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New India strategy @75 vs ARC report

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  • NITI Doc is much more relevant as every topic is covered in about 3-5 pages only. Also the format in which the doc is made clearly states the data, current status, challenges, way forward - just like you are expected to write in exam.

    If there is paucity of time, I would suggest read NITI Doc. Much more topics covered than ARC.

    Also many reforms as suggested in ARC are implemented already. Suppose a particular recommendation is implemented and we write it as a recommendation of ARC, it would reflect badly.

  • Someone has done a course on India@75 in unacademy
    Though not great since all we need them is to use in recommendations part I found it good enough summary!

  • @vermanikhil199027018 If 2nd ARC is implemented in letter and spirit, then this country will be a heaven to live in ! (no exaggeration ). Such laggards we are that 2005 reports are still relevant for us and our progeny ☺

  • agreed, I specifically mentioned some of the recommendations are implemented, while some other are in the process. various depts have set up individual committees to implement some recommendations, some as new as last week. So we do not know which ones would be implemented.

  • Yeah 2nd ARC is not completely implemented but the problem was that it was very vague in many areas. It gave the ultimate goal without any mechanism. Which is why NITI aayog was preferable to many toppers. If you listen to Rishab CA who is rank 23... he clearly mentioned that 2nd arc is outdated. But you can mention relevant points here and there I guess. The old school approach of total dependency on it wont work now

  • Top speed but no breaks ☺

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