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Sociology Current Affairs

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  • Almost all questions in UPSC Sociology 2018 (Paper 2) were influenced by Current Affairs? This article covers the analysis in details.

    It does not end here!

    Economic Survey 2015-16 (Volume 1) had a chapter named STRUCTURAL CHANGES IN INDIA’S LABOUR MARKET. This chapter is related to UPSC Sociology syllabus topic: WORK AND ECONOMIC LIFE.
    YOJANA magazine of October, 2018 was dedicated to WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. You already know the importance of this topic for both papers of Sociology.
    Triple Talaq is a hot topic of late. It is related to Sociology syllabus topics like RELIGION, PATRIARCHY, SECULARISATION, SOCIAL CHANGE, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN etc. An article in INDIAN EXPRESS covers the issue in detail. Another article in THE HINDU looks at triple talaq from a different perspective, thus giving you a 360-degree perspective.

    Attaching an article on SON META PREFERENCE from Economic Survey 2017-18.

    SOCIOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS - Son Meta Preference.pdf

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