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Forumias CA classes

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  • how are forum online current affair classes? worth joining? what do they offer ?

  • @John_Titor
    They provide the novelty points that help u get that extra half a mark in an answer. Dipin sir gives such points which can be used very well in writing a crisp and to the point intro and Conclusion.
    He is very well read and provides context specific value addition which otherwise we may not know. Best International practice, crisp of well written books by renowned author on a topic, statement from SC judgement that can used to introduce, studies conducted etc etc.
    I found it very useful just for garnering that half or 1 mark extra but then this half mark makes all the difference I feel.

  • @Napoleon
    Can you throw some light on MK Yadav QEP for CA
    I am confused bw Forum and MK Yadav CA
    Which one is better ?

  • @AblaBaba
    Bhai I have no idea about mk yadav. I have subscribed just to forum ca and found it more than useful.

  • @AblaBaba mk is good at marketing only..he has no depth..I will not recommend..deepin sir ...yes...

  • @Napoleon if someone reads newspaper daily (Hindu + Indian express) and made concise notes like one or half page notes on every topic...then is there any need to ho n forum CA or writing test papers will help...i have paucity of time...I have attended one of his sessions I think he overload students with information...itna to Yaad hi Nahi rahega...

  • @Katsumoto
    As I said earlier the basic stuff u can grasp from newspaper but the classes r good for value addition, just for those brownie points. It's upto you to decide if you r aiming for those marks or not. Yes I agree that even without classes u can get that extra mark with incorporating flowcharts and diagrams and that comes with rigorous answer writing practice and it would take time also. But regarding your point that his classes are overstuffed with info, maybe I agree that there is lot too take in but then couple of revision me yaad ho ja raha h and if you can replicate that your answer for sure will stand out. Rest it's ur call which route you want to take for getting those extra marks : the presentation route or the content route.

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