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Which is a good Yearly Compilation? Factly vs PT 365 vs GS Score?

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  • as all coachings are now publishing their yearly compilations, i want to know which ones to go for?

    my analysis:
    forum.......too concise
    gs score......covers more news but not that comprehensively

  • There's also insight too.

    Imo, stick to one compilation and revise it more than two times.
    Personally, I am going for insight as I have been making notes from Insight daily current affairs.

    Mostly your prep will depend on monthly compiled notes or daily current affair notes. So, choose one and stick to it.
    All the best!

  • Hi
    Go for any one material, but do it thoroughly.

    The aim behind reading these materials shouldn't be to find questions in the final exam, but to be fairly acquainted with the issue to deal with questions. Because, you cannot humanly read all the magazines, leave alone revision. So, choose one, perfect it.

  • Pt 365 aa gyi kya @dungeon_master

  • @dcc haan bhai aa gayi hai

  • Yes , following one material is the key , every institute has their own way of presenting facts and switching between diff whil result only in chaos

  • What I do is compare three or four of them. Usually, shankar is better for environment, for economy this year gsscore has done a good job for revision, but depth has to be built from somethinf like vision or shankar. Then, I saw polity insights which was ok, but I don't like the formatting. For polity vision always does things well, read that. IR, S&T is similar, and tests cover them anyway.

  • Vision is probably the most frustrating compilation since last two years ! Info overloaded ! Because it wants to be comprehensive it has messed up everything !too much info

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