have become dependent on vision

    what to do now how to proceed please guide seniors
    @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh and others

  • @wolfapack how many attempts you gave

  • @wolfapack Download monthly vision booklets from January 2019 and go through it. Since right now time is available, read it once and then revise once. After that, take a print out of index of vision and then highlight those topics which you are still not confident of. These should be given preference in your notes. This is for lekin note making.

    Whatever newspaper you are following, read it once within an hour and a half. Then, in the evening solve few daily MCQs of Insights and Forum. Those questions will cover newspaper too. If something which is not covered by these quiz but you feel it to be important, add them too.
    Read bare acts (those which are extensively in news).

    The above strategy will not be sufficient but necessary, considering the kind of paper which is now we see. Therefore, you need to be more inquisitive. Extensively read random but relevant issues. Like, if you came across Tansen somewhere in newspaper or in any TV show, search about him then and there. Write few points keeping in mind the type of question which upsc asks. This may be be noted might be in single member Whatsapp group (you only ☺️), as mobile will be handy most of the times. Or if you are using any app like evermore etc that is also fine.

    It is these extensive, random but relevant issues which will give you extra edge. Solving mocks will help you to gauge your accuracy, elimination abilities and some value addition to knowledge.

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