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Any senior player with law optional ? kindly share the approach to deal with law optional.

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  • I am just wondering how do people end up reading books like MP Jain and JN Pandey for Constitution!
    They are so voluminous and making notes from them is such a tedious task.

  • @DustinBrooks Don't read those books cover to cover. Skim through the irrelevant part.

  • @inaaditisolanki763 I completely get that! But to cover syllabus holistically, you would inadvertently go through the whole write up on a particular topic at least.

    For examples, Fundamental Rights are to be covered thoroughly and comprehensively and they are very much part of the syllabus as well. How do you differentiate what is relevant and what is irrelevant in those 1000 pages covering FRs in books like MP Jain or JN Pandey?

  • @DustinBrooks I don't think MP Jain needs to be referred for UPSC purpose. In law school I had read from MP Jain only but for UPSC shifted to JN Pandey and dukki. While reading JN Pandey also, I didn't read FRs cover to cover. There are few Article like 14, 15, 16, 19, 21 which are very important and therefore, I read them completely. For rest I didn't go through all the case laws given since neither we can write so much in exam nor do we need do (Limited space + limited time).

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