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Maluka IAS daily answer writing course review.

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  • Recently Maluka IAS advertised their daily answer writing course in a newspaper. It is a nearly one year course wherein they will be having a 3 hours session four days a week. The course involves daily answer writing on 10(not sure) questions followed by discussion .Can anyone help me with a feedback or a review regarding this course please?
    The second part of my concern is that I am not fully prepared right now to give any full length test of any institute but I also want to practice answer writing. I tried writing few answers which were asked on various platforms like Insight and Rau IAS but as there is no evaluation by a right person, this answer writing is not helping me much. I want to join Vision IAS mains test series but I don’t feel comfortable joining it right now so that’s why I thought of joining Maluka’s course so that I can be in touch with writing answers plus my answers will also get evaluated by the institute. Can anyone suggest me what should i do? Should I join mains test series or should I join the above mentioned answer writing program?
    P.S.-I am preparing for CSE 2020 and apologies for making you read a lengthy text.

  • @Aakash1238114972 I am considering that u have begun ur preparation few months back and so I m answering accordingly, if you are a long standing aspirant then ignore.
    I feel abhi u should focus on completing the course as per mains perspective, by mains perspective I mean reading NITI ayog reports, ARC summary, Eco survey, Ethics and stuff like that. For doing that you have two options join a test series and move as per their schedule or make a schedule and after finishing a particular paper specific study do its PYQP from 2013 onwards and then look at toppers answer copy uploaded on various platforms, write answer to those questions and compare them with the toppers answers.
    If you can follow the 2nd strategy diligently you would realise that it's far more beneficial than the generalised reviews that many test series provides and by going through toppers answer you would also be collecting many brownie points that are rare to find elsewhere such as diagrams, flowcharts, pnemonics, keywords. And this strategy saves lot of bugs too but then without any external Accountability can you b disciplined enough is the question to ask. You can make a group and get them peer reviewed, in my experience peer review helps far more than coaching review as it's instant when u r fresh with why u wrote that particular point and secondly its open ended and not chained by a model answer which sometimes I feel is rubbish. They prevent creativity amongst us.
    One more thing, abhi in the coming few months focus should be on adding more arsenal and then during October to Jan doing full fledged answer writing. For now doing 2 or 3 question from secure to c how u r structuring and brainstorming can suffice.

    This is what I feel.

  • @Napoleon
    Thank you very much for this reply. Appreciate it a lot.
    Somewhere even I was thinking of not joining any writing course as of now and focus entirely on syllabus coverage but there is a constant beeping inside to join join and join too.
    Answering questions asked on various platform sites is a nice way to practice but evaluation is missing.
    Coming to the group evaluation part, tbh I do not have any friend who is an experienced civil services aspirant.Will It be possible for you to evaluate some of my answers?