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Any senior player with law optional ? kindly share the approach to deal with law optional.

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  • hello guys ,
    is there anyone who has given mains with law optional , or is preparing , kindly share your strategy and insights on how to approach the subject. if you can share the sources and booklist , that would be a huge favour . Thank you

  • Hey! I have law optional.

    Constitutional law - notes made from MP Jain
    International law - S.K Kapoor and Starke (notes made before Prelims but will redo them)
    Admin law - Dukki

    Paper 2
    Contracts - law school notes + dukki
    IPC - Pillai + Dukki for new case laws
    Torts - Bangia
    Trail by media - 280th Law Commission report
    Competition law - Internet
    ADR/NI/IT etc- internet

  • @gaurishukla24221 Thankyou for sharing this . what is a dukki ?
    and please share the strategy too ....

  • @gaurishukla24221 dukki means guide books , got it.

  • Paper I :

    Constitutional law: J.N Pandey + Dukki
    Admin law - College notes + Rau IAS notes
    International law - college notes + Niravana IAS notes. Some topics like Int'l bodies etc use of internet/GS material.

    Paper II -
    IPC - Bare Act (most important) + Nirvana notes + K.D Gaur (added few points from this in the nirvana notes itself)
    Torts - Bangia
    Indian Contract Act - Avtar Singh
    Sale of goods Act - Dukki
    Partnership Act - Ambition notes
    NI - Rau IAS notes
    Arbitration - Bare Act
    competition law - some handouts available on CCI website.
    RTI - bare act
    ADR - GS notes/internet
    IPR - nishith desai document
    Trail by media - internet
    PIL - Dukki

    I made notes for most of these topics. Trying to compress them in synopsis form for easy revision before exam.

  • @Joeyisthebest @gaurishukla24221 Great to see this thread. My 2nd attempt. Scored 293 last time - but essay got me in.

    Though risked not doing NI and competition last time - could any of you let me know the strategy on NI? What to do - and more importantly, what NOT to do on topics of NI?

  • @Lawyer 293 is a very good score in law! Please share your strategy.

    I did not prepare much for NI. Just read the notes 1-2 times.

  • @Joeyisthebest Though strategies are a topper's forte - but I can tell how it all went at my end.

    Was my 1st attempt, last year. So, to be honest - there was nothing very strategic about it. Thought I had under-performed due to inability to cover the whole syllabus - but turned out to be otherwise.

    Did not take any test series. Never practiced a question.Relied on my law school skills. Just kept the prep very simple. Made own notes and revised them. Must confess that even revision was not upto the mark.

    Only 2 things could have helped:

    1. Good solid content - that came from my notes; and
    2. Apart from answering, focussed on analysis of law. Sort of enjoyed doing my paper.

    To each his own - but I think, over practicing writing before exam has its own risks. Made my lose my creativity in GS. Never 'enjoyed' GS finals - since there was a certain fatigue and boredom attached to answering questions. So - not writing more than 4-5 tests this time - and that only for speed.

    But since over-writing didn't happen in optional - I really 'enjoyed' analyzing the e questions. Creativity was full abound.

    No examiner can under-estimate solid content. That was my only lesson, last year.

  • @Lawyer Overdoing answer writing can definitely be an issue. Thanks for sharing your strategy!

  • @Lawyer topics such as NI, Competition law et. al, can easily be covered from online articles written by associates of any law firm or search (plenty other sources available online). It'll give good and concise content which can be replicated easily in exam hall.

    Totally in agreement with your point regarding limited quality Content+Analysis of law, for good marks in paper.

  • @Lawyer From where did you prepare the environment portion?

  • @Joeyisthebest Just my law school notes. Had taken that optional in law school.

  • @Lawyer Okay.

  • Hello, I'm making notes on law paper 1 and 2. it will take around 500 pages combined.should i make notes?
    Because, i see toppers(from other optionals also) say that notes should be crisp and precise. but, as we know our optional is vast and it is impossible to make crisp notes at first time. although, synopsis can be made afterwards. but proper notes will be bulky.
    what do you guys suggest?

    1. make proper notes
    2. write synopsis only and read from book itself
    3. make notes of only big and vague topics.

    please help!

  • @harshitkulshrestha6626
    Hey, so I'll share my note making strategy -

    in the first round when I read the books, I make extensive notes (both substantive portion and the case laws).
    Thereafter, during the second revision, I made my case list (choose-2-3 cases for each topic)
    And now after Prelims, I'm making very very small notes (like flashcards) to help memorize the content.

  • @Lawyer For NI I took an elective in law school on this.

    Moreover, there is a dukki available in the market. From personal knowledge, focus on Section 138, the recent amendment (why, what etc), Dashrath Rupsingh judgment, Dalmia cement judgment, also glance through the previous year questions. They hardly ever ask an in-depth question on this.

  • @Joeyisthebest Where can I get Nirvana notes? Are they available in the market or do you have to join their coaching to access them? Also, any way I can get them without travelling to Delhi?

  • @Michael-Foucault I got them photocopied from a friend. I think they are available on photocopy shops. You can call them and place the order, they will courier it. I have ordered a number of notes like this.

  • @Joeyisthebest I tried calling all the major photocopy shops in Delhi but none of them had Nirvana notes, they only have Rahul and Ambition which is why I asked. Anyway, thanks for replying.

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