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Some Specifics Of GS MAINS PAPER 1

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  • Guys ,

    I wish to know about your plans for GS 1 prep .

    I have referred to these sources :

    1. Art & Cukture : Read twice for pre . On which parts I have to concentrate for Mains given that this is very bulky and goes into specific details about dances etc , which now-a-days I find are not much asked .

    2 . Geography : GC for physical and Vajiram yellow book for Indian . So , for mains , how to revise them . Puri tu na ho sakti I think . Probable areas to focus upon .

    3 . World History : Did Vision document . I dont think It could be revised much again ? What to do with it ? Return seems very less .

    If I clear pre , I should go about this paper ( given I have not revised anything of above again )

    Also , if I dont clear pre this time should I make notes of above scources !

    In history too , answers in points work ?

    Please Elaborate Seniors !

  • For GS 1
    History and Art and Culture

    • NCERTs Old (or) RS Sharma and Satish Chandra books
      Nitin Singania Selective reading (Leave stuff like folk dances, festivals etc read about Art, Dances, Music, Laws, Bodies etc)
      Bipin Chandra (Struggle + Post Independence)
      Vision World History (or any good Study material) + Norman lowe Short Notes

    Geography -

    • NCERT + Notes of Vajiram or Any good source + GC Leong
      News related Space, Resources, Environment, Pollution etc.
      Agriculture topics
      Economic and Human Geography (NCERTs , News and Study Materials)

    Social Issues:

    • NCERTS and News.
      Any Good Study Material

    Try to Answer All Questions. Every Mark Counts.

    Try to Make short Notes for World History , Social issues, News articles.
    Rest of them, you highlight, read and revise.

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