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group for upsc 2020 .

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  • @Hermione_Granger-0 said in group for upsc 2020 .:

    @Napoleon what do you think went wrong for you in the prelims? Was it the startegy or the implementation? @Hermione @mks708089830 @harshitkulshrestha6626 @MahaRana

    I've joined coaching classes in May 2018 taking long leave/EOL( leaving my promotion offer) in some unpopular centre at Delhi, as I thought its affordable and in my budget.Except few classes rest are waste of time ,money and energy.
    I realised lately before a few days/months of prelims to join a proper institute atleast for test series.I found Forum and joined Current affairs and Simulator tests there ,found it very helpful.But unfortunately couldn't clear prelims,that's totally my fault.
    Came back to my hometown,joined my job struggling to get back my promotion offer(fortunately I'll get it soon again).
    This time Joined MGP B+,PTS and revising ncerts and books as per their schedule.
    Mistakes I might have done :
    Skipped newspaper reading,certain basics in ncerts and economics due to fulltime classes,though gained knowledge from certain teachers,in most of the subjects I was lagging due to poor time management.
    Haven't read Modern history book properly
    Haven't read economics properly
    Agro,economics and modern history part might have put me down in the exam.
    S&T,Polity,Ecology etc was fine.
    That's all folks!

  • Please count me in.. i am also on same line .. looking for upsc 2020 like do or die

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