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Loss of Pay leaves in Banks

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  • Hi,
    I have recently joined Bank of Baroda in specialist officer cadre. After joining I gave prelims and scoring 115+ in prelims by almost all the answer keys. As per the various estimations I think this much marks will be sufficient to pass the prelims.
    Now as I have joined bank in Bombay recently and is in probation period, I don't know how to get leaves. It is kind of very hard to study with job in Mumbai. So if anyone has gone through same situation or availed the Loss of pay leaves please suggest the procedure and if it is possible to get leaves for 3 months.

    P.S. This will be my 4th attempt 3rd mains

  • @shukiadi984 bro this yr was my first attempt but wont be able to clear prelims...had I got good score in prelims I would have taken medical leave for at least 2 months(My BH is supportive) can try this or LOP is option but if you ask for it then they wont give you...I think you should take a bold decision... these 3-4 months wont come again..

    PS- I work with IDBI bank.

  • @shukiadi984 Go on medical leave thats the only option and can't be counteracted. Don't inform go for cl and then intimate the bank about the same. Keep informing them and be in touch. Banks are having hard time wrt employee strength. So just leave and go and don't forget to send them mails regularly.
    Even if you just go without intimating them it will cause a maximum punishment of service gap.
    So relax and give your full focus, I m in a Bank couldn't get through pre. All the best buddy.

  • @D_innerpeace thank you for your suggestion. The main question is if I go on Loss of Pay I will also loose home rent lease which is 20k in Mumbai and I got this job after 3.5 years . I already left a job in 2015 by breaking bond of MNC. So this time it is hard to take more risk. If there is any legal way of doing I am searching for it. Faking medical is not an option. I recently submitted the medical certificate of fitness and during probation period it is risk. I joined bank on 1st of June in corporate office where all decision makers are sitting.
    Now you say how I can say after 15 days that I want 3 months of leave and I have big medical issue which was not before 20 days? It is hard choice ahead....

    P.S. Don't suggest that I have an accident. Most benefits of leaves are available to confirmed employees not to probationary employees.

  • @sandeep1056 thank you very much. As it was your first attempt you may still be having little romanticism of UPSC. But I become little bit pessimist after 3 failures. It is hard at this point of time for me to play gamble with job which I already played once...

  • @shukiadi984 it gets a bit tough for leaves when in probation but find out from seniors if there's any option...Seniors come handy in these sort situations...if at all you're taking risks it wont cost you a job, the most they can do is transfer...even after work you can get 5-6 hrs(not so sure abt mumbai) and do well...join a good test series and have faith..

  • @shukiadi984 speak to your seniors then and I suggested what I felt fine. In banking it would never cost you job termination unless you have done a scam or monetary loss.
    I understand that at this stage it matters a lot moreover when one is in probation.
    See buddy consult a legal advisor but I doubt you would get any legal help in this case unless your seniors are cooperative.
    And it doesn't require a serious health problem to give a 20days intimation ;), banking medical exam is of very low standard and so you can always say that it wasn't diagnosed. Also it has no connection with probation, if you can produce mc for 3 months it won't affect your job anyway.
    Although fake medical certificate will be unethical yet sometimes it is the only resort.
    I sincerely wish that you get ethical legal help. But it requires sometimes to break rules and give way to your faith. If you have faith then keep these 3 months at your disposal without fearing about your job.
    God bless you.

  • @sandeep1056 thank you very much... Most of the seniors suggested same... I will try to produce medical certificate. At least 2 months should be there without any job pressure to study. Let the other things get sorted out as early as possible. I will take more risk. It is hard to take parents in confidence now than bank people.

  • @D_innerpeace Thank you very much... I want to repeat just one thing said by Paulo Coelho..."Life always throws sword at you... From which side you hold it makes all the difference"

  • @shukiadi984 parents are just worried about ur they will have their reservations but you are better placed to judge your abilities and 3 months with good strategy and practice, you could get an interview call and might get a service if interview goes well...All the very best.

    Quote from Samuel Beckett:

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