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Ethics for 2020

Topic created · 6 Posts · 497 Views
  • hello, im preparing for cse 2020. ive never paid attention to ethics so which one will be more beneficial-regular ethics class by lukmaan ias or just test series by lukmaan ias?

  • In my opinion, you should first see his classes which are freely available on Telegram channel (maybe the full course is available). If you like them, then consider joining his classes. I personally didn't like his teaching style. Also, the fee is exorbitantly high at around 25,000. Please consider the classes of Atul Sir at Orient IAS as well. It is a cheaper & a better option in my opinion which is priced at around 12,000.

    In case you don't like any of them, simply buy the class notes of any of the above from the market and enrich them with examples from your own personal life. For case studies, you can buy Atul Sir's case study booklet from the market.

    Writing answers & comparing them with what others are doing is really important. For this, you can download topper copies & start attempting the questions once you have covered a descent part of the syllabus.

    As far as test series is concerned, you can join any as pee your convenience

  • thank you!

  • honest suggestion according to me. Atul sir is really good.

  • i don't live in delhi. so, audio and video quality of his classes is not satisfactory .i just saw his videos on youtube.

  • 2019 is my first attempt and hopefully I will qualify prelims i would say do what is common between mains and prelims .dont chew more than what you can digest .ethics classes start for same year only means if you wish to appear for 2020 no good coaching will dupe you to enroll from 2019 .go step by step or else you will exhaust yourself soon.

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