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Ethics through examples

Topic created · 39 Posts · 4220 Views
  • Hey guys

    Let's gather all the relevant example for ethics in one place to fetch extra marks.

  • Great initiative!

    In cases related to dedication to public services and ethical governance we can give example of Shri T.N. Seshan and how he cleaned the electoral system by effectively implementing Model Codel of Conduct.

  • @AmazingDonna Women role Model exapmle: HIMA DAS, MARRY KOM

  • @rakesh-iitkgp0027560 Just not role model specify under which Topic you want to quote such as hima das running in the field -> Attitude+Donating Salary -> Empthay.

    Just Not Marry Kom-> Mention her husband name-> taking care of children breaking prejudices-> Role of family [Especially father] in shaping child future.

  • Dutee Chand - LGBTQ -> Courage + breaking stereotypes

  • SOME EXAMPLES Through Various Sources :

    • Armstrong Pame: An IAS officer of Manipur cadre, who earned the nickname of Miracle Man by his people. As a public administrator, he wanted to solve the problem of two villages who struggled without proper road connectivity. Without any help from government he constructed 100KM road. This shows his dedication and determination towards nation building.

    • TN Seshan: The man who is known to have got 5 transfer postings in one single day. He walked in right path and was left alone in his fight but eventually he succeeded by providing a strong foundation for election machinery based on which the democratic set-up stands today. Perseverance and self-belief is a quality which are required without bowing down to political pressure.

    • Abdul Kalam: When he wanted India to acquire missile technology and nuclear technology, majority of country was against him. The world powers like US also threatened India with sanctions. But through his dedication he eventually achieved Pokhran-2 and also gave India its Missile program. The result of which made India a respectable and a influential world power today. National cause and nation’s interest was put before self.

    • E Shreedharan: Also Known as Metro Man of India. Keeping in mind the limited resource availability, political interference and scarcity of finance, Manpower still he delivered one of the most successful metro projects in the country.

    Mr. OP Chaudhary, an IAS officer , when posted as collector in Dantewada - a left wing extremism affected area of Chhattisgarh - completely transformed it into a vibrant & progressive district through various unorthodox and path-breaking initiatives. The key feature about these are the way he used the integration approach to arrange for funding, pooling being done from MGNREGS, BRGF, IAP, Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan, CSR and countless other schemes, whichever is appropriate. Against all odds, he proved that government schemes can function, despite the apparent perpetual crunch of funds.

    Some projects :

    Choolo Asman: Centralisation for Science students, wherein students from different parts of Dantewada are brought to district headquarters and they are given post classroom special tutorials for entrance examinations by teachers from reputed private institutions , which prepare students for professional courses like engineering, medical, polytechnic, nursing etc.

    Project Tamanna: Exposure for brighter ambition - To remove a psychological barrier prevalent in the minds of the children, theatres were used to show children the procedures of administration. Apart from education, children in this part of the world lack even the basic exposure which limits the horizons of their imaginatio . Over 30,000 students provided with exposure to district headquarters and some major cities. This program helped to bridge the gap between citizens and administration.

    Nanhey Parindey: It was launched to ensure the admission of deprived children in the quality schools like Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sainik Schools etc. These schools are providing opportunity for holistic growth of a child without any fee. But unfortunately, due to their basic admission process suitable to population that is relatively aware and exposed, they invariably end up enrolling only those children who are more aware, exposed to the world rather than the worse off who languish in the wilderness. To tackle this issue, project 'NANHE PARINDE' has been started, under which residential facilities were created at district headquarter and 105 children from interior villages belonging to marginalized background were provided special coaching for Navodaya and Sanik School entrance examination with 5th class regular schooling. With only 10 months of mentoring, 30 children selected in Navodaya Vidyalaya Barsoor out of a total of 60 selections.

