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Can one skip Spectrum if new and old NCERTs and Indian Struggle(Bipin Chandra) are completed?

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  • I have completed Old and New NCERTs and Indian Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra.
    Given the time remaining for Prelims 2019, I am in two minds if I should open Modern History- Spectrum or just ignore it and keep revising already completed books.
    Can one skip that book and revise above mentioned books only?

  • By "Indian Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra(BC)." do you mean lengthy book of BC or NCERT book? If its BC fat book then I dont think you will need to read spectrum, However if its NCERT then given the nature of in depth questions you have to refer to any of the books of Modern history either BC or Spectrum in order to attempt maximum questions. However since the time is short, I would suggest revise your original sources and solve more tests on this topic. Also in addition if you are still bothered, then you can read the desire IAS short summary of spectrum, just 147 pages,can be found in their website. It can be done in less time.

  • @PowerPuffMojo
    I suggest to keep revising the completed Sources.
    Keep a watch on Important Personalities from that Book.
    You can revise Bipin book will be useful for both Pre and Mains.

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