    Education Clusters and Shiksha Savari Yojana: Dantewada suffered from one of the highest dropout rate at the stage of pre-matric level because the high schools, which are lesser in numbers than the elementary schools, are located at places which are usually at some distance from their villages. Adding to this, poor transportation facilities and non-availability of residential facilities in high schools demotivate these children to go for higher studies . Clusters of important junctions in the district were chosen and Educational Clusters were created by providing residential facilities to children from 9th to 12th standard. Such residential facilities called Pota Cabins not only helped in increasing and sustaining the enrollment ratio but also improved quality of education for children in such schools. Additionally, the students getting enrolled in class 9th were provided bicycles under ‘Shiksha Savari Yojna’ . As a result, dropout rate among school children decreased from 50% to 13% in just 2 years (2011-2013). This project is considered among top 100 most innovative projects throughout the world, by KPMG.

    For all his Herculean effort to achieve this miraculous feat, in which he literally risked his life many times, he got the well deserved Prime Minister's award for excellence in public administration for the year 2011-12.

    • Sakshi malik bronze. She turned the match in last few seconds.

    • West Indies bowler Cummins 1st 280 balls 0 wickets and next 77 balls 9 wickets. Use this in perseverance, never say die, ambition etc.

    • Mo farah fell but still won 10km gold. It is not whether you got knocked down but its whether you got up.

    • Fabienne St Louis – Triathlète competed in Triathlon. She is fighting cancer and found the strength to compete in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Her courage inspires us all.

    • In 2000, at the Sydney olympics, when Gopichand lost, he told Aparna Popat “I do not know if I shall be able to compete in the next Olympics but I would like to coach someone and bring home an Olympic medal through them.”

    • In 1999, Deepa Malik was diagnosed with a spinal tumour that left her paralyzed. In 2016, Deepa Malik became the first Indian woman to win Paralympics medal.

    • A medal like no other! These Paralympic winners are listening to their medals. For the first time ever, the Paralympic Games have placed a device inside the medals that use tiny steel balls to make a sound when they are shaken, allowing visually impaired athletes to identify which type they are. The bronze medals have 16 steel balls and make the lowest sound. The silver ones have 20 balls and the golds have 28, producing the loudest noise. All of the medals also have the words “Rio 2016 Paralympic Games” written on them in Braille.

    Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Sandeep Chaudhary to prepare needy students for competitive examinations bore fruit as 38 of his pupils qualified the written test for the post of sub-inspector in different wings of the state police.

    Sir Syed National School , a primary school founded for Muzaffarnagar riot victims , celebrates Diwali & Eid with equal gusto .

    Sir M. Visvesvrayya, then Dewan of Mysore state, used Government vehicle while he went to tender his resignation. After tendering his resignation, he drove back by his private vehicle. He always maintained two sets of candles – one set bought out of government money and the other set bought from his money. He used the former set of candles for looking into official documents and used the latter set to read books. (The above two anecdotes are the best examples for not misusing public resources for private gain)

    Kuvempu, Jnanapith awardee, a poet and Karnataka’s pride, was once Vice-Chancellor of Mysore University. His son Poornachandra Tejaswi was studying BA in the same university. Once, an English Professor approached KUVEMPU and told him that his son had scored marks below minimum pass-mark in English Paper and asked KUVEMPU as to what to do. KUVEMPU went through the answer script and instructed the professor to award to even lesser marks. (This anecdote is the best examples for avoiding conflict of interest)

    A Rajput Prince was conspired to be killed. Panna who worked in the court learnt the conspiracy. In order to save the Prince, she replaced the Prince with her own kid. Her own kid got killed. (This anecdote is the best example for LOYALTY)

    A workaholic engineer was working in a major scientific project. Abdul Kalam sir was the project head. Children of that engineer once asked their father to take them to an exhibition in the evening. Engineer sought permission from Kalam sir to leave early and mentioned the reason as well. Kalaam sir agreed. However, he got so much involved in the work that he completely forgot that he had to leave early. Kalaam sir observed the engineer being engrossed in the work. So, he only took children to exhibition. (This anecdote is the best examples for EMPATHY TOWARDS SUBORDINATES)

  • Arunachalam Muruganantham,
    The padman of India-Attitude not being affected by any external influences;Strong moral base;Empathy and sympathy epitomised!

    Saalumarada Timakka
    Padmasri,she has planted trees and watered them in an entire 10km strech for decades!
    She didn’t have children and saw trees as her childern!
    Can quote her in attitude,environmental ethics related questions!

  • @Akkku i feel like using u as an example.. Guy named akku who shared all his ethics examples collection before mains, this shows courage and helping nature amindst the cut throat competition that upsc is.

  • @Napoleon Thats so nice of you ! I am equally helped by others.

  • JK Rowling lost her billionaire status when she donated so much of her wealth to charity and the social service programme of UK. When asked why she did this, she commented that social security had sustained her during hard times and she wanted to help someone the same way.
    -Gratitude to society, social solidarity, distribution of wealth, etc

  • Sir Alex Ferguson,the all time great in managerial history of club football and managed Manchester United for 28 years!
    Once a young chap in the fag end of the season approaches Sir Alex (mind you this guy was the star of the show) he says to Sir Alex that his father was unwell,though nothing serious he wanted to be there with his father!
    The great man eventhough knowing that this guy is absolutely important in the coming weeks said “Cristiano,go be a good son first” and lets him go meet his father!
    Yes,that chap is the all time great footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and after that incident he calls sir Alex his father-figure

    Professional responsibility vs family values
    Positive Attitude
    Man management

  • @ManchesterUnited couldn't resist.. What if the examiner gets the sniff that we r united supporter and punishes us for that considering most of the oldies r Liverpool fans 😛

  • @Akkku nice

  • Dr. Denis Mukwege- Nobel Peace Prize WInner 2018
    He is a Gyneacologist born in Congo. He has helped thousands of victims of sexual violence in armed conflicts. Although he has been a target of attempted murder, he never backed down. Condemned the use of sexual violence as tool of war at international forums.
    Values indicated- courage, empathy, compassion, service to the society

  • @ManchesterUnited i think it was summer 2006 and Ronaldo completely transformed post that incident. Btw, can we go into such massive(but less known figures) in examples?

  • @Caesar By massive do you mean the word limit or the stature of Cristiano and Sir Alex?

  • @ManchesterUnited
    My favourite team at the beginning was ManU followed by Real Madrid and now it is Juventus know what I mean heh!

  • @Aakash1238114972 Ronaldo fan boy!
    Even I like Ronaldo more than any player but for me United comes before any player.

  • @ManchesterUnited I mean the stature. What i am trying to say is not every person knows about Sir Alex(not sure whether the examiner would know about him).

  • @Aakash1238114972 a united fan never says MAN U

  • @Napoleon Yesss!
    Good point,it’s considered offensive!

  • @Caesar I mean how many days do they expect us to write the same stereotyped examples
    I dont think it would do any harm!

  • @Napoleon I said I was a fan haha now I’m with Juventus 🤙🏼😋

  • Adam Gilchrist walking away every time he knew he was out even when umpire declared him notout
    Honesty,Ethical action,attitude etc

  • @ManchesterUnited i don't think this can come under 'honesty'

  • @Weltschmerz Honesty is the trait of being truthful,non pretentious and devoid of tendency to commit fraud!
    That example is apt for honesty more than anything else as far as I see it!

  • @ManchesterUnited said in Ethics through examples:

    @Weltschmerz Honesty is the trait of being truthful,non pretentious and devoid of tendency to commit fraud!
    That example is apt for honesty more than anything else as far as I see it!

    sry, I missed 'he knew' part... I never watch cricket and thought he walks away even when umpire declares not out.... missed 'he knew he was out' part.....

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  • @Napoleon Add klopp in the next example "if they asked the difference between leader and manager "🤣🤣 and ole's example for honestly admitting that he would emulate rival's strategy 😝😝

  • @wawrinka and conclude the answer with "u will never walk alone" 😛

  • @wawrinka Ole never said he would emulate anyone's strategy
    Moyes had told we want to be like city!
    Ole is United through and through

  • Laxmi Agarwal - acid attack survivor and a campaigner against the sale of acid.
    Values displayed - Courage, determination, leadership, empathy.

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  • This post is deleted!
  • Manjunath Shanmugam- High degree of integrity and courage.

    • worked with indian oil corporation as sales manager.

    • fought against adulteration in petroleum.

    • was shot dead by the petrol pump owners.

    Satyendra Dubey- integrity, courage, dedication to public services

    • worked with NHAI'

    • exposed rampant corruption in road construction

  • This post is deleted!